Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Spicing Things Up

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In the bag was a vibrating massaging device, handcuffs, a leather whip, lube and a set of sexy lingerie that could barely cover anything

Nan Zhi did not want to look at it anymore.

What the heck were these questionable items?

Did the two of them need stuff like this to maintain their relationship now?

Although she knew that he did not become like this willingly, there was still an unspeakable bitterness growing within her!

After seeing her turn silent, the man opposite of her narrowed his deep eyes. Do you want to go up and wait for me?

Nan Zhi stared at how arrogant and indifferent he was acting, so confident that she would definitely go up to wait for him. She pursed her lips tightly, saying dryly, Must we go on the bed in order to foster our relationship?

Mu Sihan stared straight at her. Our relationship has always been good. Youre the only one who thinks that I dont love you anymore.

Nan Zhis long lashes fluttered.

What do you think I can do to please you? His eyes darkened slightly. I dont want to become like this either.

Nan Zhis throat tightened, suddenly feeling extremely sad.

He was right. He didnt become like this willingly. She had promised Master Bai very confidently that she would not give up on their relationship, even if he was to become completely emotionless.

However, how long had it been since then?

She was already beginning to be sad and miserable.

Was her love for him so shallow?

Why was she missing the Mu Sihan from the past and unable to accept person he was now?

To be honest, what she wanted was very simple. If he had even a little bit of love for her, she would be willing to do anything for him.

However, right now, she could not feel it

They even needed to use these sex toys when it came to matters on the bed. Then, what was the point of the two of them being together?

Mu Sihan stared at the silent Nan Zhi, furrowing his eyebrows a little. We will be able to be together openly very soon. If you want love, Ill do my best to return to how I was in the past, but you have to give me some time as well, right?

Its not that Im not giving you time. Nan Zhi clasped her hands together, resting her chin on them as she stared at the mans well-defined and handsome face under the dim lights. She was slightly dazed. Ive been waiting to spend some time with you, but youve been really busy with work. I even have to make an appointment with you in order to see you, so how are we going to foster our relationship?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly into a straight line. He took a while before he spoke coldly, If I get too caught up with my relationships, I wont be able to surpass Ye Yanfeng. If I cant become the Crown Prince, I dont know if I can even give you a stable home.

Nan Zhi understood his reasons.

He had to become even stronger in order to give Xiaojie and her a stable life.

However, she was not happy.

In the past, Mu Sihan would put down everything in order to be with her. However, now, she would not even get a call or greeting for several days when he was busy.

Looking down, she took several deep breaths. Too many things have happened today, and you just came back from your overseas visit. Im sure youre very tired, I might need some more time to get used to how you are now. She blinked her eyes, her voice cracking slightly. You dont have to announce our relationship straight away tomorrow. You should announce the news of you separating with Wan Er first. If you announce both at the same time, there will definitely be a lot of questioning aimed towards you!

Mu Sihan stared at the woman who stood up after she was done speaking, his eyes dark. Where are you going?

Im going back to the Qiao family.

Didnt you say that our time together is too little? Why arent you willing to stay? He stood up from the chair, walking towards her before his well-defined fingers lifted her chin. His eyes were dark. Its only been such a short time, and youre already not confident in our relationship?

Nan Zhis breathing tightened as she pulled his hand away. Im confident in us. Its just that Im too tired today.

The moment she finished speaking, he pulled her into his strong arms.

Bumping into his muscular chest and smelling the cigarette and masculine smell on him, Nan Zhi felt her nose tighten.

He was right.

She knew that he wanted to go back to the past as well.

However, it was already very hard to go back to how things were!

Uncle told me to not sleep outside tonight. Mu Sihan, although youre a little annoying right now, I wont give up on us. She looked up, cupping his handsome face with her soft hands. Smiling brightly at him, she then tiptoed

Just as he thought that she would take the initiative to kiss her, she knocked his forehead with her own.

The sudden pain made him suck in a breath.

On the other hand, the woman, who knocked her forehead against him, hurriedly turned around and left quickly.

He stood there for a few seconds, before he stretched his legs out, wanting to chase after her when he accidentally kicked the bag that Yi Fan had brought over.

The items in the bag fell out and scattered all over the floor.

Seeing those items, Mu Sihans expression darkened.

Striding quickly towards the villas entrance, Nan Zhi had just left in the Qiao family car.

Seeing that Mu Sihan had came out, Yi Fan hurriedly walked to him. Young Master, why didnt you ask Miss Nan to stay? Are those items not to your satisfaction?

Mu Sihans expression was extremely dark, his voice cold. Who asked you to bring these things over?

Wasnt it Young Master who asked for items to spice up your relationship? Yi Fan was completely confused.

I meant things like sexy lingerie, and not those intense things that you added yourself!

The corners of Yi Fans lips twitched, as he said cautiously, Young Master, I asked the sex shop boss, he said that those things would spice up your relationship!

Mu Sihan glared at Yi Fan coldly. She got angry after seeing those things.

Yi Fan was speechless.

Mu Sihans expression was completely dark. He was about to return to the living room when a silver sedan drove over.

The car door opened and a handsome figure sped over.

Young Master, its Miss Wan Er.

Mu Sihan narrowed his black eyes slightly, his eyes completely dark without any light. There were only coldness and seriousness on his handsome face.

Shangguan Wan walked in front of Mu Sihan. The usual happiness in her expression was gone, as her eyes were red while she looked slightly panicked and nervous. Im sorry Im late. I heard that Nan Zhi and you were cornered by the media today. Are the two of you okay?

Mu Sihan stared at Shangguan Wan, his eyes taking in the red marks on her slender neck. He furrowed his eyebrows a little. Did Ye Yanfeng find you?

Shangguan Wan met Mu Sihans depthless eyes, saying apologetically, I didnt frame Nan Zhi.

I know. Mu Sihan pursed his lips slightly. Its your younger sister, Shangguan Rao. Did she film the video or did Ye Yanfeng film it and send it to her?

Shangguan Wan shook her head. Neither

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