Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 678

Chapter 678 She Went Into A Hotel With Another Man

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On the way back to the Royal Academy, Xiaojie looked at the silent Mu Sihan and asked, Daddy, did you have a fight with Pretty Zhizhi?

Mu Sihans long and slender fingers were drumming rhythmically on his knees, his handsome face looked somewhat dark. No, how was her mood this morning?

Xiaojie wrinkled his forehead as he tried to recall, his eyes bright. She was fine in the morning, she even kissed me! But when she left just now, she didnt kiss me.

Mu Sihan pinched Xiaojies delicate face. How many times do you want her to kiss you in a day to be satisfied? I didnt even get any kisses.

Xiaojie bared his teeth cheekily. Who asked Daddy to always make Pretty Zhizhi upset? Recently, youre busy with work and even ignored me, let alone Pretty Zhizhi.

Mu Sihan held Xiaojies soft and small hands, pulling him into his embrace and said in a low voice, Daddys busy because I want to give you a home.

Xiaojie nodded, though he did not fully understand what his Daddy meant.

Soon after leaving the Royal Academy, Mu Sihan returned to the office.

After finishing his work on hand, he met an important foreign guest in the afternoon.

It was nearly five oclock after their conversation and Mu Sihan asked his secretary to book a room in the hotel.

He called Yi Fan and asked him to take Xiaojie back to Crown Palace.

After the call, he saw Nan Zhis number in his call log and his finger hovered over her name.

But thinking of her coldness that morning, his finger went to the home button instead of calling her.

In the hotel.

Mu Sihan took two officials and an interpreter to receive the foreign guest.

With his status, he was giving enough face to the other party by being willing to come for dinner in person, and with his handsome face, deep and sharp gaze, strong aura, he was not someone who would be presumptuous at the table.

So after he had given a toast to everyone at the table, no one dared to ask him to drink, and could only keep drinking with the two officials.

The two officials were slightly drunk and the atmosphere was good.

The interpreter helped to translate for the officials of the two countries and from time to time, her gaze would land on Mu Sihan who was seated at the head of the table.

She could tell at one glance that His Highness was not in a good mood tonight.

Although he usually did not smile, and had an air that kept people away, he would still show a little gentleness when receiving guests. Tonight, however, he had no trace of a smile on his face.

He seemed preoccupied with something.

The interpreter beckoned to the waiter and said, Pour a glass of warm water for His Highness.

When the foreign guest heard the interpreters words, he smiled and said in his native language, Interpreter Ye is so considerate. I heard that His Highness has divorced and is now single. Interpreter Ye should seize this opportunity.

The language of the foreign guest was not a universal international language and was difficult to understand. The foreign guest thought Mu Sihan did not understand, since most of the time, it was Ye Mi who was doing the interpreting..

But he did not expect that a deep and cold voice sounded as he had just finished speaking, using the language of their country to reply, Interpreter Ye has no chance as I have a girlfriend.

The foreign guest and Ye Mi both were stunned.

The foreign guest reacted first and said in an embarrassed tone, Your Highness, Im sorry. Its just a casual remark, please dont take it to heart.

Mu Sihan stood up and nodded slightly. Excuse me, Ill be taking a call outside.

Mu Sihan went out of the room and leaned against the wall lazily, taking out his phone and played with it on his slender fingers.

Ye Mi came out and saw the side profile of the handsome and cold man. She lowered her head and said with some embarrassment, Your Highness, I actually dont mean anything by it, please dont take it to heart.

Mu Sihans hand that was not playing with the phone was in his pants pocket, and he said indifferently, I dont care if you mean anything or not, but Mu Sihan looked sideways at Ye Mi, who was in a professional outfit and had a good figure. You dont have to translate for me in the future. Find a male replacement.

Ye Mis expression changed. Your Highness, is there anything I did not do well or Before she finished her words, she seemed to have thought of something and she frowned. Is it because of that Miss Nan?

No. Seemingly unwilling to say anything more to Ye Mi, Mu Sihan straightened his body and went outside with his phone in hand.

Ye Mi looked at the mans cold back and she ran after him, a hint of unwillingness in her voice. Your Highness, I am conscientious and careful, and have not done anything wrong. I will not transfer my post. Even if you have a noble status, theres no reason for you to transfer me away for no specific reason, unless I have made a mistake!

Mu Sihan ignored Ye Mi and strode away.

Just as he was approaching the hotel lobby, he suddenly stopped.

When Ye Mi saw this, a light flashed past her arrogant eyes. She hurried up and said when she was two steps away from him, Your Highness, I really have no feelings for you. I just want to do my job well. If you transfer me away, my colleagues in the Foreign Ministry will laugh at me

Before Ye Mi could finish her words, she suddenly found that Mu Sihan was not listening to her but was looking at the hotel lobby with a dark look.

Ye Mi aso looked over and she saw the Miss Nan she had mentioned earlier, wearing a white shirt and walking beside a thin man in a fishermans cap.

Their pace was quite fast. Nan Zhis head was turned to the side slightly and was talking to the man beside her.

The man was wearing a cap and the brim of the cap covered most of his face, except for his delicate chin and good-looking lips.

Although his face could not be seen clearly, the only features exposed out were enough to see that the man was good-looking and his aura was by no means comparable to that of ordinary people.

They did not notice they were being observed and walked quickly to the elevator.

Ye Mi saw that the man in front of her had his hands clenched tightly into fists.

Your Highness, the guests are still waiting, lets return to the room. Ye Mi looked at the mans cold and menacing expression and cautiously reminded him.

Mu Sihan did not seem to hear Ye Mis words and after Nan Zhi and the man went into the elevator, he strode towards the elevator.

The elevator went up to the tenth floor and stopped.

Mu Sihan took the other elevator and went up to the tenth floor. Just then, a service staff passed by and Mu Sihan asked with a dark expression, Which room did the young woman and the man in the fishermans cap enter just now?

Im sorry sir. According to the hotels regulations, we cant disclose any information about our guests.

Mu Sihan did not make it difficult for the service staff. He went back down to the lobby to find the manager and the manager naturally knew who he was, not daring to show any neglect. Your Highness wants to look at the surveillance video?

Mu Sihan hummed in agreement with a dark expression.

In the monitoring room, Mu Sihan asked the manager to show the video of the corridor on the tenth floor a few minutes ago.

That damned woman and the man in the fishermans cap had gone into the same room.

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