Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Light Kiss

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Originally, Nan Zhi had wanted to ask about Old Mr Bai seriously to Mu Sihan, but she did not expect him to question her accusingly first.

Not only that, what nonsense was he questioning her about?

She cheated on him?

Got into a room with Brother Gu Sheng?

Nan Zhis wet eyelashes fluttered.

She suddenly thought of how he had called her in the evening.

He had asked her where she was and she had said she was at the Qiaos castle.

She vaguely remembered him asking whether there was a man beside her, and how she had replied to him

W-Was he at that hotel too in the evening?

Nan Zhi raised her hand and wiped the water droplets on her face as her thoughts ran in circles in her mind.

If he was at the hotel and saw her getting into the room with Brother Gu Sheng, and was also the murderer who killed Old Mr Bai, he would not have let Brother Gu Sheng off that easily.

He would not be questioning her that angrily.

Nan Zhis pursed lips could not help lifting up.

Great, it wasnt him! It really wasnt him!

After Mu Sihan shouted at Nan Zhi, he realized that not only was she not explaining herself, she was smiling in a silly way.

He was furious.

Spinning around, he stormed back inside, not wanting to say anything more to her.

When the guard, who did not dare to come out and was hiding in the guardhouse, saw this, he could not help reminding Nan Zhi softly, Miss Nan, why are you still standing there in a daze? Chase after him!

Nan Zhi binked and patted her face with her hands to remind herself to calm down.

She nodded at the guard. Thank you.

Mu Sihan was tall and his legs were long. Every step he took was fast.

Nan Zhi almost had to jog to catch up to him.

But, he quickened his pace every time she almost caught up to him. There was still one arms distance between them.

As they approached the gate, Nan Zhi panted and stopped, not catching up with him.

Mu Sihan had already entered the porch and Nan Zhi shouted hoarsely, Youre right, I did book a room with Brother Gu Sheng.

The man who was about to enter the living room, stopped. His furious eyes turned dark instantly and exuded a dangerous coldness.

He took a few strides and stood in front of Nan Zhi again, his face tensed and dark. You even dare to admit it?

Nan Zhi looked at him with her eyes red and then jumped into his arms without saying anything, her arms wrapping around his neck.

It was apparent that Mu Sihan did not expect her to do this. His entire body stiffened, like he had been struck by lightning.

Before he could react, he saw her raising her head as she said pitifully, Then smell me. See if I have the scent of another man on me.

Hearing her words, Mu Sihan laughed bitterly.

He reached out his hand, wanting to pull away the hands around his neck but the woman interlaced her fingers together and clung onto him.

The vein on Mu Sihans forehead throbbed and his handsome face was cold. Remove your hands.


Mu Sihan ground his teeth together in frustration. You took a bath under the rain, how would the scent of another man still be on you?

Nan Zhi looked at him and was suddenly silent.

Looking at her reddening eyes, and slightly moving nose, Mu Sihan frowned. What, youre the one feeling miserable now?

Tears flowed out of Nan Zhis eyes. Although there were raindrops rolling down her face, he could tell which was the rain and which was her tears.

The sharp and fierce contours of his face loosened slightly but he still looked cold. Why in the world are you crying?

Nan Zhis lips trembled. You really dont know?

She seemed to be putting her weight on the hands wrapped around his neck, making him lower his head, his hand holding onto her body. I only know that you and your Brother Gu Sheng were in that room for most of the night. What do you think I can think of, with a man and woman alone in a room?

Nan Zhis fan-like eyelashes blinked and she stared at his deep dark eyes, not wanting to miss any emotions in his eyes. So, you didnt want to see me at night because you saw me and Brother Gu Sheng going into a room?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, refusing to admit it.

Nan Zhi looked at his arrogant and awkward expression and bit her lip, her voice softening under the sound of the rain. Mu Sihan, do you know why I was so cold to you today?

Mu Sihan frowned, obviously not wanting to guess blindly and stared fixedly at her with his dark eyes.

Nan Zhi released the hold on his neck and closed her red eyes, saying hoarsely, Do you remember how I asked you what you would do if Old Mr Bai could not develop the antidote? Whether you would hurt him?

Mu Sihans sexy scarlet lips pursed into a straight line in an instant.

If he had not taken to heart and thought much about it when she had asked him in the morning, he was giving it a lot of thought now.

Especially since Gu Sheng had come to the Capital.

Mu Sihan looked at the slender woman in the heavy rain, her body shivering from the cold and he turned around, walking into the palace without saying anything.

Nan Zhi had no choice but to follow.

When she went in, he was on the phone.

After a while, Yi Fan came over. Young Master, whats wrong?

Contact Ah Li.

The signal in the village is not good and its already so late. They

Contact them.

After instructing Yi Fan, he turned and looked at the drenched Nan Zhi, his eyes dark. Take a bath upstairs and change your clothes.

Nan Zhi looked at his dark eyes, an inexplicable beating in her heart.

She moved towards him.

About half a meter away, the man suddenly stretched out his long arm, pulling her into his embrace.

Their bodies were wet and it was not comfortable pressing against each other, but their hearts seemed closer to each other in that moment.

He pinched her chin, lowered his head and his thin cold lips landed on hers.

He did not enter her mouth, only giving her a light peck on the lips.

He patted her head and said in a deep and husky voice, Go and take a bath.

Nan Zhi went upstairs.

She found a set of clothes she had left previously in Xiaojies room. Then she took a bath in the bathroom in Xiaojies room.

The warm water fell from the top of her head and Nan Zhis expression was slightly dazed thinking about what had happened today.

If it was not on Mu Sihans orders, then who?

Ye Yanfeng?

Since he did not make Mu Sihan fall from grace with the scandal, what cruel methods were he using now?

But Old Mr Bai was innocent. What could he achieve by doing this?

Of course, it was only her speculation. Her mind was a mess and had no idea where the truth lay.

After her bath, she changed into a set of clean clothes and came out. Glancing at Xiaojie who was fast asleep, she went out silently, not wanting to wake him up.

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