Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 670

Chapter 670 Domineering Mu Sihan

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Nan Zhi got off Mu Sihans table, tidying her messy hair before she whispered to Mu Sihan. Im going back first. Dont forget to go to Xiaojies Parent-Child Sports Day on time this weekend.

Mu Sihan stared at her with dark eyes, humming softly.

Nan Zhi looked down, walking out of the office.

When she passed by Ye Fengjun, Nan Zhi did not glance at him, neither did she greet him.

That year when she had been separated from Mu Sihan, Ye Fengjun had kept her mother captive for half a year to stop her from seeing Mu Sihan. It caused her mothers psychological illness to act up, and she could not bring herself to forgive him.

She could not bring herself to be polite and warm to someone like Ye Fengjun like she was to other elders, not to mention speak to him.

Seeing Nan Zhi walk past him without looking at him. Ye Fengjun was so furious that he felt like he could die from the anger.

The moment the door was closed, he shouted furiously, What are you doing being intimate in the office in broad daylight? Also, did you divorce Wan Er because of her?

Mu Sihan straightened the creases on his shirt, looking up as he replied coldly, Shes my sons mother. Whats wrong in being with her?

Ye Fengjun thought about the things he had done to Nan Zhi before, then about the way she left so coldly earlier, knowing that the girl must be hating him for what he did.

If Mu Sihan married her, how would he still have a nice life?

Ye Fengjuns hands resting on the wheelchair clenched into tight fists, the vein on the back of his hands twitching. I dont agree! You can forget about being with her!

Mu Sihan smirked, acting like he had heard a funny joke. Father, you forget that youre not the respected Crown Prince anymore. Your dream of being a King is already shattered. Who are you to order me to do anything?

His well-defined face was covered in arrogance and pride, exuding a strong aura from within him. People could not help but idolize and respect him.

Ye Fengjun started to tremble in anger. This rascal, he knew that Mu Sihan would not let him off easily once he lost his power! Ye Fengjun picked up the ashtray on the coffee table, throwing it at Mu Sihan with his strength, though Mu Sihan perfectly avoided it agilely.

Seeing this, Ye Fengjun was so angry that he felt smoke rising from his head.

Unfilial child! If Ye Qing was still alive, he wouldnt even have to go through this kind of anger.

Father, you have already lost a leg. Dont get so angry that you get hospitalized from a stroke and lose your ability to speak!

Ye Fengjun stared at Mu Sihan coldly, gritting down on his teeth angrily. Now that Mu Sihan was strong enough, he stopped putting his father in his eyes, this rascal!

Dont let her into your office again to do uncouth and embarrassing things!

Mu Sihan sat on the leather chair, looking down and completely ignoring Ye Fengjuns words. He would be intimate with his woman anytime he wanted to, no one could stop him.

Seeing Mu Sihans cold attitude towards him, Ye Fengjun could only furrow his eyebrows and change the topic. The Queen is planning to have a discussion with the Nobles in the morning the day after to make you the Crown Prince. Cancel everything on your schedule that morning, you must attend that meeting.

The afternoon the day after?

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows unconsciously, his long fingers knocking on the office table. I dont have time that morning.

Asshole! What is more important than you becoming the Crown Prince?

At the Shangguan family house.

General Shangguan returned home, filled with anger after finding out that Shangguan Wan and Mu Sihan had divorced. Hes about to become the Crown Prince, but you divorced him?!

General Shangguan had been caught up in a closed military exercise for the past month, and did not know what happened outside. If he knew about it earlier, he definitely would not let Shangguan Wan leave the Crown Palace.

Mrs Shangguan and the three Shangguan sisters were seated on the sofa.

Mrs Shangguan was not Shangguan Wans and Shangguan Raos biological mother, but their aunt. General Shangguan had slept with their aunt by mistake one night, which resulted in her giving birth to Shangguan Rui.

Seeing that General Shangguan was furious, Mrs Shangguan got up to calm her husband down. Master, its not easy for Wan Er too. Dont be so angry that you hurt your father-daughter relationship.

General Shangguan pushed Mrs Shangguan away, walking in front of Shangguan Wan. He stared directly at her. Was it you or the Fourth Prince who suggested the divorce? If the Fourth Prince was the one who suggested it, hes definitely forgetting that we helped him before. I wont let him off!

Shangguan Wans eyes were calm and indifferent. I suggested it!

A loud slap landed on Shangguan Wans cheek.

Master, why did you hit Wan Er? Mrs Shangguan pulled General Shangguan back. Although she was staring at Shangguan Wan with heartache, and was speaking for her, she was gloating a little with what had happened.

General Shangguan was someone who practiced martial arts and with his slap at Shangguan Wan, her face started to swell up very quickly.

Shangguan Wan merely remained seated, her eyes fixed on the floor as she remained indifferent.

After a second, she caressed her burning cheek, lips smirking coldly. After I got married to him, its not like you didnt get any benefits from him. We merely married because of the alliance. Hes about to become the Crown Prince already, if you go and seek trouble from him, it would only be bad for the Shangguan family!

Shangguan Wan stood up from the sofa, looking into General Shangguans red eyes. She smiled faintly, I was the one who suggested the divorce, which is why I didnt ask for any alimony from him. I only wanted Little Xingxing.


Also, I already asked the Queen to allow me to go and guard the Yukou Border after Little Xingxings condition is better. If there is nothing important, I will not return to the Capital anymore.

Unfilial child!

Shangguan Wan stared at her furious father, the adrenaline from getting revenge flashing in her eyes.

To her father, his daughters were just tools for him to gain something.

Since they were young, when had Raorao and her ever gotten fatherly love from him?

Shangguan Wan smirked coldly, keeping her back straight as she walked by General Shangguan Wan with large strides.

Looking at her furious father, Shangguan Rui moved forward to hug his arm. Father, Sister doesnt like the Fourth Prince and divorced him, but you can still send your other daughters into the palace!

General Shangguan stared at Shangguan Rui, who was filled with anticipation, his eyes gleaming. You want to become the Princess Consort?

Father, I have always admired the Fourth Prince. I couldnt show myself properly because of Sister, but now that the Fourth Prince is single, can I be with him?

General Shangguan stared at Shangguan Rui, waving his hand. He didnt fall for your Sister, so what makes you think that he would fall for you? Thats enough, your sister is right. Lets end this nicely, so we are still friends in the future. Dont do anything and affect the relationship between our families!

Shangguan Rui pursed her lips, unable to understand where she lost to Shangguan Wan!

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