Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Believe Him

While Nan Zhi was participating in Xiaojies sports day in the morning, she had asked Qiao Yanze to send a helicopter to the village.

Bai Ye followed and brought Gu Sheng and Linger over. On the helicopter, Bai Ye had operated on Linger and taken out the bullet.

That morning when Nan Zhi had received Gu Shengs call in the morning and learned that something had happened to Old Mr Bai, she did not expect the situation would become so serious.

Efforts to revive Old Mr Bai were futile. Even if it was Bai Ye, he was unable to bring him back from the gates of Hell.

When the shooting happened, Gu Sheng was collecting herbs on the mountain and did not know what had happened.

Nan Zhi checked them into the hotel and waited for Linger to wake up.

Mu Sihan called her and she lied that she was in the Qiaos castle, because she did not know how to face him before the matter was clear.

But in her heart, she had never doubted him. She knew that he wasnt an ungrateful man who would kill the person who had saved his life!

She knew that there were threats and coercion in his personality, but he would never never be so cruel as to kill Old Mr Bai.

Hearing Linger accuse of Mu Sihan, Nan Zhis heart pulled together tightly.

Since Linger was so agitated, if she defended Mu Sihan, it would only make Linger feel that she and Mu Sihan were on the same side.

Things had to be made clear first.

Under Gu Shengs comforting words, Linger gradually calmed down.

She allowed Gu Sheng to help her sit up and even though her wound hurt, she still gritted her teeth and looked at Nan Zhi with tear-filled eyes, saying with her voice slightly hoarse, Sister Nan, I know you dont believe that it was Mr Mu, but I remember the person who shot me and Master very clearly. I can draw it for you.

Lingers long and wet eyelashes fluttered. Brother Ah Sheng, help me get a piece of paper and pen.

Gu Sheng frowned. You need to rest.

I dont want to rest. Once I closed my eyes, all I see is Masters face full of blood

Gu Sheng understood Lingers pain. He sighed and gave her a piece of paper and pen.

Lingers face was pale and she clenched her teeth, drawing the portraits of the two men who had threatened Master.

Linger handed her finished portrait to Gu Sheng, having him pass it to Nan Zhi. Sister Nan, the person on the right was the one who killed my Master with the gun. If I, Bai Linger, am lying, I am willing to be struck by lightn

Nan Zhi got up quickly, covering Lingers mouth, her eyes wet. Linger, I believe you. I believe you didnt lie, but please believe me. I will investigate all of this properly for you.

Taking the portrait, Nan Zhi went out of the bedroom and into the living room. She took a picture of the portrait and sent it to Qiao Yanze.

Uncle, help me find out if these two people are working for the Fourth Prince!

After sending the message, Nan Zhi went back into the room. Linger had already laid down.

The tears in her eyes were still rolling down from the corner of her eyes, soaking one corner of the pillow. She was looking at the ceiling with blank eyes, murmuring with a hoarse voice, Bastards Those two men in order to force my Master to develop the antidote, they drugged the food of the village head and his family, then used their lives to threaten Master.

Master is not someone to be threatened. He took me to the village heads house, wanting to use his own abilities to detoxify the village heads family but those two scoundrels took the opportunity to lock me and Master inside the village heads house.

Sister Nan, before removing the parasite from Mr Mu, Master had already told you the aftereffects of the procedure. Why did he still come and force my Master? My Master was not able to create the antidote and one of the men took out a gun and killed Master. If Brother Gu Sheng had not arrived in time, I would have been killed too

Are the lives of us ordinary people so worthless in his eyes?

Nan Zhi held Lingers cold and trembling hand and her heart was extremely upset. She believed that Mu Sihan would definitely not use such cruel methods to have Old Mr Bai and Linger killed.

After all, if he killed them, the antidote would never be developed.

But if it really wasnt Mu Sihan who had sent those people, why did they do it?

Nan Zhis mind became a mess of chaotic thoughts that spiraled out of control.

Linger was badly injured and desolate over everything that had happened. After mumbling to herself for a while, she fell asleep.

Gu Sheng came over and patted Nan Zhis shoulder. Ill look after her, you can go and rest in the living room.

Nan Zhi rose with her eyes red and she looked at Gu Sheng. Lets talk in the living room!

After sitting down in the living room, Gu Sheng poured a glass of warm water for Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi took a sip and said with her eyes lowered, Brother Gu Sheng, I dont believe that Mu Sihan sent people to kill Old Mr Bai.

Gu Sheng clasped his hands together and placed it on his forehead, saying tiredly, I understand that you believe him, but everything is pointing towards him now. We need proof.

Nan Zhi licked her lips, wanting to say something when the notification of her WeChat rang.

It was Qiao Yanze.

The other time you were in jail, I was in contact with Ye Sihan and Ive seen those two men before. They are his close confidants.

Qiao Yanzes message made Nan Zhis body stiffen.

All the blood in her body seemed to flow backwards.

Gu Sheng, who was beside her, also saw Qiao Yanzes message.

His handsome face turned dark. His close confidants, hmm.

Nan Zhis fingers shook and she only came back to her senses after a while.

Although it had been proven that it was Mu Sihans close confidants who had killed Old Mr Bai, she still felt that something was wrong.

No, Im going to ask him myself. Nan Zhi stood up from the sofa.

If she did not hear it directly from him, she would never believe that he could be such a cold and bloodthirsty man who would kill his benefactor.

Gu Sheng pulled Nan Zhi back towards him. Going over there so recklessly, what if he harms you?

Nan Zhi shook off Gu Shengs hand and stepped back, her eyes red. If he harms me, I can only say that Ive misjudged him. But if it wasnt him, there must be some kind of misunderstanding. I dont want you and Linger to put the blame on him.

Gu Sheng pursed his lips and his tall body followed Nan Zhi to the door. Ill go with you.

Although he did not understand Mu Sihan and did not like him, his thoughts were the same as Nan Zhi on this matter.

He felt that Mu Sihan was not such a vicious person. As for why his close confidants had killed Old Master Bai, it needed to be investigated properly!

Nan Zhi shook her head. Brother Gu Sheng, I know you have good intentions, but if you go with me, it will only make him uncomfortable. You know that he is like a child and narrow-minded with relationships.

Hearing Nan Zhis words, an unspeakable sadness surged out from Gu Shengs heart.

He did not force her any more.

Ask your uncle to go with you.




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