Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 684

Chapter 684 Ruin

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Ah Li, who was kneeling on the ground, saw Mu Sihans cold expression and he lowered his head, trembling in fear. Master, I did everything you asked me to do. Although I didnt get the antidote, I killed the old man as you ordered!

Nan Zhi looked at Ah Li, then at Mu Sihan.

There was a sudden dizziness in her head and she felt the world spin before her eyes.

Perhaps it was because she did not have a good rest, or it was because things were getting more complicated.

Hadnt Mu Sihan told her himself that his close confidants would not betray him? But if Ah Li really did not betray him, then was Old Mr Bais death really related to Mu Sihan?

No, it couldnt be!

Nan Zhi hugged her slim body with her hands. For a moment, she felt like she had fallen into an abyss. She did not know what the truth was anymore.

But there was a voice in her heart that kept reminding her.

Believe in Mu Sihan!

Believe that he would not give such an order!

Believe him!

Mu Sihans usually cold eyes seemed to light up with blue flames. He stared at Ah Li as if he wanted to burn him, his face tensed, showing his anger and aggravation.

What nonsense are you talking about? When did Young Master give the order to kill Old Mr Bai? Yi Fan slapped the back of Ah Lis head.

Ah Li lifted his head and looked at Yi Fan with red eyes. Butler Yi, Im Masters close confidant. When he gives me orders to kill, he will contact us personally and not ask you to convey it.

Yi Fans expression changed. Impossible. You betrayed Young Master. Tell me, whose orders did you receive?

Ah Li looked at Mu Sihan with his face pale. Mu Sihan had his dark eyes narrowed slightly, his gaze cold and sharp.

Ah Li trembled with fear. Master, since you dont dare to admit that you gave such an order in front of Miss Nan, I will use my death to prove it!

Mu Sihans eyebrows moved and he spat out coldly, Yi Fan, pry open his mouth.

But it was too late. Ah Li bit the potassium cyanide capsule hidden in his teeth and a few seconds later, he fell onto the ground, dead.

Looking at the unexpected scene, Nan Zhis blood turned cold.

Her eyes were wide and the blood drained from her face. Did he kill himself by taking poison?

Mu Sihans eyes were cold and his expression dark. He pursed his lips and said coldly, Yi Fan, take him away.

Looking at the person who was still alive a few moments ago, suddenly stop breathing, Nan Zhis slender body swayed, before her eyes turned dark and she fainted.

Mu Sihan quickly caught her before she hit the ground.

The doctor came soon after.

Nan Zhi had fainted because she did not have a good rest and had suffered a shock. Mu Sihan was relieved after the doctor had not found any other problems on her.

He called Yi Fan to his study and planning to instruct him to investigate the truth of Ah Li killing Old Mr Bai, when his phone suddenly vibrated.

Mu Sihan rejected the call when he saw that it was from Ye Fengjun.

But very soon, Ye Fengjun called again.

Mu Sihan frowned and answered.

As soon as the call was connected, Ye Fengjuns shout could be heard. What the hell are you doing? Moving the designating of Crown Prince ceremony to today, then today something happens to you. Do you really want to give up on the throne of the Crown Prince already?

Mu Sihans handsome face darkened. What?

Didnt you see the news? It has been exposed that you sent your confidant to kill a man! Ye Fengjun was burning with anger. What the hell are you doing, making trouble day and night. The Queen just ordered that the designating of the Crown Prince will be postponed!

After Mu Sihan hung up the call with Ye Fengjun, he opened his iPad and clicked on todays headlines.

Accusing content filled the headlines.

The Fourth Prince suffered from a serious illness and was saved by a skilled master. After he was cured, he repaid kindness with ingratitude and sent his close confidant to brutally kill that skilled master!

There was also a recording.

The contents of the recording were what Ah Li had said only that morning.

Other than the recording, there was another video of the testimonies of the villagers from the village.

The village head and his family were interviewed. We didnt expect that he would be the Fourth Prince of Country S. When he came to our village to look for Old Mr Bai to treat him, he was well-dressed and courteous. Nobody expected that he was fiend in human skin. Old Mr Bai saved him, but that monster killed Old Mr Bai.

No one is above the law! We cant treat it like nothing happened just because he is a prince! Even if he is going to shoot all of us in the village today, I will seek justice for Old Mr Bai!

Yi Fan had also seen the video and he was in disbelief.

Young Master, this is a conspiracy! Someone wants to stop you from being the Crown Prince.

This was a homicide and compared to the scandal previously, it was much more serious.

Yi Fans face was tensed and furious. Could it be the Fifth Prince?

The political fight in court was unpredictable and had always been cruel and intense. In order to be in power, competitors would use all kinds of despicable methods.

If you won, you would rise to impossible heights, but if you were to lose, your reputation would be ruined to the point it might even cost you your life.

Those were the rules of this game.

Mu Sihans tall body leaned against the leather chair and his dark eyes narrowed. It shouldnt be Ye Yanfeng this time.

Recently, the news of Shangguan Wan going to Yukou border had hit Ye Yanfeng very hard. Even if Ye Fengshu was being ambitious behind Ye Yanfeng, the two of them did not know that he was poisoned by the parasite, let alone find out that he had gone to the village to look for Old Mr Bai for a cure.

There were only a few people who knew about it.

Nan Zhi was awoken by her phones ringtone.

She opened her eyes and it took her awhile before her thoughts slowly came back.

Finding her phone, she pressed the answer button.

Little Flower, are you okay? Hearing Gu Shengs clear voice, Nan Zhi closed her eyes and opened them again. Im fine. Hows Linger?

She woke up once, but she is still in low spirits, Gu Sheng was silent for a few seconds before continuing, Are you still at Mu Sihans? Did you see the news?

Nan Zhi frowned. What news?

After she hung up, Nan Zhi clicked open a news website.

She was stunned when she saw the headlines.

Ah Li had only just killed himself and the recording of his conversation with Mu Sihan was already leaked.

Noone should have been able to record their conversation in the palace this morning.

Could it be that there was a listening device on Ah Li?

For a royal prince, a matter involving death was fine to be settled in private and not made known to people. But now it had already spread to the internet and become known to the world. If it was not settled properly, it would make the people lose their trust, affecting their support for him. This was no doubt a devastating blow!

Nan Zhi was 100% sure that someone bribed Ah Li, asking him to kill Old Mr Bai and then push the blame on Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan had said before that his close confidants were people he trusted. So who had the ability to bribe Mu Sihans closest confidants?

Not only that, in order to make Mu Sihan lose the support of the people, the person had planned this series of schemes so meticulously that it was frightening.

But who could it be?

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