Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Xiaojies Mommy Is Like A Fairy

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Mu Sihans deep and dark eyes swept through the crowd and finally landed on Xi Ziwens parents. There was no change to his expression and his eyes only swept through the people, but there was a chilly feeling to it.

Xi Ziwens mothers legs trembled and realized that the aura of the Fourth Prince in person was really overpowering.

It was the kind of aura and dignity that only those in high positions could possess.

Xi Ziwens father pushed his wife and said with an indignant face, Clean up the mess you created.

Xi Ziwens mother thought Xiaojie was an illegitimate son who was not loved. She did not expect that the Fourth Prince would come in person and even wear the same parent and child outfit as Xiaojie.

Although the Xi family was also a rich and powerful family in the Capital, compared to the royal family, their status was incomparable.

As the saying goes, it is better to offend the rich than the powerful.

Whats more, the Fourth Prince was rich and powerful.

Those who can suit his actions to the appropriate time are only considered wise. Xi Ziwens mother put on a bold face and bowed to Mu Sihan. Your Highness, I said the wrong thing, I will never do that again. Please forgive me this time!

Mu Sihans handsome face was tensed, he did not look at Xi Ziwens mother, his dark eyes were on Xiaojie. Brat, what do you say?

Xiaojie was not a narrow-minded person. Although Xi Ziwens mother was harsh with her words, she was wrong. He was loved by his Daddy and Mommy and he was not a rude child.

The teacher, classmates and their parents are still waiting. Lets not waste time because of this small matter.

He was so young, but so sensible. Like that, Xiaojie won the praise of many parents!

When going to the playground to take the bus, Xiaojie held Mu Sihans hand and said softly, Daddy, wheres Pretty Zhizhi? Why didnt she come with you?

Mu Sihan lifted his eyebrows slightly, his eyes dark. Shes not here yet?

Xiaojie shook his head. I thought she would be coming with you. Xiaojies big, black eyes looked at the parent and child outfit on Mu Sihan. Didnt Pretty Zhizhi pass the outfit to Daddy?

Mu Sihan pursed his sexy, scarlet lips and said coldly, She asked the Qiao familys butler to send it to me. Follow the teacher to the bus, Daddy will give her a call.

Mu Sihan took out his phone from his pocket and called Nan Zhi.

The call went through but nobody answered it.

Mu Sihan frowned and his eyes turned dark.

This woman, reminded him repeatedly that no matter what he had to be punctual for his sons parent and child activity. But not only did she not come, she was not picking up her phone.

Mu Sihan called Yi Fan to ask him to contact the Qiao familys butler and see where she went and if something had happened to her.

Getting onto the bus, Mu Sihan found where Xiaojie was sitting.

Several girls were standing beside Xiaojie. Ye Jie, your Daddy is so handsome! He is even more handsome than Xi Ziwens Daddy!

Of course, because Ye Jie is more handsome than Xi Ziwen. Ye Jies Daddy looks like him, so he is naturally handsome! Another girl piped up adoringly.

When several parents around heard their conversation, they could not help laughing.

Xiaojie could not help lifting his lips slightly. Its my Mommy who looks like me. No, I mean I look like my Mommy a little more.

Wow, then your Mommy must be as beautiful as a fairy!

Hearing someone praising Pretty Zhizhi, Xiaojie beamed, showing a smile like the children his own age, his eyes bright. Of course, if my Mommy is not beautiful, how can she make my Daddy like her?

When Mu Sihan heard this, his mouth twitched.

Brat, how could he say that of his old man?

Mu Sihan clenched his hand into a fist, put it near his lips and coughed.

Several girls greeted Mu Sihan as Uncle Handsome when they saw him and then returned to the arms of their parents.

After Mu Sihan had sat down, Xiaojie looked at the door of the bus. Seeing that Nan Zhi was not here yet, his black eyes seemed slightly disappointed. Daddy, will Pretty Zhizhi not come?

Mu Sihan touched Xiaojies head. No, she will definitely come since she promised you.

The bus drove out of the school and Nan Zhi did not get on.

When the bus was approaching the park, Mu Sihan received Yi Fans call. The Qiao familys butler told him that Nan Zhi had left for school very early.

Mu Sihan had a bad feeling in his heart.

If she had come to the school early, why hadnt she arrived?

Did something happen to her?

The bus stopped at the entrance of the park and Mu Sihan went to make a call after letting Xiaojie know.

Xiaojie stood in line with the other children to get into the activity area.

Xi Ziwen saw Xiaojie standing alone and went over, making a funny face. Even if your Daddy came, your Mommy didnt. Without your Mommy, you cant even participate in the activity later.

Xiaojie ignored Xi Ziwen. He believed that his Pretty Zhizhi would definitely come.

Xiaojie turned around, not looking at Xi Ziwen.

When Xi Ziwens parents saw this, they pulled him to their side and warned him softly, Dont provoke Ye Jie any more. We cant afford to offend him with his status.

Xi Ziwen said angrily, Didnt you say that Ye Jie was an illegitimate child at home? You also said that theres nothing to be afraid of!

Xi Ziwens father covered his mouth. Stop saying nonsense. If Ye Jies mother comes today, he wont be an illegitimate child any more.

What if his mother doesnt come?

If she doesnt come

Before Xi Ziwens father could finish speaking, he suddenly saw a slender figure running over from the entrance of the park.

The woman had her hair in a bun, showing her whole face. Her forehead was full, her skin fair, facial features beautiful and delicate. She was wearing the same English-style round neck sweater Mu Sihan and Xiaojie was wearing and a pair of black tights underneath. From a distance, her legs were slender and long, her body proportions were so good that even simple clothing would look fashionable on her.

What are you looking at so fixedly? Xi Ziwens mother glared unhappily at her husband, and followed his gaze. She frowned when she saw the beautiful figure coming over.

Was that Ye Jies mother?

Why did she still look so young? She was like a university student coming out of campus.

The other time she had read her news on Weibo. Although she was pretty, to think that this woman was even more charming in person.

That figure and appearance did not look like someone who had a child at all!

Darling, Im sorry. Mommys late

When Xiaojie saw Nan Zhi, he leapt into her arms excitedly. Pretty Zhizhi, I knew you would come!

Of course! Its our darlings first parent and child activity, Mommy will definitely come.

Daddy has been here a long time already! Hes over there.

Nan Zhi followed the direction of Xiaojies finger and saw the tall figure with his back towards them standing under a big tree.

A trace of complexity flashed past her almond-shaped eyes

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