Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 679

Chapter 679 She Didnt Leave All Night

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Mu Sihan paused the surveillance video and stared at the image of Nan Zhi and the man entering the room together.

The mans figure, chin and lips were not unfamiliar to him.

Gu Sheng.

F**k! Gu Sheng had come from the village to the Capital? He was too bold, wasnt he afraid that the SSS group would find him and make him vanish forever?

Not only that, Gu Sheng snatched his woman away as soon as he came out!

Damn it! Damn it!

The hotel manager saw that Mu Sihans expression was so dark like a layer of frost was covering it, he shrunk back in fear and asked hesitantly, Your Highness, are you all right?

Mu Sihan closed his eyes and spat out coldly, Im fine.

The hotel manager looked at his tensed face and was shocked. His Highness did not seem like he was alright at all!

Mu Sihan came out of the monitoring room and went to the room Nan Zhi and Gu Sheng had entered on the tenth floor.

He lifted his hand, wanting to pound on the door, but then his hand fell by his side again.

He had never imagined a fearless person like him would have a moment of cowardice. He was afraid that after beating down the door, he would see something he could not accept.

He reached into his pants pocket and took out his phone.

He called her phone.

The phone rang for a long time and just when he thought no one was going to answer, the womans slightly hoarse voice picked up. Hello?

Mu Sihan looked at the tightly closed door, his gaze cold. Where are you?

Im at the Qiao castle, the woman replied without hesitation.

Mu Sihan could feel the blood in his body turning cold and becoming like ice.

There was no warmth in his eyes, like ice in the cold months of a treacherous winter.

In the background, he could hear the low murmur of a mans voice. It was too muffled so he could not hear the words clearly.

You have a man beside you?

She was silent for a few seconds before she replied, Its my uncle.

Mu Sihan did not say anything and hung up the phone.

There was no more hesitation and he turned around with no expression and left.

Ye Mi had seen what had happened from where she was standing in the corner. After Mu Sihan took the elevator down, she took the other elevator and followed after him.

Mu Sihan returned to the room and this time he was no longer silent and drank with the foreign guests.

As Ye Mi sat by the side, she continued to look at Mu Sihan, frowning when she saw him down the alcohol. Glass after glass, he seemed to have no intention of stopping.

She really did not understand, with the Fourth Princes status and looks, he could have any woman he wanted. Why did he like a promiscuous woman?

So what if that woman was good looking? It wasnt like there was anything else outstanding about her!

Was it worth His Highness doing this for her?

It was nearly ten oclock in the evening when the dinner ended.

Ye Mi did not know how much Mu Sihan had drunk, but when a person was in a bad mood, it was easier to get drunk. As he staggered out, it was was Ye Mi who supported him.

He pushed Ye Mi several times, but was unable to push her away. The face in front of him seemed to morph into Nan Zhi one moment, then Yi Fan the next.

Ye Mi helped him into the car and then went back to the hotel to get a glass of sober-up tea.

He was leaning against the seat, his eyes slightly closed and his face tensed. Ye Mi did not know if he was asleep or not and said cautiously, Your Highness, heres some sober-up tea. Youll feel better tomorrow.

The man ignored her.

It was silent in the car.

Refusing to be deterred, Ye Mi held out the cup in front of Mu Sihan again. Your Highness Before she could finish, the man suddenly lifted his hand and knocked over the cup in her hand, spitting out a callous word, Scram.

Ye Mi had always been arrogant and had never suffered such grievances. She lowered her eyes and said with a slightly choked voice, Your Highness, I have no feelings for you. I hope that as a leader, you will be able to be scrupulous in separating public from private matters, and not transfer your emotions towards me. After speaking her mind, she got out of the car.

Mu Sihan lowered the car window and leaned his tall body against the seat.

Tilting his head, he looked at the tenth floor of the hotel and his eyes darkened.

After a while, the chauffeur glanced behind through the rearview mirror. Your Highness, do you want to leave now?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips. Wait.

This wait extended until the middle of the night.

There were fewer and fewer people entering and leaving the hotel.

But the woman did not come out.

Mu Sihan lit a cigar and puffed away with his eyes narrowed, his handsome face in the smoke seemed even colder than usual. Start the car.

In the hotel, Room 1022.

Nan Zhi sat by the bed, frowning in concern at the pale and unconscious Linger lying on the bed.

Gu Sheng came over and patted Nan Zhis shoulder. She may not wake up tonight, go and rest on the sofa first.

Nan Zhi buried her face in her hands and shook her head. Im not tired.

Nearly an hour later, the thick and long eyelashes of the girl on the bed fluttered slightly.

When Nan Zhi saw this, a trace of relief appeared on her face. Linger, youre awake?

Linger frowned and opened her eyes, wanting to get out of the bed, but there was a pain in her chest.

Dont move around. The bullet in your right chest was only just taken out and the wound will take time to heal. Bai Ye said that you need to take care and have a good rest.

Linger looked at Nan Zhi with her eyes red and her face as pale as a sheet. She gritted her teeth and shook Nan Zhis hand away, turning her face to the side.

Tears flowed out from the corner of her eyes and landed on her temples.

Seeing Linger like this, Nan Zhi bit her lip, tears filling her almond-shaped eyes. Linger, I heard from Brother Gu Sheng that Old Mr Bai passed away. I think there is something suspicious in this matter. It might not be what you thi

Before Nan Zhi could finish her words, Linger interrupted her coldly with tears rolling down her cheeks. The innocent girl from before seemed to have matured overnight and there was sadness and anger in her eyes. Not what I think it is? Then, what is it, Sister Nan? He sent two people to the village and forced my Master to hand over the antidote to restore his desires. If my Master was not able to develop this antidote, he would ask people to

The tears in Lingers eyes landed on her lips and she tasted the bitterness, not able to finish her sentence. Master was the most important person in her life. He had always been there for her, taking care of her all this time. She had always depended on him. With Master by her side, she was willing to stay in the village and never leave.


But no one had expected that his kindness in saving a person had cost him his life in the end.

Lingers lips trembled. Master Master, you said that you would let me stay by your side forever. Why did you leave me?

Nan Zhi looked at the sobbing Linger and her heart felt like it was gripped tightly by an invisible hand.

Gu Sheng heard Lingers crying and hurried in from the living room.

Linger! Gu Sheng stood by the bed, bending over to wipe the tears off Lingers face. Masters death was a fatal blow to Linger. Her despair had left her lifeless to the point she wasnt even able to walk. Have you forgotten what Master said when he left? Remember that he told you to live well. Being so agitated, do you want to throw your life away?

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