Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Freedom

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In a bar ringing with heavy metal music.

Everyone was dancing crazily on the dance floor, shaking their heads dry from their sweat.

In the middle of the night, a masked woman dressed in a black long dress walked into the bar.

She sat in front of the bar table, knocking the bar table with her fingers. A cocktail please.

The woman attracted the attention of several men the moment she entered.

It was not because her figure was extremely attractive, but it was because of the Queen-like aura emanating from her. The moment she sat on the high chair, there seemed to be a unique aura fixed around her that made people fear her.

Her black dress was similar to that of a cheongsam, with high slits at the side that showed a hint of her slender long legs. Her healthy skin tone sparkled charmingly under the rainbow lights in the bar.

The bartender placed the cocktail in front of her, as the woman moved her fiery red lips, saying, Thank you.

When she was done with the cocktail, a daring male came forward to approach her. Beautiful, can I can treat you a glass of alcohol?

The woman smirked coldly, ignoring the male as she drank a few more glasses of alcohol before she got up to walk towards the dance floor.

Beautiful, want to dance together?

The man tried to put his arms around the womans slender waist, only to have his wrist grabbed by the woman in the next second.

The man did not think that this slender and frail looking woman would be so strong. She merely grabbed him, but he felt like his wrist was about to break.

Do you still want to dance together?

The man was in so much pain that he was sweating cold sweat, as he hurriedly waved his hands. N-No.

The woman let go of the mans wrist, striding towards the dance floor instead.

Staring at the womans voluminous figure, the man was still thinking about her restlessly, but did not dare to do anything about his thoughts anymore.

Some women were roses with thorns. They were beautiful, but if one wanted to pluck them, they would only injure their hands.

In a VIP private room on the second floor of the bar, facing the dance floor directly.

On the wine-colored leather sofa, several outstanding young and rich men were sitting and chatting casually.

Brother Yanfeng, I thought that I wouldnt see you for the time being because you were grounded. Will you be alright for coming out secretly like this? A man hugging a sexy woman, asked the handsome man sitting in the middle of the sofa.

Ye Yanfeng leaned back against the sofa in a lazy manner, crossing his long legs elegantly. His fingers were swirling the wine glass in his hands, his devilishly eyes fixed on the beautiful figure dressed in black downstairs.

Noting that Ye Yanfeng was not speaking, the young lad followed his gaze and looked downstairs. Yo, theres a new girl here tonight. Although shes wearing a mask, but with that figure, she should be a beauty.

Ye Yanfeng looked up, pouring the entire glass of liquid into his mouth.

Tsk, I didnt think she would be so fierce. The young lad saw the woman chasing the daring man that approached her away. With her moves, shes probably practiced martial arts before!

Ye Yanfeng smirked, sparked with interest. Do you know who she is?

Who? The young lad was immediately interested. Could it be someone we know?

Ye Yanfeng raised an eyebrow. Youre not worthy enough to know yet.

Brother Yanfeng, youre keeping me in suspense. Youre becoming meaner.

Ye Yanfeng put down the wine glass, his slender fingers supporting his handsome chin as he narrowed his eyes at the woman who just stepped foot on the dance floor.

He never knew that she had a side like this too.

He thought that she only knew how to follow the rules and wield knives and guns.

Her annoying skirt was tied up high, revealing her proportionate and slender legs. No one could tell that she had given birth before. She wore a wig tonight, and although a mask covered a large portion of her face, her exposed lips and chin was still beautiful enough to attract attention.

Her black long hair, fiery red lips, charming figure and cold aura caught everyones attention in the blurry lights.

Ye Yanfeng watched as a tall and handsome Caucasian man approached her to start dancing with her.

She did not reject the man.

Following the loud music, the two of them danced closely to each other, the scandalous and intense moves building adrenaline in both of them.

The handsome blond man wrapped his arms around her agile and slender waist, while she placed her arms on the mans shoulders. The two of them got closer, and closer to each other

Screams, whistles and shouting surrounded them.

Under the influence of alcohol, all of the men and women had completely lost themselves in this crazy night or moving, twisting bodies.

The handsome blond man that pulled Shangguan Wan into his embrace stared at her, his gaze so strong like a deep ocean that wanted to swallow her.

In the private room upstairs.

The young lad tsked when he watched the couple dance so promiscuously downstairs. Sh*t, I didnt expect to see such a flirtatious dance thats so exciting, even my heart is thumping with adrenaline

A loud bang interrupted the young lads unfinished words.

Ye Yanfeng suddenly got up to kick the nearest table. The alcohol, wine glasses and fruit platters on the table immediately fell to the floor. The shattered shards from the wine glasses and splattered wine on the floor made the women sitting near Ye Yanfeng pale, screaming loudly.

Everyone in the room instantly looked towards Ye Yanfeng.

They watched as his tall figure stood up, casting a dark and intimidating shadow over where he was standing. His handsome face that made him look like he walked out of a comic, was currently so dark and dangerous that it made the people around him shiver in fear.

He put on a baseball cap, before he put on a face mask and walked out of the private room.

The dangerous and cold aura exuding from him was so strong that no one dared to approach him, or ask him anything.

It was only when the rooms door was slammed shut that the rest dared to breathe.

Whats wrong with him? He was really scary just now.

Right? It felt like he was going to kill someone.

Only the young lad stared at the dance floor in deep thought.

Could it be that Brother Yanfeng was angry because of that woman on the dance floor?

Indeed, his guess was confirmed within the next few minutes.

It had been very long since Shangguan Wan let go of herself like this. The strong alcohol burned within her body, feeling like her heart had died and turned stagnant.

Finally, she could say bravely that she did not want to be a sacrificial object anymore.

She would rather die on the battlefield than to become an object used in exchange for things again.

Her fathers slap had woken her up completely.

Enough was enough. She had done enough for the Shangguan family in the past years.

She felt an enthralling sense of freedom.

Beautiful, do you want to go to the hotel with me later?

Shangguan Wan stared at the handsome blond man with dazed eyes, smiling charmingly. That would depend on you. Can you conquer me?

The thing I like to do best is to conquer beautiful girls Ow!

Before the handsome blond man could finish speaking, he received a strong punch to his face suddenly.

The handsome blond man was completely unprepared for it, as he staggered a few steps back in shock.

The original adrenaline pumping dance floor immediately turned into a huge mess.

Several people were scared by the sudden violence in front of them, as they started to scream and scurry to run away.

Shangguan Wan stared at the man who punched the blond man the moment he arrived, and almost at the same time, the man looked at her.

His eyes were as dark as a devils.

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