Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Finding The Culprit

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A majority of the attacks were directed at Mu Sihan, but there were some that were off in their aim and hit Nan Zhi accidentally.

Nan Zhi did not move to avoid them, and ended up being hit several times as well.

However, compared to how terrible Mu Sihan looked, Nan Zhi was still considered lucky.

The mans expensive coat was completely revolting. His neat hair had two vegetable leaves stuck there as well.

To the villagers, Mr Bai was akin to a god. Everyone respected and revered him, so his sudden death left them enraged. Everyone wanted to chop the murderer into pieces so badly.

Mr Bai saved you out of kindness, its fine if you didnt repay his kindness in return, but you even got someone to shoot him and kill him! You murdering scum! Youre not human!


Go and rot in hell when you die!

If you dare, you can kill our entire village together!

The crowd got agitated once more.

After they were done throwing their eggs, the head of the village led the group and threw stones over at Mu Sihan as well.

One of the stones hit Mu Sihans forehead, and blood immediately trickled down his face.

Standing by the side, Nan Zhi did not look like her heart was aching when she saw Mu Sihan get injured. Instead, she was like the villagers, extremely angered.

The villagers vented for a very long time before they finally stopped.

Chase him out! This monster person doesnt deserve to pay his respects to Mr Bai!

After Mu Sihan was chased out by the villagers, the yard regained its silence.

Nan Zhi did not stay too long in the yard, turning around to enter the wooden hut immediately.

The person that had been watching the two of them secretly for Lucy hurriedly reported the situation to Lucy after seeing Mu Sihan chased out by the villagers.

Hearing that Nan Zhi did not do anything when Mu Sihan was injured, she finally started to believe that their relationship was really broken.

If they still had even an ounce of feelings for each other, it would be impossible for Nan Zhi to not feel a bit of heart ache when she watched her loved one attacked in such a way.

Lucy smirked, the adrenaline from achieving revenge flashing in her eyes.

Nan Zhi slept for the entire night in the wooden hut.

Although, the truth was that she could not fall asleep, the rowdy scene and the memories in the wooden hut continued to play in her mind relentlessly.

There was Mr Bais kindness and generosity, Lingers innocence and laughter, Brother Gu Shengs warmness and simplicity, Bai Yes passion and righteousness, Mu Sihans coldness and arrogance

It had only been such a short time, but everything was different now.

Everything had changed.

Nan Zhi walked into the room that Mr Bai used to stay in. Staring at the items that old man had used before, she sat there for the remainder of the night.

In the morning of the next day.

Nan Zhi made some food before she packed it up and started walking towards Mr Bais grave.

The grave was located in a more deserted place in the depths of the mountain.

The morning dew was still present on the leaves around her, and drops would fall onto her neck from time to time, making her shiver in the coldness.

It was oddly quiet around her, with only the soft rustling of her stepping on fallen leaves.

After ten minutes, she arrived in front of Mr Bais grave.

She looked around, before putting down the basket and taking out the items inside, arranging them neatly.

Kowtowing three times in front of the grave, she said softly in her mind,Mr Bai, please rest assured that we will definitely find the murderer who killed you. We will make sure that person receives the punishment they deserve!

Nan Zhi stayed at the grave for nearly half an hour, her knees aching from her kneeling, but she did not dare to let down her guard, focusing her attention on listening for any sounds around her.

As expected, she heard a soft snap not too long later.

It was the sound of a foot stepping on a fallen leaf.

Nan Zhi continued to remain bowed, not moving as she looked extremely sad, like she had suffered a strong blow.

She sniffled, sobbing sadly from time to time.

The soft sound of footsteps suddenly stopped. Nan Zhi could feel that the person had stopped a few steps behind her.

It was completely quiet around her, with the chirping of birds appearing above their heads.

Nan Zhis long lashes remained bowed down, goosebumps appearing on her arms unconsciously.

A few seconds later, a female voice rang behind her. It seems like Old Man Bais death really made you completely disappointed in Ye Sihan.

Nan Zhis expression darkened.

She did not have the chance to turn back when the person behind her suddenly rushed forward and grabbed her ponytail.

A ripping pain was felt from her scalp.

Nan Zhis eyes swelled with tears, she was in so much pain her tears almost fell.

After her hair was tugged tightly by the person behind her, she was forced to look up, and it was then that she finally saw the person behind her.

The woman was pretty and charming.

She was wearing black leather shirt and pants, her long hair untied as she wore a pair of sunglasses. There was a small gun hung on her waist, complemented by black ankle boots. She looked extremely professional and handsome.

Looking at her now, she did not look like a Princess, but a female assassin.

Without any effort, Lucy tugged onto Nan Zhis hair and pressed her onto the floor.


She raised her hand and slapped Nan Zhi ruthlessly.

A fiery pain overwhelmed Nan Zhis senses. She felt her teeth loosening slightly, a metallic taste stuck in her throat. Apart from the ringing in her ears, all she felt was the fiery pain on her cheek.

Nan Zhis lashes were covered in tears. She looked like an extremely frail, battered flower that had weathered and been destroyed by a storm.

Princess Lucy? Panic and uneasiness appeared on Nan Zhis face, as she shook her head with tear-filled eyes. Princess, you why are you here?

Seeing the fear and panic in Nan Zhis eyes, Lucy smirked coldly, pinching Nan Zhis exquisite chin easily as she laughed, gloating at Nan Zhis pathetic state. Why do you think?

Nan Zhis lashes fluttered terribly, as if she was completely terrified. I- I dont know. Princess, I dont know how I may have offended you for you to treat me like this.

Seeing how Nan Zhi looked so weak like she would let her do anything, Lucy was in a terribly good mood. Her eyes were void of any temperature, alarmingly cold. You didnt offend me, but your man did. No, if there wasnt for you, he might not have been so cruel to me.

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. Princess, you were the one who poisoned him with the parasitic poison and made him suffer from the pain of the poison. He was living even though he felt like dying. If we had to say that someone offended someone, it would be you offending him.

Lucys hold on Nan Zhis chin tightened. She had practiced martial arts before, her strength a lot stronger than a normal woman and Nan Zhi immediately hissed in pain, her tears falling uncontrollably.

I merely liked him too much. Since I was young, I had everything I wanted. I already said that I wanted to have a physical relationship with him, but he was still unwilling and even made me suffer so much. Tell me, as a Princess of a country, how can I let that go?

Nan Zhis pupils constricted. She glanced at Mr Bais grave, her face completely pale. So, the person who killed Mr Bai was you?

Lucy let go of Nan Zhi, kicking at Mr Bais grave as she smiled wickedly. Since youre about to die, theres no harm in telling you the truth. The person who dragged Ye Sihan into all of this is me! Ha, dont you think that its worth it if killing an old man can make him lose his position as the Crown Prince and end your relationship?

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