Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Late Night Sweetness

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On the loud and messy dance floor, Shangguan Wan met Ye Yanfengs eyes just like that.

Shangguan Wan had drank a few glasses of cocktails, and after dancing so crazily for a while, her head hurt terribly, as if it was going to explode. It was especially worse due to the loud mass of screaming around her.

Ye Yanfeng was wearing a baseball cap and a face mask, revealing only his pair of pretty but devilish eyes.

Shangguan Wan shook her head, thinking that she had seen the wrong person.

However, within a while, her slender wrist was grabbed strongly by him.

He pulled her arm, dragging her away from the dance floor.

It took Shangguan Wan a few seconds before she started to follow behind him

Behind them, the handsome blond mans voice suddenly exploded out, You want to leave after hitting someone?

The moment the handsome blond man finished speaking, several tall men dressed in black suits suddenly appeared from all corners and swarmed towards them.

Shangguan Wan saw the small logo sewn on their black shirts, freezing immediately for a second.

They were mafia from Mexico.

Shangguan Wan hurriedly turned back to look at that handsome blond man.

Earlier, with the adrenaline from the exciting dance and alcohol, she did not notice the blond mans dressing.

It was only now that she realized that the handsome blond man might be the mafias young master.

Shangguan Wan moved her eyes away, towards the man beside her with a furrow on her eyebrows. The person you offended tonight is not someone from an easy background.

Ye Yanfeng narrowed his devilish eyes, a cold and dangerous aura exuding from him, his eyes filled with arrogance and pride. What am I afraid of?

Their skills are not that of normal people. Even the both of us together are not able to fight against them properly.

Ye Yanfeng tightened his grip on Shangguan Wans wrist, leaning towards her to whisper by her ears. If we want to arrest the thieves, we arrest their leader first. With the two of us working together, I dont believe that we wont be able to make it out of this.

As Ye Yanfeng spoke, he glanced up at the private room on the second floor.

Seeing that he was in trouble, the young lad upstairs wanted to come down to help, but Ye Yanfeng raised his hand, gesturing for him to not do anything.

This issue could not turn into a bigger one, he was still grounded after all.

If someone caught him here, it might be used against him.

Seeing the ruthlessness and dangerousness in Ye Yanfengs eyes, Shangguan Wan smirked with her fiery red lips, laughing coldly. Why would I work with you? I came out to hunt for a man tonight, this handsome blond man is quite my type

Before she could finish, the mans grip on her wrist tightened even more.

The strength he was using felt like he wanted to smash her wrist into pieces.

Shangguan Wan furrowed her eyebrows in pain, struggling to shake his hand over. However, he said coldly, If you dare say those things again to make me angry, I will kill that man right now. If the matter gets known to the public, the both of us can go down to hell together!

Shangguan Wan was so angry she was starting to turn pale. Youre crazy!

Ye Yanfeng stared at Shangguan Wan with red eyes, an unnoticeable gentleness exposed in his eyes. His fingers caressed against Shangguan Wans smooth and fair skin.

Suddenly being touched like that by his fingers, Shangguan Wan felt like she had been electrocuted. She immediately took two steps back, though she was pulled back towards him once more.

The bodyguards dressed in black were already surrounding the two of them.

The handsome blond man was standing not too far away from them. He wiped the blood by the corner of his lips that appeared from Ye Yanfengs punch, the flirtatious look he had on when he was dancing was gone, as he revealed a strong and fierce aura instead.

Sir, there is also a first-come-first-serve basis when it comes to getting a girl. I was the first to find this masked lady. What, did you think I was easy to bully so you hit me the first thing after you came?

Blood-thirst was apparent in the blond mans dark tone.

Shangguan Wan cursed in her heart. It was one of the rare times she was able to come out to relax, yet she was caught in such a situation

Both sides could not be offended.

But, it was clear that she was more unwilling to be in contact with the mafia. She pursed her lips tightly, unconsciously holding onto Ye Yanfengs hand. She whispered to him, Its too troublesome to get their leader, lets storm out of this directly instead!

Ye Yanfeng glanced at Shangguan Wan. Youre indeed the daughter of a General, your courage is really alarming!

The blond man noticed the two of them whispering to each other, impatience appearing on his face. Give me the beautiful lady and kneel down and kowtow to me three times, then Ill let you off.

Ye Yanfeng smirked, Lets talk after you catch me!

With that said, both Shangguan Wan and him struck towards the bodyguards surrounding them at the same time.

The two of them coordinated rather well with each other, standing together to attack and defend against the bodyguards blocking their way. When the fight got too intense, Ye Yanfeng carried Shangguan Wan while Shangguan Wans long legs kicked rapidly at the bodyguards faces. The bar was immediately filled with moans of pain.

The two of them finally managed to get a path void of any bodyguards that led to the entrance of the bar.

Noting that the two of them were good at fighting, and were able to escape to the bars entrance, the blond mans expression changed. Dont let them escape, go after them!

Shangguan Wan was pulled by Ye Yanfeng, turning back to glance at the people chasing them as they ran.

Noting that the bodyguards were catching up to them, she furrowed her eyebrows. My car is in the car park.

Ye Yanfeng turned around to take a glance at the situation behind them. Theres no time to go get your car. There just happened to be a teenager riding a motorcycle stopping in front of the bars entrance, and Ye Yanfeng immediately pushed the teen away, lifting his leg over the motorcycle. Hurry and get on!

Shangguan Wan jumped aboard hurriedly. The moment she was seated stably, the motorcycle immediately roared off like a shooting star.

When the teen whose motorcycle was taken understood the situation, he cried out with a sad face. My bike! My bike!

The blond man chased out of the car with his men, his expression extremely ugly when he noticed that the two of them had escaped on a motorcycle. Go and get the cars!

After the blond man got into his car to chase after them, the teen whose motorcycle was stolen was planning to report this to the police, only to feel a tap on his shoulder.

The young lad that was drinking with Ye Yanfeng in the private room earlier passed a wad of cash to the teen. Is this enough for your bike?

The teen stared at the thick wad of cash, his expression brightening immediately. Its enough!

The teens motorcycle was just bought, and was a lot faster than the normal motorcycles. At the same time, it could only carry one person, which was why Shangguan Wan had no choice but to hug the man riding the motorcycle tightly.

With the high speed, the strong wind, and the traffic lights, Shangguan Wan was in a daze as she smelled the strong masculine scent on the man.

The mans hat was blown away during the process, his short hair swaying in the wind. His shirt was also whipping out from the wind, hitting her cheek from time to time.

She must be drunk. If not, why did she feel that Ye Yanfeng was less annoying than usual?

Shangguan Wan brushed her fingers through her long hair, messy from the wind. She looked behind her to see that the blond man had caught up to them in his sports car.

She patted the mans broad shoulders. Speed up! Theyre almost catching up to us!

Hearing her shout into his ears so enticingly, Ye Yanfeng felt his mind blank out for a second. The noisy roads around them seemed to be blocked from his mind, his ears, heart and breathing all focused on the woman behind him.

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