Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 674

Chapter 674 Parent Child Activity

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Shangguan Wan could not help but frown and opened her blurry eyes, looking at the man who was kissing her. She blinked, and pushed him away with a splitting headache. Ye Yanfeng, why are you here?

Ye Yanfeng was pushed away from her lips but his face was still very close to her, his hot breath spilling onto her face and seeing her eyes turning dark he asked, Waner, what did you call me just now?

Ye Yanfeng!

Hearing her unkind tone towards him, Ye Yanfeng suddenly laughed.

That kind of laughter came from the bottom of his heart.

Was there something wrong with this man?

She must be drunk and dreaming. If this was real, Ye Yanfeng would not have laughed like a child.

Why are you always hovering around me like a ghost? And even appearing in my dreams? Shangguan Wan clenched her hands into fists and hit him hard on the chest.

Ye Yanfeng smirked. The more you dont like it, the more Im going to appear.

Although she did not like him, at least she was not shouting another mans name.

If she said Ye Sihan, he did not know what he would have done.

He pressed down on her shoulders, a cold smile on his lips and pressed them against her lips again. He was a kissing expert, who knew how many women he had kissed. He was so experienced that it was difficult to resist.

Shangguan Wans head was dizzy and heavy and she thought it was a dream. Although the man she hated most was kissing her in her dream, she did not feel that annoyed or disgusted.

Unlike his previous forceful kisses, this time he was surprisingly gentle.

He was sucking her lips and tongue, sucking at her sweetness and fragrance.

His kisses moved down from her lips, along to her exquisite and sexy collarbones then to her slender round shoulders. Shangguan Wans body turned weak and slightly hot under his strong hold and heated kisses.

The effect of the alcohol made her dizzy, but her body was the most honest.

His kisses landed on her flat stomach and stopped there for a few seconds.

And then they continued downwards.

Shangguan Wan woke up in a fit of weightlessness.

Opening her eyes, she looked at the unfamiliar ceiling and then turned towards the window.

The sky was already turning bright.

She sat up in bed with her temples throbbing.

The blanket slid from her body and she looked down hurriedly.

She was wearing a clean sleep robe, her chest was clean and there were no marks left behind after sex.

She got up from bed.

After a few steps, there were no discomfort between her legs.

Just that her waist was somewhat aching.

There was no one else in the room except her.

She went to the bathroom with some doubts swimming around in her mind.

Standing under the shower, her whole body flushed slightly red when she thought of that shameful dream.

Did she really meet Ye Yanfeng yesterday?

They seemed to be chased by the mafia and then he brought her to the hotel?

He was the kind of person who would rape her when she was awake, but he let her off last night?

Shangguan Wan lifted her legs and did not feel any pain.

Did he think it through and give up on her?

No matter what, this was a good thing for her.

Inside the Princes palace.

The butler looked at Lin En, the leader of the guards, who insisted on going into the Fifth Princes room and he said respectfully, Captain Lin, our Young Master has a temper when he wakes up in the morning. If you barge in now, you will anger him.

Butler, Ive received news that His Highness may have went out secretly last night. If you continue to stop me, Ill have to report to the Queen and put out an order to investigate this matter.

The butler had no choice but to open the door.

Lin En went into Ye Yanfengs room and frowned when he saw that Ye Yanfeng was not in bed. It seems like the one who almost caused a car accident on the highway last night really was His Highness.

Cap Lin, who are you talking about? The bathroom door was suddenly opened and Ye Yanfeng, wearing a bathrobe with his hair wet, came out.

Lin En frowned when he saw Ye Yanfeng suddenly appearing. Your Highness is here?

Of course, or else where can I be? The Queen asked me to repent at home, I couldnt possibly leave without permission.

Lin En looked at the handsome and devilish man who looked like he came out of a comic, and he saluted him apologetically. Ive wronged Your Highness.

Ye Yanfeng took a towel and wiped his hair which was still dripping wet and asked, Did something happen?

Last night someone caused a disturbance in a bar in the city and triggered a conflict. Both parties were involved in a chase on the highway and almost caused a car accident. Last night, I happened to be at the police station and watched the surveillance video with the police. The man and woman on the motorcycle looked a little like Your Highness and the Young Lady of the Shangguan family Its a misunderstanding, I ask Your Highness not to take offence. The Young Lady of the Shangguan family has just separated from the Fourth Prince and she has applied to the Queen to be stationed at Yukou border, so it is impossible for her to be involved with Your Highness.

Ye Yanfeng did not pay much attention to Lin Ens words but when he heard Lin Ens last sentence, the hands wiping his hair stopped.

What did you say? Shangguan Wan wants to be stationed at Yukou border?

Lin En looked at Ye Yanfeng, whose handsome face had turned dark, and the doubts he had dispelled resurfaced.

If there was nothing between them, why did His Highnesss expression change?

Yes, the Queen has agreed and from what I know, if there is no major event in the Capital, Miss Shangguan will not return.

The towel in Ye Yanfengs hands dropped to the ground.

His handsome face seemed to have turned dark like a storm was approaching, and a cold smile appeared on his lips. Good, very good.

When the butler saw Ye Yanfengs unusual expression, he reminded him softly, Young Master, please rest, Ill bring Captain Lin out first.

Scram, all of you!

After the butler took Lin En out, Ye Yanfeng punched the wall with a dark and cold expression.

A crack appeared on the hard wall by his punch. It was enough to see how much strength he had used as his knuckles became bloody.

But compared to the pain in his hand, his heart seemed like it was torn apart.

That woman was so cruel.

Going to Yukou border and not returning to the Capital.

But who could stop her since she had the Queens assent?

The weekend.

Nan Zhi woke up early in the morning.

She took out the parent child outfit she had bought at the mall yesterday.

After putting it on for Xiaojie, she kissed his forehead. Mommy will be there on time at nine oclock.

Xiaojie smiled brightly and nodded. Pretty Zhizhi, will you be coming with Daddy? Remember to let him wear the parent-child outfit!


The Royal Academy.

When it was nearly nine oclock, most of the childrens parents had arrived.

Only Xiaojie stood alone at the door of the classroom.

Xiaojie lowered his head and looked at the parent child outfit he was wearing, and his dark eyes turned bright again.

Pretty Zhizhi must have had trouble getting Daddy to wear the parent and child outfit

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