Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Boy With Honeyed Words

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One of Mu Sihans hands was supporting himself against the wall above Nan Zhis head, while his other hand held onto Nan Zhis slender waist tightly. Looking down at her, his eyes were as dark as two wormholes, deep and dangerous.

When he spoke, his voice was low and magnetic, sounding like a rich alcohol that had been fermented for a long time with a magic that made people drunk on his voice.

Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat.

Looking up into his eyes, her lips curled up. That means that you will go, right?

Mu Sihan stared at the woman being held between his chest and the wall. She had tied her brown hair into a bun, exposing her pretty face and delicate neck completely, making her look even more exquisite and pretty.

When she smiled slightly, her dimples appeared to make her even more stunning.

Mu Sihan could not help but caress her face, his well-defined handsome face leaning towards hers. His voice became even lower and more hoarse. My Kitten came specifically to find me today, what reasons do I have to not go?

Hearing his words, Nan Zhi dazed out slightly.

Did he regain his emotions?

She blinked, feeling as if she was looking at the past Mu Sihan.

She could not help but lift her hands up to press against his broad and wide shoulders. Her well-defined almond-shaped eyes were sparkling with tears. Are you fine now?

The man did not speak, merely lifting her chin as he leaned down to place a kiss on her soft lips.

The refreshing and masculine smell interlaced with a faint cigarette smell made her heart thump harder. Her hands on his shoulders could not help but grasp onto his suit jacket.

She had closed her eyes originally, but seemed to have thought about something as she opened her eyes slightly to look at him again. His handsome face was extremely close to hers, her slightly nervous face reflected in his deep black eyes.

The moment she met his eyes, she closed her eyes once more.

The mans kiss moved from her lips to her earlobes, his tongue moving to suck it slightly.

Nan Zhi felt her scalp turning numb, her grip on the mans jacket tightening. She leaned slightly away, burying her face in the crook of his neck. It tickles

The man grabbed the back of her head, pulling her head straight to stop her from avoiding his touches. His lips pressed tightly by her ears, spraying his scorching hot breath into her ears in a husky whisper. Where does it tickle, hm?

Nan Zhis ears turned red, pinching his shoulder hard.

He cupped her face with both hands, forcing her to look up and meet his eyes.

His eyes were dark and deep, glimmering as though there were small stars in them when he stared at her.

Nan Zhi could not help but feel her heart flutter.

Did he regain his emotions?

If not, he wouldnt look at her like that and wouldnt flirt with her, right?

Mu Sihan She was about to say something when he suddenly held onto her chin, his lips pressing against hers once more. His scorching hot tongue entered her mouth, exploring every inch of space in it.

The long and intimate kiss ended with a long silvery line connecting their lips when they separated. Nan Zhi felt like she almost suffocated, her pretty face turning red from the lack of oxygen.

His body pressed against hers tightly, the force he used felt like he wanted to swallow her up. His large palm moved along the helms of her skirt, pressing against her perky butt.

You dressed so nicely today, did you come specifically to seduce me?

When she came over, she had specifically dressed up by wearing a more mature-looking black dress. Its fabric was smooth, wrapping her voluminous figure perfectly, while her skin appeared fairer in contrast to the black fabric. With makeup on, her face looked even prettier and moving.

Nan Zhi glared at him strongly. No matter how nicely Im dressed, Im still not as pretty as your translator.

Hearing her mention the translator again, Mu Sihan chuckled softly, his well-defined fingers flicking against her forehead softly. I already told those higher officials who want to introduce their daughters to me that I already have a girl that I like, and wont accept anyone else.

If you want, I can ask the Crown Palace to announce our relationship straight away.

Nan Zhi hurriedly lifted her finger to press against his lips. Lets wait awhile longer. The attention on us has barely gone away. Besides, you only just announced that you and Wan Er have separated, its not very appropriate for us to announce straight away that were together.

The moment she finished speaking, the man parted his lips and bit her tender finger.

He did not bite her too hard, but it was not too light either, and she sucked in a breath in pain.

Mu Sihan!

The man held onto the finger that he had bitten, raising an eyebrow at her. Who asked you to be jealous?

Well, who asked you to be so good that countless women are always wanting you?

Mu Sihan smirked, his palm pressing against her butt once more. No matter how good the other women are, they still cant compare to you, silly.

Oh no, that was it!

Nan Zhi could feel her heart melting at his words.

She bit her lip, saying softly, Let go of me first.

Whats wrong?

Nan Zhi pointed at the door with a red face. I feel like theres someone listening in on us from outside.

Mu Sihan froze, before he let go of Nan Zhi. He walked towards the door, pulling it open with strength.

Nan Zhis intuition was right, there indeed were someone listening in on them from outside.

And it was not only one.

Yi Fan was the leader amongst the group, pressing his ear against the door while several secretaries wanting to know of the gossip were standing behind him.

With Mu Sihan pulling the door open suddenly, they did not expect it and fell forward immediately. Yi Fan fell onto the floor, while those behind him fell on top of him.

Compared to the pain from falling, they were more afraid of the Fourth Prince, whose expression had completely darkened.

Your Highness, we didnt mean to listen on you! We wont dare to do it anymore, never again! To be honest, its because there were never women who came to look for the Fourth Prince unless it was regarding work. Nan Zhis arrival had awakened their gossiping senses!

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, his eyes completely dark. He glanced at the secretaries coldly, before his cold eyes landed on Yi Fan.

Butler Yi hurriedly looked away, evading Mu Sihans eyes. He turned around to face the secretaries. What are all of you still standing here for? Hurry and get to work!

Yes, yes!

After the secretaries left, Nan Zhi coughed awkwardly. Butler Yi, is there something for you to come look for your Young Master? Ill go to the washroom, so you two can talk.

Mu Sihan turned to look at Nan Zhi who was heading towards the door, raising his eyebrow slightly. Dont leave.

Nan Zhi nodded.

After Nan Zhi left the office and passed by the secretaries tables, their gazes towards her had changed slightly.

Now, they were all looking at her like she was their idol.

A woman who was able to make their aloof and cold Fourth Prince speak so sweetly was one that they could not help but respect and idolize!

Under the burning eyes from the secretaries, Nan Zhi went to the bathroom with a tingling scalp.

When she went back to Mu Sihans office, she was about to push the door open when she happened to hear Mu Sihan and Yi Fan finish talking about work, their conversation moving to her

Hearing their conversation, Nan Zhi froze immediately.

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