Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Stop Seeing Each Other

Nan Zhi clicked on the comments below the news.

Because she had been attacked by public opinions before, she knew the harm of cyber violence.

Many netizens liked to follow the trend and not pursue the truth. Once an article was published, they would attack the people in the news.

But Mu Sihan had brought back a military achievement and and his status was noble. The netizens dared not abuse him recklessly, but disappointment could be felt from between their words and when Nan Zhi saw it, she could not help feel upset.

I never thought that the Fourth Prince was the kind of person who would be so ungrateful and not even let his savior off. Hes too vicious!

Thats right, if he was to inherit the throne in the future, wont our country be doomed?

Im against this tyrant ascending the throne. I cant believe I used to regard him as my idol!

No wonder the Fourth Princess Consort wanted to divorce him. Hes too cold-blooded and ruthless!

But there were also more rational comments from netizens. We cant erase the merits and personality of the Fourth Prince based on one-sided remarks! Actually after he returned to the royal family, he made some contributions to the countrys economy and military reform.

The one defending the Fourth Prince on top, are you paid to be the internet water army? All the witnesses and evidence are there and he killed the person who saved him. Why are you arguing for him? Even if he contibuted to the country, it cant erase the fact that he ruthlessly killed his benefactor!

If he succeeds the throne in the future and has control of the countrys rights, would he not kill anyone he wanted to kill then?

I think the Fifth Prince is better than him. Lets support the Fifth Prince in the future!

Nan Zhi looked at those comments and felt even worse than if she was the one who had been wronged.

She bit her lip and registered an account. Just when she was about to comment, the door to the room opened.

Mu Sihan, who was wearing black shirt and pants, walked in with heavy steps.

Youre awake?

Hearing the mans deep and cold voice, Nan Zhis eyelashes fluttered.

She looked up and stared at his cold face, chewing on her lip again. I saw the news. Was Ah Li bribed by someone?

Mu Sihan sat by the bed and his slender fingers took her phone over. Seeing her registered account, a faint smile appeared on his lips. Youre worried about me?

Nan Zhi gave him a duh look. Have you found the person behind this?

Mu Sihan lifted his eyebrows and looked at Nan Zhi with a small smile. Do you trust me that much? Ah Li used his death to prove it. You dont think it was my order?

When Nan Zhi heard him saying this, she felt terrible.

Now on the internet, he was overwhelmingly misunderstood and disappointed by the people.

If she did not trust him, it would be a heavy blow to him.

Nan Zhis clear almond-shaped eyes looked at him, like a stream in the mountains, so clear that no impurities could be seen. To be honest, when I heard that something had happened to Old Mr Bai, I was worried. But when I thought about your behavior, temperament and manner since we have known each other, I believe that youre not that ruthless.

Mu Sihan said nothing and lowered his head, kissing Nan Zhis fair and beautiful face.

They were very close, her face was pressed against his firm and broad chest. He was only wearing a black shirt and the heat from his body made her heart jump.

He had probably smoked a lot of cigarettes today. When his breath landed on her face, there was the faint scent of tobacco.

His rough fingers rubbed on her delicate skin and he said with a deep voice, Theres nothing to be worried about. Ive experienced many hardships before this. Ill settle this matter.

In the study.

Yi Fan pushed open the door, looking at the one who was smoking and reported, Young Master, Ive found the media company who exposed this news. Its not the regular media and newspapers we have contact with, but a third-rate company. The boss behind it is someone from the neighboring country.

A layer of frost covered Mu Sihans handsome face. A person from the neighboring country? He then gave a cold laugh. Seems like its Lucy. She has not learnt her lesson and still dares to stir up trouble!Read more chapter on vi pnovel

Young Master, do you want to leak the pictures of Princess Lucy in bed?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips into a line and let out a cold laugh. Exposing the pictures will only damage her reputation. Since she dared to do such a thing, she must be prepared to face the consequences.

Young Master, then do you want the people to continue to misunderstand?

A trace of coldness appeared in Mu Sihans deep and dark eyes. Of course not

Before he could finish, the door to the study was pushed open.

Nan Zhi, who was originally resting in bed, came in. Apparently, she had heard Yi Fan and Mu Sihans conversation just now.

Nan Zhi came up to Mu Sihan and looked at him with her eyes bright. I have an idea.

Night fell and the lights were bright.

A luxurious sedan was parked in the hotels underground garage.

Nan Zhi pushed open the car door and got out of the car.

Mu Sihan also got out from the drivers seat, and caught up with Nan Zhi, who was walking at a fast pace.

I didnt give the order to kill Old Mr Bai. Everyone has misunderstood me and now even you dont believe me?

Nan Zhi shook Mu Sihans hand away, the expression on her beautiful face cold and furious. How can I believe you? Your confidant has already admitted it. Now its the talk of the town, and even the witnesses and evidence are all gathered. Im afraid you wont be able to retain your status as the Fourth Prince in the future, let alone being the Crown Prince!

Mu Sihan, you will soon become powerless and Im the granddaughter of the Qiao family. My uncle will soon succeed the Duke. He can find me a good man easily. Do you think I will be foolish enough to continue to follow you?

Hearing her words, Mu Sihans eyes darkened, his handsome face stiff. Do you mean what you say?

Nan Zhi laughed contemptuously, looking at Mu Sihan with disdain and indifference. At first, I believed you. Even if Linger saw Ah Li, I felt that it would not be on your order. But Ah Li came back and used his death to prove it. How can I still believe you?

You said that you didnt kill Old Mr Bai, wheres the evidence? Nan Zhis eyes were red. You still have the cheek to visit Linger? When she sees you, she will want to kill you!

Mu Sihan clasped Nan Zhi on her slender shoulders, his voice cold. Ill ask you again. Do you believe me? If not, we will stop seeing each other in the future.

Nan Zhi pushed the man away with all her strength and gave him a cold smile. Do you really think I care about being with you? Dont you know how many things have happened since we met? When you were a prince, I was still interested in you, but if youre not, youre nothing in my heart!

Not wanting to say anything more to him, Nan Zhi spun around on her heel and went into the elevator without looking back.

Even from the back, her slender figure was indifferent and firm.




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