Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Affection

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Yan Hua wanted to stand up from Bo Yans muscular and warm lap, however, he grabbed her waist tightly in the next second.

Bo Yan stared at the woman in his embrace. He would never tire of looking at her. With her skin exceptionally fair and smooth, it was comparable to a beautiful jade. Her eyes were moist and soulful, while her nose was tall and pretty. Her slightly pursed scarlet lips seemed brimming with nectar

His gaze slowly turned darker and hotter.

Almost instinctively, his large hand caressed her pretty face, his fingers caressing the corners of her soft lips.

Feeling that something was wrong, Yan Hua looked up into his eyes. His eyes were gleaming with heat, hot like lava as if he wanted to light her up.

Yan Hua hurriedly looked away, avoiding his eyes. Im asking you about something serious, why are you looking at me like this?

With that said, she stood up from his lap.

However, she was not able to take a step away from him when he hugged her once more.

His other hand pushed away the things on the table, before he carried her onto the table without caring about anything.

Looking into his dark and fiery gaze, Yan Huas heart tightened. Bo Yan, are you trying to fool around again?

Bo Yan felt extremely wronged. Ever since that time they had been intimate in the bathroom that time, she had already punished him for a few days.

She did not let him touch or kiss her.

They lived together everyday, but she was making him live the life of a monk.

Bo Yan leaned down against Yan Hua, his muscular and firm chest pressing tightly against hers. His handsome face was extremely close to hers. This man was one that she had loved, hated, blamed before, but with him being so close to her, she would still be nervous and panicked.

However, time was a good thing. She would definitely show her nervousness in the past, but now, she was able to maintain a poker face.

Although her heart thumped very quickly, her pretty face still had the same neutral expression. Ill count to three, if you still dont let go of me, then youre to leave immediately.

The man suddenly replied, Alright.

Yan Huas long lashes fluttered slightly.

She stared at him once more, his eyes were as dark as ink and completely unreadable.

Yan Hua had merely said that casually, having felt slightly bolder than usual and wanted to scare him a little.

She did not think that he would actually say yes.

She blinked, a tight sadness swarming in her heart.

By the time she regained her senses, she casually found a document file from the table, smashing it against his shoulder with all of her strength. Alright, then leave now!

He let go of her to pick up the document file on the floor before he threw it back to the table casually.

Yan Hua continued to lean against the table, her chest heaving up and down. It was clear that she was still angry, her eyes slightly red.

Bo Yan approached her once more, opening his legs to barricade hers. His well-defined fingers lifted up her chin. Werent you the one who asked me to leave? I agreed, so why do you look like youre about to cry?

He definitely did it on purpose!

Also, with which eye of his saw her crying? She was merely angered by him.

Man were indeed all led by their lower bodies. She merely stopped him from touching her for a few days, but he was already at his limit.

Scram, he needed to leave! The sooner the better!

Yan Hua opened her mouth, wanting to chase him away, though before she could say anything, he took the opportunity to poke his tongue into her mouth for a deep kiss.

One of his hands held onto her slender waist, while his other hand combed through her long hair to support the back of her head as he invaded her senses.

His strong and muscular chest pressed tightly against hers. She could feel the strong beat of his heart, her senses filled with his refreshing scent. In an instant, her mind was completely blank.

There was faint stubble around his lips prickling her skin. It was so itchy that it made her feel numb.

This time, he did not go overboard and merely kissed her.

Moving away from her scarlet and swollen lips, he stared intently at her blushing face, a softness rising within his chest.

He pulled her into his embrace, burying his handsome face into her slender neck.

Huahua, dont worry. If we really cant find a heart suitable for you by that day, I will give mine to you.

Yan Hua did not know what the man was thinking, only feeling his arm around her tightening so much as if he wanted to melt her into his body.

She wanted to ask about Mu Sihan and Zhizhis status, but this a**hole only took advantage of her and was not willing to say anything.

She could understand him as well. Although he was buddies with Mu Sihan, Mu Sihan was still his superior.

Things that Mu Sihan told him to keep a secret were to remain confidential, and he could not reveal anything, even to his most intimate lover.

The next day.

Nan Zhi went to the airport early in the morning and arrived at the village in the afternoon.

Arriving at the village this time, she could clearly feel that the atmosphere in the village was different from before.

Every house had their doors shut tight.

It was broad daylight, but there was noone on the streets at all. Nan Zhi did not stay too long in the village, heading into the mountains directly.

Staring at the house surrounded by bamboo and fresh flowers, Nan Zhi felt like a century had passed.

Although she had only spent a day or two with Mr Bai, his voice and smile were still clearly etched into her mind.

She was already so sad, she could only imagine how devastated Linger was feeling! Linger was such an innocent and cheerful girl, but she was crying everyday now!

Closing her reddening eyes, Nan Zhi walked into the yard with heavy steps.

As she reached the front of the two story wooden house, Nan Zhi was about to walk in when a mans low and cold voice sounded from behind her.

Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi turned around immediately.

Standing under the yards tree, the man was wearing a middle-length coat. He did not button the coat, showing his simple but exquisite round-neck sweater and revealing the white collars of the shirt underneath the sweater. The khaki green casual pants added to his semi-casual outfit, making him look even more handsome and outstanding than usual.

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows, her expression stiffening.

Why are you here? Nan Zhi turned around to walk towards the man. Her eyes were cold, with a hint of hatred. You had already caused Mr Bais death, how do you still dare to come here?

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows, his handsome expression darkening slightly. Its already been a few days, but you still dont believe me? Why do I have to admit to something that I didnt do?

Nan Zhis eyes immediately turned red. Then where is your proof? Your closest subordinate already admitted to doing it under your orders, why are you still pretending? Im sure that Mr Bai isnt willing to see you either. You dont deserve to be here. Go! Go away!

Mu Sihans eyes were cold. And if I want to go in?

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, they heard the voice of the village head. You still have to ask if we allow you to go in!

Mu Sihan turned around to look at the villagers standing outside of the yard. He tightened his jaw slightly in determination, a strong and cold aura exuding from him. Everyone, Im truly saddened by Mr Bais death. But I still have to say that I didnt kill Mr Bai.

His cold expression, dark and deep eyes, dignified and cold aura were enough to make people both respect and fear him.

However, his explanation was not enough to make the villagers believe him.

With the village head in lead, they started to throw rotten eggs at him.


Murderer! Get lost and dont come back!

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