Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Reckless Entanglement

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Ye Yanfeng glanced at the rearview mirror of the motorcycle.

When he saw a few luxurious sports cars giving chase behind, a trace of wildness and coldness flashed past his eyes, exuding a daunting charm in the interchanging of light and shadow. Hold on tight.

Shangguan Wan scoffed. Dont even think about it.

She had just finished speaking when he accelerated suddenly, and drove the motorcycle down an alley.

The alley was narrow and difficult to navigate through, there were obstacles on both sides from time to time and almost hit Shangguan Wans body

She cried out in horror and her hands grabbed his slim and toned waist tighter.

At this moment, their bodies were even closer.

She was wearing a tight fitting long black dress that highlighted her figure. Being so close, he could feel her softness, her heartbeat

He was distracted and the motorcycle almost hit the garbage can in front.

When Shangguan Wan saw this, she shoved his shoulders hard. Keep your eyes on the road, what are you thinking?!

He swerved and the motorcycle barely missed the garbage can.

Shangguan Wan was uneasy from his driving skills, her heart was in her mouth and her stomach tumbled.

Roaring out of the alley, the motorcycle flew over the stairs.

Shangguan Wan clasped her hands around his waist tightly, her face against his back. When the motorcycle leaped down, she held down her scream.

This was even more dangerous and thrilling than the battlefield.

The blonde handsome man seemed to be competing with them, and soon caught up again. Ye Yanfeng rode the motorcycle to a highway with a high traffic flow.

The motorcycle wove through the traffic at a high speed. On several occasions, Shangguan Wan thought that he would run into the car next to him, but he just passed it. He was driving very fast, and gradually, the group of cars of the blonde handsome man were shaken off by him as they were blocked by other cars.

Looking at the neon lights, buildings and cars moving constantly past them, Shangguan Wan loosened her hold on Ye Yanfengs waist and cupped her hands on her mouth, shouting, Ah!!!!!

She felt like she was riding a roller coaster, the speed and sense of thrill made her feel extremely excited and delighted.

From when she was young, she was cautious in her words and actions, and followed her fathers instructions properly.

She had never been so indulgent before.

She looked at the man in front of her. His ears were blown until they were slightly red by the wind and in the darkening night, it looked somewhat cute.

Shangguan Wan could not stop herself and reached out to touch his ears.

The man who was concentrating on riding the motorcycle did not expect that she would touch his ears and he shivered suddenly, almost making them fall. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and when the motorcycle stopped, his long legs were on the ground.

The car behind them almost did not brake in time and barely missed knocking into them.

The owner of the car lowered his car window and shouted at them in a mad panic.

Ye Yanfeng started the motorcycle again, ignoring the car owner who was still cursing them from behind, and sped away.

After a distance, he shouted at the woman behind him, Why did you suddenly touch my ears?

Shangguan Wan saw that his ears were even redder than before and she wondered. Ive also been blown by the wind but my ears are not red. Why are yours so red?

Shangguan Wan reached out her hands and looked up at the stars in the night sky. Its so refreshing!

Ye Yanfengs expression turned dark.

Could he say that it was because of the softness of her chest pressing against his back that made him restless?

Hey, why arent you saying anything? Shangguan Wan patted the back of the mans head. Youre not Ye Yanfeng, right? I heard that hes been confined recently!

Ye Yanfengs eyes darkened.

This woman must be drunk.

When she was not drunk, she was colder in front of him and not so talkative! And she would never have pressed herself against him!

After all, in her heart, he was as hateful as a cockroach!

Ye Yanfeng wanted to use the scandal to attack Sihan. Hahaha, actually he did not know, me and Sihan

Suddenly, a large truck sped by and the sharp whistle made Ye Yanfeng missed what Shangguan Wan said.

After the large truck drove away, Ye Yanfeng glanced at the woman behind and saw that her gaze was dazed, a smile was on her lips and he frowned. What did you say just now?

Shangguan Wan hiccuped. I said, Ye Yanfeng cant win Sihan!

Anger burst out from Ye Yanfeng. If possible, he really wanted to kick this woman down.

Do you think youre great because youre drunk?

Do you think you can speak up for your ex-husband in front of me because youre dunk?

But I wont need to see that mad and perverted man Ye Yanfeng soon!

Ye Yanfengs heart jumped and his expression darkened. Why?

Im not telling you, who asked you to look like Ye Yanfeng.

Ye Yanfeng was speechless.

Getting off the highway, Ye Yanfeng found an inconspicuous alley and stopped.

The aftereffects of the wine and having going at a high speed for so long made Shangguan Wans stomach feel queasy.

Ye Yanfeng saw her pale face and helped her down. Whats wrong with you Before he could finish, he suddenly heard a vomiting sound.

Ye Yanfeng saw that she had vomited on him and his face turned green.

They had not brought their identity cards with them.

Ye Yanfeng had to find a hotel nearby, said some nice things to the owner and paid a little more money before they got a room.

Shangguan Wan was dizzy and went to take a bath. After her bath, she flopped onto the bed and fell asleep.

After Ye Yanfeng had taken a bath, he looked at the woman on the bed and he sat by the bed, turning her over.

Looking down at her sleeping face, he looked slightly dazed.

He had lived on that memory for so many years.

She said that she was not the woman he knew.

He did not believe it.

His fingers caressed her face uncontrollably.

He suddenly realized that she was much more lovely when she was asleep than when she was awake.

When she was awake, she was cold and did not say anything nice to him.

His fingers moved from her eyes, to her nose and finally to her lips.

Slowly tracing the shape of her lips.

His Adams apple bobbed and he could not help himself, lowering his head to kiss her.

She seemed to be slightly uncomfortable and groaned. His eyes turned dark and he could not help himself, prying open her mouth and reached inside, sucking her tongue.

Her lips were soft and after brushing her teeth, there was a faint fresh scent that lingered in her mouth.

A soft feather seemed to have crossed over his heart, making the sensory cells in his body cry out.

Shangguan Wan, youre treating me like this, but I still cant forget about you!

What should I do with you?

Thinking of her indifference and her cruelness to him, he kissed her even harder.

He seemed to be using this kiss to return all the suppressed emotions from within him.

Shangguan Wan felt the oxygen in her lungs diminishing and she opened her mouth, wanting to breathe, but her lips were blocked roughly.

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