Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Coldness

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Perhaps feeling Nan Zhis gaze, Mu Sihan, who was calling Yi Fan to ask him to check if Nan Zhi had an accident, turned around. They were several meters apart and their gazes were intertwined together.

Mu Sihan seldom wore clothes in colors other than black and white. Today, he was wearing the English-styled round neck sweater which was red and checkered. However on him, it did not look strange and he even looked younger, like a big boy.

He took his phone and put it into his pants pocket, then walked towards Nan Zhi and Xiaojie.

Almost all the parents and children were looking towards them.

The man was tall and handsome, the child cute and lovely and the woman young and beautiful. Standing together, they looked like a beautiful painting, easily attracting everyones attention.

Mu Sihan came up to Nan Zhi in a few big steps and looked at her with dark eyes.

Seeing her seemingly well, his gaze landed on her face. He was about to ask her why she did not answer her phone when he saw that her eyes were slightly red and swollen like she had cried and he frowned. Whats wrong?

Nan Zhi met Mu Sihans dark eyes for a few seconds, and said brusquely with an unreadable expression on her beautiful face, Nothing.

Mu Sihan frowned even more.

He could feel that she had something on her mind.

But she was unwilling to tell him.

Xiaojie tugged at Mu Sihan and Nan Zhis hands. Daddy, Pretty Zhizhi, the teacher wants us to gather.

Nan Zhi smiled at Xiaojie. Okay.

When Mu Sihan looked at her, she turned away, as if she was not willing to look at him even a second longer.

This woman!

What the hell was going on?

The main purpose of the parent and child activity organized by the academy was to allow parents know more about their children while they were busy with their work, and to improve the relationship between parents and their children.

The first game is a three-legged race.The parents from every family will tie their adjacent legs together with rope and run from the starting line to the finishing line. The family who reaches the finish line first wins. And the children will cheer for their parents by the side!

After saying the rules of the game, the teacher gave out a red rope to each family.

Six families were in one group. Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi were in the same group as Xi Ziwens parents.

My Daddy and Mommy have been married for many years. They have good chemistry and will definitely beat your Daddy and Mommy! Xi Ziwen declared.

Xiaojie ignored Xi Ziwen and clenched his hands into fists, doing a cheering gesture to Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi.

Mu Sihan stood beside Nan Zhi, glancing at the woman who had her eyes lowered and seemed to be thinking about something. He bent down to tie their ankles together.

Dont rush when were walking, listen to my instructions

Nan Zhi hummed coldly.

Mu Sihan looked at her slightly serious and cold expression and he frowned. What the hell is wrong with you?

Nan Zhi looked up at the sky, her expression mild. Nothing. Lets finish the activity!

Mu Sihans sexy lips pursed unhappily.

Perhaps he had gotten used to her being affectionate, he was upset when she suddenly turned cold.

His handsome face was tensed and was exuding unhappiness from head to toe. But the woman beside him ignored it.

At that moment, the teacher gave the signal and the game started.

Nan Zhi wanted to perform well and not embarrass Xiaojie, but the man beside her was like trying to make trouble, deliberately not keeping up with the rhythm when they were halfway through, causing her to lose her balance and the two of them fell to the ground.

They rolled several times on the ground.

Mu Sihan was below and Nan Zhi on top.

Their bodies were pressed against each other tightly. It was slightly awkward and intimate.

Nan Zhs eyelashes fluttered and she wanted to get off the mans body but she had forgotten that their ankles were still tied together and before she could stand properly, she fell into the mans arms again.

Ye Jie, your Daddy and Mommy are so loving, are they going to kiss? The other parents had already reached the finishing line, only Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi were lying on the grass and hugging each other intimately.

When Xiaojie saw this, he covered his eyes.

It was so embarrassing that he could not bear to watch!

Mu Sihan looked at the woman who had fallen into his arms and he huffed. Its broad daylight and youre so anxious to hug me?

He lifted her chin and his handsome face approached her. If it was before, she would have flushed red but this time, she had no reaction.

She got up from his body and untied the red rope on their ankles.

Can you be more serious later? If you hadnt held us back, we wouldnt have fallen.

Looking at her serious expression, Mu Sihan narrowed his deep dark eyes slightly. Playing hard to get?

Nan Zhi thought of the call she received in the morning and her heart felt like it was stung and the pain spread through her body.

She closed her eyes and replied, Im not.

Mu Sihan did not say anything.

They put a lot of effort in the next game for the sake of Xiaojie.

But, other than necessary exchanges, they ignored each other completely.

Mu Sihan was angry at her cold attitude.

This morning was very important to him but at the risk of annoying the Queen, he persuaded the Queen to push the designating of the Crown Prince to tomorrow, but she treated him this way.

The next few games, because they went all out and had some chemistry, they became the winner in the end.

Xiaojie stood on the stage and received a big red flower and a cute robot.

Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi looked at the little one smiling so brightly and the corners of their lips lifted up too.

Mu Sihans tall body leaned against Nan Zhi and when he touched the back of her smooth and delicate hand, he could not help but taking her hand into his.

Nan Zhi struggled but could not break free so she let him hold her. She did not look at him, her eyes were on their son. You havent been with Xiaojie for a long time. I may be a little busy the next few days, can you stay with him?

What are you busy with? His calloused fingers rubbed on the back of her hand. Didnt the broadcasting station let you take a few days off?

Nan Zhi drew her hand back and looked at him with a complicated look. Mu Sihan, if Old Mr Bai cant help you become the way you used to be, will you do something bad to him?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips, his eyes darkening. I told you before, if he can develop the antidote, he will be fine.

Nan Zhis eyes turned slightly red.

The activity is over. I have something on so Ill leave first. Without waiting for Mu Sihan to say anything, Nan Zhi went forward to let Xiaojie and the teacher know before walking away.

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