Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 665

Chapter 665 So Sexy He Could Not Help But Blush

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Mu Sihans eyebrows furrowed barely, his eyes darkening even more. Wan Er, are you lying for your younger sister after she did something wrong?

Shangguan Wan knew that with how sharp Mu Sihan was, he probably had found the IP address that first posted the video. However, the person who recorded the video was indeed not Shangguan Rao.

After she got off Ye Yanfengs car, she went back to her apartment to question Shangguan Rao again.

She admitted that she was the one who gave Nan Yao the video and instructed Nan Yao to find a blogger to upload the video. However, the person who recorded the video was not her.

Raorao said that a child passed the videos to her. She watched them and thought that she could uncover a dark side of Nan Zhi while also punishing your mistress for me, which is why she found Nan Zhis mortal enemy, Nan Yao.

Mu Sihans long fingers moved under his chin, his lips pursing tightly together in thought.

Seeing Mu Sihans silence, Shangguan Wan explained, Sihan, I didnt think that Raorao would be so extreme in her actions. Let me apologize to Nan Zhi and you on her behalf.

Hearing this, Mu Sihan narrowed his cold dark eyes, his tone turning colder. Wan Er, people who made mistakes should be taught a lesson. You have to stop letting your younger sister get away with everything. Tell her to reveal everything online about her ganging up with Nan Yao to frame Nan Zhi tomorrow!

Shangguan Wan furrowed her eyebrows. Sihan, cant you let her off on my behalf

The moment she used your name to do this is when she stopped caring about your sisterly relationship. If you continue to forgive her and let her off so easily, you will only help her grow into a more despicable person. Wan Er, letting her learn a lesson is not harming her, but helping her!

Staring at Mu Sihan who looked incredibly firm about his decision, Shangguan Wan closed her eyes, her voice slightly choked. Youre right. Its because I dote on her too much usually that resulted in her being so daring and unafraid of anything now.

Mu Sihan stared at Shangguan Wans slightly exhausted and frail expression. He raised his eyebrow slightly, his voice firm and low. Is there anything else youre hiding from me?

Shangguan Wan had always been independent and strong. There was rarely anything that could daunt her, while she never showed her emotions either. However, right now, she looked down sadly, looking like a weak and helpless woman. She raised her hands to cup her pale face, her voice slightly choked. Ye Yanfeng kidnapped Little Xingxing. His health hadnt been good since he was born and has been receiving treatment in the hospital. He took Little Xingxing away, I dont know if Xingxing is

Mu Sihans handsome expression completely darkened. A battle between adults should not involve the young and the innocent. By doing this, Ye Yanfeng was the scum of the earth!

Lets go, well go to the hospital first.

Shangguan Wan nodded. Alright.

The two of them arrived at the Royal Hospital. Not seeing Little Xingxing in the ward, Shangguan Wans eyes immediately reddened.

Mu Sihan called the Head of the Hospital and Little Xingxings main doctor.

He was about to ask them about the situation when footsteps could be heard in the corridor.

Both Mu Sihan and Shangguan Wan turned their heads around at the same time, only to see several doctors in white gowns carrying Little Xingxing over.

Shangguan Wan froze, before she hurriedly ran forward to carry Little Xingxing from the doctor leading the group.

Little Xingxing had fallen asleep, his cheeks puffed up. He did not look like he was injured at all.

The head of the hospital and Little Xingxings main doctor hurriedly rushed to greet the doctors that had just arrived.

Your Highness, this is Mr Guver from M Country. Mr Guver is a well-known paediatrician, and was invited by the Fifth Prince to treat Little Xingxing.

Shangguan Wan froze instantly.

She opened her mouth, staring at the main doctor in disbelief. Didnt he kidnap Little Xingxing?

Why do you say that Little Xingxing was kidnapped? Its impossible. Mr Guvers arrival would only be beneficial for Little Xingxings condition.

Shangguan Wan recalled Ye Yanfengs threat against her on the car. She really thought that he would be crazy enough to hurt a child that was barely a few months old

However, even if he did not kidnap Little Xingxing and instead, got a specialist to treat him, she still would not be grateful to him.

She would never forgive the person that dared to rape her!

Nan Zhi was woken up by her phone alarm in the morning.

After she returned from Tianyuan villa, she could not fall asleep until three in the morning.

Turning on the bed, she reached her hand out to find her phone, before she answered it in a daze.

Are you awake? A mans low and indifferent voice trailed from within the phone.

Nan Zhi opened her eyes immediately, unable to stop herself from glancing out of the window. Did the sun rise from the west today? The man that did not contact her ever since he was healed, actually took the initiative to call her!

Are you still angry?

Nan Zhi rubbed her eyes, sitting up on the bed. Her voice was still slightly hoarse from just having woken up. Why would I be angry?

The man stayed silent for a few seconds before he hung up.

Nan Zhi was completely dazed.

Did this person call her in the morning just to make her angry?

Pretty Zhizhi, are you awake?

Nan Zhi looked up to see Xiaojie, who had opened the door a little and had poked his head through the gap. Seeing him, she immediately smiled. Baby, come in.

The boy was already sleeping by himself now, and even when she wanted to hug him to sleep last night, he didnt even let her!

She really couldnt do anything since her son was growing up!

Xiaojie had already changed into a clean white shirt with a blue suit, looking like a little prince that walked out of a fairytale.

Her son was handsome no matter how she looked at him.

Xiaojie walked in, staring at Nan Zhi with his pretty black eyes, speaking softly, Pretty Zhizhi, were holding a Parent-Child Sports Day this weekend in my school, and both parents would have to be there. Will you go?

Taking in the boys expectant expression, Nan Zhi cupped his pretty face, smiling wider. Its our Babys first Parent-Child Sports Day, of course Mommy has to go!

Xiaojie grinned at Nan Zhi, though he furrowed his eyebrows very quickly again. Can Daddy go? Hes been really busy recently and I havent seen him in a long time.

Do you want to call him to ask him?

Xiaojies eyes sparkled. Yes!

Nan Zhi took her phone, wanting to call Mu Sihan when there was a new message on her Weixin.

She opened it, her ears heating up immediately.

Pretty Zhizhi, what are you looking at? Why is your face so red?

Nan Zhi hurriedly exited Weixin, forcing herself to remain calm as she called Mu Sihan. After the call went through, she passed her phone to Xiaojie. You can tell him yourself.

Xiaojie hummed softly in agreement.

When Xiaojie took the phone, Nan Zhis brain was filled with the image she just saw on her Weixin.

It was a selfie the man had sent. He was not wearing any clothes, while the towel wrapped around his waist hung low on, looking as if it would drop anytime. His chest muscles were firm and balanced, his abdomen packs well-defined while his Apollos belt continued under his towel. He looked like he had been sculpted carefully by the heavens, and looked extremely sexy, to the point that she couldnt help but blush at the image.

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