Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Heartbeat Missing Its Tempo

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Young Master, hearing the words that you said to Miss Nan, even I thought you had feelings for her.

Yi Fans words made Nan Zhis heart thump rapidly.

She retracted her hand from the door handle, her slender figure pressing against the wall.

Her almond-shaped eyes landed on the man sitting on the sofa from her position by the door. His eyes were dark and he only spoke coldly after a long silence, Does Old Man Bai have any medicine that can help me recover?

Old Mr Bai said that only the Love Flower from the Heartless Valley can help you recover. However, that Love Flower only blooms once in a hundred years, and the recent flower was plucked by Miss Ling Er. Miss Ling Er even lost her sight in one eye because of it.

Nan Zhi cupped her mouth in disbelief.

Ling Er lost her sight in one eye in order to pluck the Love Flower?

Young Master, when you flirted with Miss Nan earlier, did you still not feel anything?

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips tightly and did not speak.

Nan Zhi stared at his sharp-looking side profile with not an ounce of temperature on it, her heart slowly sinking.

When he flirted with her earlier, his gaze was so deep that it felt like she was the only one left in his world.

She almost drowned in that feeling.

She was even elated about it.

It turned out, he was not recovered.

Mu Sihan lit up a cigar, furrowing his eyebrows as he exhaled a mouthful of smoke.

Nan Zhi stared at the silent him, thinking that he was probably very vexed about not having feelings for her either!

She could feel that he wanted to maintain this relationship properly, not wanting her thoughts to wander and that he wanted to give her the best

He was working on it, but there were some things that could not be helped, even with hard work.

Send another person to the village and tell Old Man Bai to create another antidote with the same effect as that of the Love Flower. I dont want to continue being like this. If he cant make one, then he cant blame me for being disrespectful!

Nan Zhi furrowed her slender eyebrows, pushing the office door open as she walked in. Mu Sihan, you cant hurt Old Mr Bai and the others. If it wasnt for him back then, you would still be suffering from the pain of the poison!

Seeing Nan Zhi suddenly walk in, Mu Sihan narrowed his depthless eyes slightly, unconsciously tightening his hold on the cigar in between his fingers. If he can make an antidote, then I promise that hell be fine!

Butler Yi just said earlier that the Love Flower only blooms once in a hundred years, arent you putting him in a tight spot?

Mu Sihan pressed the cigar in the ashtray, putting it out before his tall figure stood up from the sofa. His lips pursed tightly together, only managing to say after a long pause, If he can make me like this, he would definitely have another way!

Staring at his ruthless and dark expression, Nan Zhis hands curled up together, her fingernails pressing deep into her palms. Her voice was slightly choked. And what if he doesnt?

He would definitely have one with some persuasion! He walked in front of Nan Zhi, his well-defined palms pressing on her slender shoulders. With me being like this now, youre not comfortable while Im suffering as well. The woman I love is right in front of me, but I dont have the desire to touch her. Whats the point of living like this?

Noting his red eyes, Nan Zhi felt like something had knocked her heart ruthlessly.

Her long lashes fluttered, as she said with a choked voice. Im sorry. Maybe I shouldnt have asked Mr Bai to save you because I didnt want you to suffer from the poison anymore. He told me about the aftereffects of saving you, and I told him so firmly that I definitely would be able to awaken your love for me. I was too overconfident!

She stared at him, hot tears welling in her eyes. Please dont trouble Mr Bai and the others, Ill do my best to awaken your love for me. I wont be sad and miserable because of you ignoring me and treating me coldly anymore.

Mu Sihan waved his hand, signaling for Yi Fan to leave.

Yi Fan left the office in understanding, closing the door behind him.

Mu Sihan pulled Nan Zhi in front of his table, pressing her slender body against it. He did not say anything, merely pinching her chin and lifting it up to kiss her.

Nan Zhi did not expect for him to kiss her so suddenly while they were still speaking to each other. She struggled a little, although her hands were caught by him very quickly as he deepened the kiss.

He pushed her teeth apart, his scorching hot tongue moving into her mouth as it curled and sucked her fiercely and domineeringly, as if he wanted to suck her soul out of her.

Thinking about what she had just said to him, Nan Zhi stopped struggling, closing her eyes to let him kiss her instead.

She had only kissed him like that quite a while ago, and while her body had only been touched by this one man, it was also why she could not handle the touches so suddenly, so quickly. The familiar electricity current flowed to her limbs, a low moan leaving her lips before the man hurriedly kissed her once more.

Because they were in such a serious and important place like his office, to which anyone could come in to find him anytime, Nan Zhi was more or less nervous, though there was still an uncontrollable feeling growing inside her.

Her legs went slightly weak from his kiss, but his eyes were still incredibly calm. She furrowed her eyebrows, her hands moving onto his black belt around his waist silently.

Mu Sihan looked down at her, not stopping her.

A loud snap sounded, and Mu Sihan felt the belt lose its tension around his waist. The belt was unbuckled by her easily, before she tugged once more to pull the belt out from the belt hoops on his pants.

Following that, she took out his tucked shirt from under his pants, her fingers moving inch by inch lower along his tensed abdomen.

Mu Sihan looked down, his sexy Adams apple bobbing.

The blood within him suddenly flowed faster.

His eyes darkened, telling her with a husky voice, Continue.

Nan Zhis long lashes fluttered. It would be a lie to say that she was not nervous when it was still broad daylight, and that they were in his office, trying to do this.

However, feeling his breath slowly become heavier, she had no choice but to continue. Just as her hands reached towards his lower abdomen, the office door was pushed open from the outside suddenly.

I told you to go to my office, but its already been more than an hour. Do you not respect me anymore?

Nan Zhi froze, turning back instinctively, only to meet Ye Fengjuns eyes, who had entered on his wheelchair.

Within a few seconds, the pink atmosphere in the office immediately froze and became awkward.

Nan Zhis brain buzzed for a few seconds, before she hurriedly looked down at her skirt. Confirming that she wasnt exposing herself in anyway, she then eyed Mu Sihan, whispering softly, Hurry and put on your belt!

Mu Sihan was still pressing his body on her. He was blocked by her in this position, so Ye Fengjun could not see how he was.

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, unhappiness flashing in his eyes, though he did not say anything and looked down to tidy up his attire.

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