Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Untitled

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Shes not only pretty, shes tall and fair too! Did you see her legs? Theyre really slender and flawless!

If youve seen her in person before, you definitely would not believe that the woman in the video was her! The aura she has is completely different from that trashy woman in the video!

Yes! Nan Zhi seems slightly aloof in person, and is dignified and proper. That pole-dancing woman, however, is obviously someone promiscuous!

But why is she here to find the Fourth Prince? Do the two of them have some kind of unspeakable relationship?

Do you think any normal woman can enter His Highness office? Didnt you see that the receptionist brought her up personally? Im sure His Highness instructed the receptionist about this before.

I remember that there were people saying that Nan Zhi has a strong and powerful financier behind her. Could it be our Fourth Prince?

If Nan Zhi was really the person that the Fourth Prince placed in his heart, he probably wouldnt be able to work attentively now that she was here!

It was Nan Zhis first time coming to Mu Sihans office.

The office was very large, with one side filled with floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior design was very luxurious and dignified, making it look extremely stylish.

Nan Zhi sat on the black leather sofa.

The office was rather quiet, but Nan Zhi could not sit down properly without fidgeting.

She did not know what kind of expression he would show when he saw that she was here for him.

A few minutes later, the sound of high heels clacking against the floor sounded outside the door.

A secretary holding onto a cup of coffee and a young woman with a very strong aura entered.

The young woman was walking ahead. She was wearing a white shirt, showing her extremely voluptuous chest. From what Nan Zhi could tell, it was probably 36D. Meanwhile, the rest of her figure was slim where they should be. Her figure could qualify as a seductress body.

Nan Zhi glanced at the womans face quietly. Although her facial features were not extremely exquisite or pretty, but together, there was a different feeling to it.

It was probably what people called femininity!

The document that His Highness wants is on his table. The secretary said to the woman.

The woman nodded, walking in front of the office table with her high heels. After she found the document she wanted, she looked up at Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi nodded at her politely after noting that she was looking over.

However, the woman looked away arrogantly, leaving with a strong aura in her high heels.

After the woman left, the secretary placed the cup of coffee on the coffee table. Miss Nan, shes the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and also one of the translators hired by the Royal family. She has always had her eyes in the clouds and never looks at anyone properly.

Nan Zhi smiled and nodded at the secretary. Thank you for telling me.

Youre welcome. Miss Nan, please take a seat, Im going out to continue my work.


After the secretary went out, she could not help but exclaim, I just saw Miss Nan at a close distance. Her skin is amazing! And her personality is really nice too! Shes nothing like that extremely arrogant daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Thats enough, dont praise one but put another one down. It wont be good if others hear you.

Ive decided to ship His Highness and Miss Nan from now on. The two of them are good looking and talented as well. They probably look really good together!

One of them laughed. We still dont know what relationship His Highness has with Miss Nan. Stop gossiping and do your work first!

After Nan Zhi finished her cup of coffee, and used her phone for a while, she leaned against the sofa to take a nap when she noted that Mu Sihan was still not back.

About an hour later, Nan Zhi heard some voices outside the door and woke up immediately, opening her eyes almost instantly.

She saw the office door being pushed open, and two figures entered the room side by side.

Go back and translate this document. When youre done, send it to me via email. Mu Sihan was looking down, reading the document in his hands while the woman beside him stared intently at his side profile.

Nan Zhi narrowed her well-defined eyes slightly.

After Mu Sihan was done reading the document, he passed it to the woman beside him. Theres nothing for you here anymore, you may leave. With that said, he looked up and immediately saw Nan Zhi, who was sitting on the sofa.

There was still a sharpness on him from the meeting, and his eyes looking at her were dark and deep.

One of his hands were in his pocket, while his broad shoulders and well-defined muscular chest looked even more fitting and slim under the tailored black suit.

Noting Mu Sihans eyes on Nan Zhi, the woman beside him froze for a few seconds before she turned around to leave.

Hearing the strong clacking of high heels, Nan Zhi turned her head to look out of the window, avoiding Mu Sihans eyes.

The secretary standing outside of the office hurriedly closed the door when she noted that the two of them did not even greet each other, and that His Highness expression was dark.

There was definitely something between these two people.

After the door was closed, the large office regained its silence.

Mu Sihan sat behind his office table, glancing at the woman, who was not willing to say anything after he entered the room, with the corner of his eye. He furrowed his eyebrows almost visibly.

What was this woman playing at?

She already took the initiative to find him, but why wasnt she saying anything?

She did not speak, and neither did he.

The two of them remained silent, the tension flowing between them.

Mu Sihan look down, taking his fountain pen to sign his documents.

Nan Zhi did not turn around to look at him.

The situation continued for nearly half an hour, and when the man was done signing all of his documents, he looked up, acting like his throat was uncomfortable by coughing once.

The woman still continued stared out of the window.

Why arent you saying anything?

Hearing the mans low and aloof voice, Nan Zhi turned around to look at him. I heard from my uncle that after your divorce with Wan Er was announced, several official had been wanting to introduce their daughters to you?

Mu Sihan narrowed his depthless black eyes slightly, smirking. Are you jealous?

Seems like its the truth. Nan Zhi stood up from the sofa, furrowing her eyebrows. That voluptuous translator earlier, I heard that shes the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs?

Hearing her words, he laughed. The low and magnetic rumble sounded like it came out from the depths of his throat. Youve observed in so much detail, what voluptuous? I didnt even notice that.

Nan Zhi scrunched her face, glaring at him fiercely. You can continue to lie. Her figure was so good that her buttons were about to pop, and youre saying you didnt notice that?

Mu Sihan leaned back against the chair, his slender fingers twirling his fountain pen with practiced ease. He raised an eyebrow. Its been a while since I saw my Kitten jealous. Youre really pretty when youre all puffed up from anger.

This man!

Nan Zhi glared at him, annoyed. Its Xiaojies Parent-Child Sports Day the day after, do you have time for that?

There is an important delegate I have to host the day after

Before he finished, the womans expression darkened as she started to walk out of the office.

When she was almost at the door, the man suddenly grabbed her wrist. With a tug, he pulled her against the wall next to the door.

He looked down at her, his scorching hot breath spraying at her face. Why are you leaving? I didnt say I wasnt going.

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