Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 683

Chapter 683 Insecurities

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Nan Zhi went downstairs.

Mu Sihan was no longer in the living room.

Thinking that they were both caught in the rain, Nan Zhi went to the kitchen to find something to warm her up.

Walking to the entrance of the kitchen, Nan Zhi was shocked to see a tall figure standing inside.

Mu Sihan had already taken a bath and changed into loungewear.

Under the soft orange light, he had his head lowered, cutting ginger shreds. His sleeves were rolled up, showing his firm and strong arms.

Nan Zhi looked at his carve-liked handsome features and she swallowed a breath and held down the urge to cry.

Although his status was high, she knew how difficult his situation was.

Even if he did not kill a person, someone had died because of him. He must be feeling terrible.

Her eyes filled with wet tears.

She could not control her thoughts and went over, standing behind him.

Her hands could not help but wrap around his lean waist.

Feeling her close to him, the mans body stiffened slightly.

He did not speak and continued the movements on his hands.

He then soaked the shredded ginger into water.

Okay, drink some ginger soup first. He patted her hands that were around his waist and turned around to hand her the cup.

Nan Zhi took the cup and the hot steam blurred her eyes.

She drank a few mouthfuls and then passed the cup to him. You drink some too.

Mu Sihan had a hand in his pants pocket and raised his eyebrows slightly. I have a strong constitution, I dont need it.

He gestured towards the living room. Lets talk.

Nan Zhi nodded.

They sat on the sofa in the living room. Nan Zhi held the cup of ginger tea in her hands and tightened her hold slightly. Old Mr Bai was shot and Miss Linger was also shot in the chest.

Mu Sihan frowned and a trace of coldness appeared in his dark eyes. What is their condition?

Nan Zhis voice trembled slightly. Old Mr Bai is gone. Miss Lingers condition is stable.

Mu Sihan looked up at a vacant direction, his eyes dark. Linger and Gu Sheng said that it was my men who fired the gun?

Nan Zhi hummed softly and seeming to have thought of something. She put down the cup in her hands. Hold on.

She ran upstairs and switched on her phone that was now dry from the rain.

Fortunately, the quality of the phone was good. Even after getting wet from the rain, it was still working.

She ran back down and handed her phone to Mu Sihan. Look at these two portraits. Linger said that the man on the right was the one who killed Old Mr Bai with the gun.

Mu Sihan looked at the portrait of the two people and confirmed that it was his close confidants.

But he pursed his lips and looked at Nan Zhi, his voice cold. I didnt give such an order. Putting down the phone, his slender fingers pressed against his eyes. Im not crazy to that extent.

Nan Zhi looked at him. I know.

If he was the kind of person who repaid kindness with ingratitude, she would never be with him again.

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes, his voice cold and firm. These two are my close confidants and wont betray me.

Nan Zhi heard the conviction in Mu Sihans voice and was slightly surprised. She frowned and said, But Linger saw them. Or did someone disguise as them?

Mu Sihan leaned his body against the back of the sofa. Lets wait until Yi Fan gets in touch with them.

Nan Zhi nodded.

The heavy rain outside had already turned lighter.

The glass window looked even brighter and cleaner after being washed by the rain.

The two people in the living room were silent for a moment.

Mu Sihan looked sideways at the woman who was an arms length away from him, his gaze dark. Come over.

Nan Zhi did not move.

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows. Why?

Nan Zhi glared at him, her face tensed and seemed a little serious and cold. See, such a big thing happened. Linger saw your confidant killing someone and I still choose to trust you.

Realizing what she was about to say, Mu Sihans handsome face froze and he coughed, turning his head and not looking at her.

It was obvious the woman refused to give him any face and accused him relentlessly, Even if you saw me and Brother Gu Sheng entering into the same room, you cannot suspect that me and himRead more chapter on vipnovel.com

The man interrupted her coldly before she could finish. I can believe you in other areas, but I feel upset whenever I think of Gu Sheng. Especially because you lied to me for him and told me you were with Qiao Yanze.

Nan Zhi bit her lip. How was I to know that you were at the hotel.

The mans handsome face darkened. He reached out his arm and grabbed the womans wrist, pulling her to his side.

The fresh scent after his bath filled her nose. It was familiar and smelled good, making her heart beat wildly

He held the back of her head, not letting her avoid his gaze.

Im a narrow-minded person when it comes to relationships. I dont like seeing you close with other men, especially Gu Sheng. If I could, I would strangle him to death so you would never see him again.

Seeing the mans domineering and aggressive gaze, Nan Zhi pouted. Why didnt you kick the door open then?

There was no way Mu Sihan would admit that he was afraid to see something he would not be able to accept.

He would also not tell her that it was not only women who would feel insecure, men sometimes would too.

Since he was young, he lived in a family where his parents did not love him. He had experienced the fickleness of human nature at a very young age.

He believed that she would not betray him rationally, but deep inside, his heart could not help but worry and fear.

So, from now on, you can only have me as the only man beside you. If you go to a hotel with Gu Sheng again, Ill never let the both of you off!

Nan Zhi looked at the mans dark expression. She should be the one who was angry, why was he the one getting angry?

She lowered her eyes and explained in a soft voice, Linger was in the room too.

Perhaps she was too tired or there was a comforting air beside her, Nan Zhi fell asleep on the mans shoulder.

Until a noise disrupted the peaceful silence.

Nan Zhi opened her eyes, meeting with the mans dark and slightly bloodshot eyes. Is Butler Yi back?

Mu Sihan hummed in agreement. Ah Lis back too.

Is he the one who Linger said pulled the trigger?

Mu Sihan nodded withwit his jaw clenched.

Nan Zhi lifted her head from Mu Sihans shoulder and looked towards the door.

Yi Fan strode in with Ah Li.

Young Master, Ah Li is back. Theres no news about Ah Cheng yet.

Mu Sihan stood up from the sofa, looking sharply at Ah Li with his dark eyes. You shot Old Mr Bai?

Ah Li suddenly bent his knees and knelt down on the ground. Master, I did it on your order. You said that if Old Mr Bai couldnt develop the antidote, I was to take his life!

Nan Zhis eyes widened when she heard this.

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