Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 675

Chapter 675 Untitled

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Ever since Xiaojie transferred to the Royal Academy, he had taken the limelight from a child called Xi Ziwen in the class.

It was not that Xiaojie was high profile, but he was taller than the other children, sensible and good-looking, and all the girls who had originally liked Xi Ziwen, all ran to like Xiaojie.

Xiaojie was slightly aloof and did not like those girls.

One of the girls called Mengmeng, was Xi Ziwens favorite girl.

A few days ago was Mengmengs birthday and she wanted to invite Xiaojie over to her house to eat her birthday cake, but Xiaojie refused. Because of this, Mengmeng cried for a long time.

Xi Ziwen hated that Xiaojie had made Mengmeng cried and in school, he hated him more and more.

Seeing that Xiaojies parents had not come yet, Xi Ziwen went up to him and laughed. Ye Jie, our Daddies and Mommies are all here, your Daddy and Mommy arent coming, are they?

Xiaojie furrowed his eyebrows and ignored Xi Ziwen, who he did not get along with.

Xi Ziwen moved his handsome face in front of Xiaojie. I heard that your Daddy divorced. Is he going to find a stepmother for you again?

Xiaojies expression turned stern. Xi Ziwen, dont talk nonsense.

Your Daddy is a prince. I heard from my Daddy and Mommy that he needs to get permission from the Queen if he wants to get married. Your Daddy wont marry your Mommy, he will find a stepmother for you! Haha, a stepmother will give birth to a younger brother and then Ye Jie, you will be an abandoned and pitiful creature no one wants!

Xiaojies little hands clenched into fists and his pretty and handsome face turned cold.

Xi Ziwen stuck out his tongue at Xiaojie. Ye Jie, are you very angry? If you are then hit me! My Daddy and Mommy are in the classroom, if you hit me, they will help me but you dont have any help. Arent you a pitiful creature?

Xi Ziwen, I promised my Mommy not to fight in school. If you want to PK with me, lets do it at the playground after school.

Xi Ziwen huffed. I dont want to PK with a pitiful creature who doesnt have the love of his Daddy and Mommy.

The pitiful one is you. You are the one who doesnt dare to PK with me!

His Pretty Zhizhi loved him more than anyone else and Daddy was also good to him too. It was just that he was busy recently. He knew Daddy would not find a stepmother and have a baby brother.

If he were to have a baby brother, it would also be with his Pretty Zhizhi.

Xiaojie lowered his head and looked at the parent-child outfit he was wearing. He believed that Pretty Zhizhi and Daddy would definitely come.

Xi Ziwen thought that with Xiaojies temper, he would beat him up, then he would let his Daddy, Mommy and teacher teach him a lesson.

He did not expect Xiaojie to resist it and even want to have a fight with him alone. He knew that Xiaojie was making rapid progression in taekwondo class. If he fought with him one on one, he would definitely lose.

Forget it, I wont argue with a pitiful creature. Im going to find my Daddy and Mommy!

Xiaojie turned and glanced at the classroom. Most of the childrens parents had arrived and even if some childrens fathers were not there, their mothers were present.

He was the only one whose Daddy and Mommy did not come.

The parent and child activity would be held in the park. The teacher came over and asked with a kind smile, Xiaojie, didnt your parents come?

Xiaojie nodded. They promised they would come, they will definitely come.

Ill give your mommy a call later. Lets line up and go on the bus, okay?

Xiaojie nodded his head in silence.

The teacher asked the children to line up and Xiaojie and Xi Ziwen were the tallest among the boys, so they stood at the back.

Ye Jie, why are you even here? I think you dont have to line up and get on the bus since your Daddy and Mommy did not come. Why dont you just read a book in the classroom? Dont you usually like to read?

Xiaojie looked at Xi Ziwen coldly. After school ends in the afternoon, Ill be waiting for you in the playground.

Xi Ziwens eyes flashed. Who wants to fight with a pitiful creature whose doesnt even have parents that want him. Then, Xi Ziwen shouted, Teacher, Ye Jie wants to fight me after school!

When Xi Ziwens parents, who were walking in front, heard this, they came over in a hurry. Who wants to fight our Wenwen?

Xi Ziwen pointed at Xiaojie. Him!

Xi Ziwens mother expression changed and she pointed at Xiaojie. No wonder our Wenwen says that there was someone bullying him in school. So it was you? Were here now and you still dare to say this? If we were not here, we dont know how you would bully our Wenwen!

Xi Ziwens father pulled his wife back, saying in a low voice, We cant afford to offend them with their status, just give him a warning.

Xi Ziwens mother glanced at the classroom and saw that Xiaojies parents were not here. It was clear that he was a child who was not loved.

Since he was not loved, what was there to be afraid of?

He was just an illegitimate son.

Apologize to our Wenwen, or Ill not let the matter rest!

The teacher came to mediate between them when Xi Ziwen started to cry suddenly, Daddy, Mommy, not only did Ye Jie bully me, he also bullied Mengmeng.

Oh my goodness, he even bullied a girl. Xi Ziwens mother was furious. The finger she was pointing at Xiaojie was almost poking into his forehead. Im telling you to apologize, do you hear me?

Xiaojies face was tensed and he pursed his lips, not saying anything. Suddenly, he pushed Xi Ziwens mother and ran to the door.

Xi Ziwens mother almost fell and her body trembled in anger. Look at this rude child! He even dares to push an adult, no wonder his parents dont love him.

Who said his parents dont love him?

Suddenly, a deep and cold voice sounded from the classroom door. Xiaojie, who had run to the door, did not notice and accidentally bumped into the man.

He looked up and saw a familiar face.

His glass-liked eyes suddenly lit up, and tears filled his beautiful and clear eyes.

He did not cry because of Xi Ziwens family bullying, but when he saw his Daddy arrive, he felt slightly choked up.

Xiaojie knew that Daddy was busy with work and could not always be with him, but he was really happy that Daddy could come to the parent and child activity with him.

And not only that, Daddy was wearing the parent and child outfit Pretty Zhizhi bought!

Xi Ziwens parents were shocked when they saw Mu Sihan suddenly appear. Especially Xi Ziwens mother, her eyes fixed on the man who was wearing an English-style round neck sweater and a pair of casual pants.

This was her first time seeing Xiaojies father in school.

He looked taller in person than on TV, his face more well-defined and his facial features were deep-set as if it was carved. He had an inherent aura, which belonged to the strong air of a person with high status.

He bent down and lifted Xiaojie from the ground with one arm.

Looking at him striding into the classroom with his long legs, all the parents and children became silent.

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