Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Meeting

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Nan Zhi did not call Qiao Yanze to ask him to see Mu Sihan with her.

If Mu Sihan really wanted to harm her, there would have been a lot of opportunities for him to do so.

She really could not link him with Old Mr Bais death.

Although he was cold-hearted and would get revenge on those who had hurt him, he would ever harm someone who had saved him!

It didnt make any sense at all!

She thought back on many things while driving to Crown Palace.

Those who did not know him might misunderstand him, but she would never

When Old Madam Mu had died, everyone pointed at her but he had never doubted her.

When she was thrown into jail by Qiao Yanrong, he had also tried to save her.

When she was in trouble, he would believe and help her at all costs.

Now that he was in trouble, how could she believe that he was a wicked man without even speaking with him? Without giving him a chance to defend himself?

Although all the evidence pointed to him as the culprit, she would believe him as long as he said he didnt do it.

She would trust him.

It was just that when she thought of how Old Mr Bai, who was such a lovely and cute man, was killed and left Linger all alone the world, she felt a pain in her heart.

At the gate of Crown Palace. If it was before, when the guards saw her, they would let her in.

But today, they stopped her.

Sorry, Miss Nan. You cant go in.

Nan Zhi frowned. Im here to see Xiaojie.

Im sorry, Miss Nan, were just doing what were told.

Nan Zhis hands that were holding the steering wheel tightened. After a moment, she got out of the car and went to the guard post, looking at the guard. Is it the order of His Highness?

The guards kept silent.

Nan Zhi pursed her pale lips unconsciously.

She did not understand why Mu Sihan suddenly ordered the guards not to let her enter.

Could it be that he was guilty and did not want to see her?

No, it shouldnt be like that!

Ill call him.

Taking out her phone, Nan Zhi called Mu Sihan.

Although he could have already fallen asleep at this time, she had to ask about Old Mr Bai.

The call got through but no one answered.

After hanging up automatically, Nan Zhi called a second time but still there was no answer.

Miss Nan, His Highness is not in a very good mood today. If youre looking for him, you should come back tomorrow! One of the guards saw her trying to call and added helpfully.

Nan Zhi pursed her lips. Can you go in and report to him? I have something urgent to see him about!

The guard knew that Nan Zhi was Young Master Xiaojies mother and was someone who would become the female owner of Crown Palace, so he did not dare to offend her. Understood, Ill go in and help you.

Thank you.

In Crown Palace.

Mu Sihan was not asleep. He was standing in front of the window of the bedroom on the second floor, a cigar in his hand and puffing out smoke.

The contours of his face were hidden under the dim lighting.

The thin black phone on the bedside table kept vibrating nonstop.

But he did not look back.

After the vibration faded, Yi Fan knocked on the door and came in.

Young Master, the guard came to report just now that Miss Nan is at the gate.

Mu Sihans dark eyes narrowed slightly, his tall body was like s statue, unmoving and he had no reaction. It was as if he had not heard Yi Fans words.

If it was not for the smoke of the cigar between his fingers, Yi Fan would have suspected that he had fallen asleep standing up.

Young Master, Miss Nan is here. Are you really not going to see her? Yi Fan went behind Mu Sihan and glanced out the window. It looks like its going to rain.

Mu Sihan took a breath of the cigar and exhaled slowly, his eyes so dark that no light could enter. Do you think she would betray me?

When Yi Fan heard Mu Sihans words, he was slightly surprised before shaking his head. I dont think she would.

Mu Sihan smirked, his expression dark. What if she and her first love went into the same room and did not come out, even by the time it was late in the middle of the night?

Yi Fan thought to himself.

Did Miss Nan and another man went into the same room? Not only that, they did not come out by the time it became late in the middle of the night?

But, his Young Master was so outstanding, did Miss Nan really liked someone else?

Young Master, I think you might have seen wrongly. Miss Nan is not that kind of person.

Mu Sihan hummed coldly.

Maybe she was not like that before, but now that he had no desire for her, she could not get satisfied, who knew if she would

Mu Sihan did not finish that thought. Even Yi Fan thought that she would not do that, why did he doubt her?

But damn it, that didnt change the fact that she had lied to him. He cared more than he wanted to admit that she had lied to him.

She was with Gu Sheng but said that she was in the Qiaos castle with Qiao Yanze.

Why did she lie?

Even if there was nothing between Gu Sheng and her, he was unhappy that she did not tell him the truth.

After meeting with Gu Sheng, she came to find him. If he didnt want to see her, that meant he didnt want to see her!

Yi Fan looked at Mu Sihans tensed face. He knew not to say anything and left silently.

Boom, boom.

The deafening thunder sounded and heavy rain fell not long after.

Mu Sihan flicked the ashes and looked at the raindrops hitting the window, his jaw clenched tightly, making him seem cold and sharp.

It was raining so heavily. That woman should have went back!

At the entrance gate.

The guard looked at Nan Zhi, who refused to get into the car or go into the guardhouse to seek shelter for the rain and couldnt help but go back inside to look for Butler Yi again.

Yi Fan was about to go to bed and frowned when he saw the guard looking for him. Surely Miss Nan isnt still outside?

Miss Nan is standing in the rain and is now soaked.

Yi Fan was shocked. Ill let Young Master know. Let Miss Nan take shelter in the guardhouse.

After the guard left, Yi Fan went to the master bedroom on the second floor.

After knocking, Yi Fan pushed open the door. Looking at the tall figure who was still standing by the window, Yi Fan reported hurriedly, Young Master, Miss Nan has not left yet. The guard came to report that she is standing in the rain and insisted on seeing you.

Mu Sihan frowned and his expression turned fierce. Throwing the cigarette butt that was almost burned to the end into the ashtray, he strode downstairs immediately in his navy blue robe.

Seeing him, Yi Fan knew that he was going out and quickly took an umbrella. But when he chased after him, he could no longer see Young Masters figure.

Nan Zhi stood in the rain for a while and saw a tall figure hurrying towards the gate.

Like her, the man was soaked from top to bottom.

When he was a few steps away from her, he suddenly stopped. The dim lighting and heavy rain made her unable to see his face clearly, she could only feel his cold and dark eyes glaring at her and then he shouted angrily, Are you here to beg for forgiveness because you know its wrong to go alone into the same room as Gu Sheng? If you cheated, dont ever think that Ill forgive you! Although I cant satisfy you now, youre my woman and even dared to cheat on me. I think youre tired of living!

Nan Zhi was speechless.

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