Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 690

Chapter 690 His Beloved Woman

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The skies above them were sunny and bright. However, in the depths of the woods, Lucy felt an eerie shiver crawl up her spine.

She glared at Nan Zhi with a twisted expression, the chills in her spine feeling as if millions of cats were scratching her.

The moment she was angered, the parasite within her would start to act up. She was fortunate to have a mystery person to help had helped her make a medicine to suppress it.

After a long time, she finally gritted her teeth, spitting out caustically, You want to bluff me? Ha, theres no signal in this place, how can you do a live-stream? Who are you live-streaming to and who would watch you anyway?

Lucys injured wrist kept bleeding, looking extremely alarming and garish. However, she did not care about the injury at all, merely using her red eyes to glare at Nan Zhi ruthlessly.

Nan Zhi smirked slightly, though her expression was completely cold. Why did you think I had a fight with His Highness for a few days? Firstly, it was to make you believe that I stopped contacting him, while secondly, its to give him some time to get some technicians to set up some connections here.

Lucy widened her eyes, the blood within her slowly turning cold.

She was like a person who was pushed to the edge of the world, feeling like she was about to go crazy. Everything was spinning out of her control. However, her rationality was still present. She shouted in anger once, running in front of the grave to look for the live-stream camera, scratching at the grave and looking all around it.

After a few minutes, she found the camera hidden behind some grass.

F*ck! This b*tch, she really was live-streaming everything.

Lucy glanced at the screen, distraught. There were actually millions of viewers.

All of the comments were either scolding or cursing her.

[F*ck, I didnt think that the neighboring countrys Princess would be this type of two-faced b*tch!]

[She even wanted to put the blame on our Fourth Prince, shes a total b*tch!]

[We almost wronged our Fourth Prince. I feel so guilty, we really cant simply believe what we hear anymore.]

[This is all because Princess Lucy is too despicable and shameless!]

[As a countrys Princess, shes too promiscuous to do something like this, just because she wants to be intimate with the Fourth Prince.]

[The most despicable thing is that she even poisoned the Fourth Prince with a parasitic poison! She even dared to use such despicable means, to think that I used to think that she was an outstanding and respectable woman, tsk!]

[Killing the Fourth Princes savior, then framing him shes the most vicious woman in history!]

Looking at the savage curses in the comments, Lucy opened her mouth to scream out loud.


She threw the camera on the floor, her leather boots stepping ruthlessly on the screen.

Her face was completely pale, the veins on her forehead twitched and throbbed as her eyes on Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi looked like she badly wanted to tear them into pieces!

Staring at the woman who looked every part the provoked beast, it was like she wanted to pounce on Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan. He hurriedly shielded Nan Zhi behind him. Stand behind me.

Hahaha, Ye Sihan, if you can, kill me with one shot!

She was the Princess of a neighboring country. Even if she had committed the worst crimes in the world, Mu Sihan would not dare to kill her directly.

Because she was so sure of this, a murderous intent flashed in Lucys eyes. As her hands clenched into tight fists, she charged towards Mu Sihan with a raging cry.


A bullet shot at Lucys right knee.

Before she could even get close to Mu Sihan, collapsed onto the ground in pain from getting shot.

If you dare, dont shoot my knee, shoot my heart directly! I dare you! Enduring the sharp pain, Lucy stood up with great difficulty.

Bang! The bullet pierced her left knee, tearing into her flesh.

She fell to the floor.

Opening her red eyes, she looked at the man who was standing slightly away. Seeing him so calm and aloof, dressed in a camouflage uniform with the smoke coming out of his gun, a metallic rush of bitterness swelled in her throat.

Mu Sihan kept his gun, taking a few steps forward as he stared at Lucy with a cold expression. I already contacted your President Uncle and your older brother. For a princess to do such a thing, Im sure they will give me a satisfactory explanation!

At the mention of her older brother and her President uncle, Lucys eyes constricted in fear.

She was not scared of anything, except her uncle and older brother!

However, they had always doted on her, letting her do whatever she wanted as long as it did not cross the line.

However, this incident had blown up in her face. Would that

Lucys eyes were completely filled with tears. Staring at Mu Sihans handsome face, she said with a trembling voice, Why are you so ruthless to me? At the thought of being defeated by him once more, she felt like her throat was being choked by an invisible hand, and she could not breath properly. Whats so good about that woman behind you? Ive investigated everything about her. Although shes the granddaughter of the Qiao family, but she was born as the result of her mother being raped. Half of her blood is still dirty

Before Lucy could finish speaking, Mu Sihan took a step forward suddenly.


His eyes were as cold as a devil, his voice as cold as ice. I have never slapped a woman before, but youve successfully topped my list of most hated women! Despicable.

He crouched down, his large hand pulling Lucys hair strongly, as if he wanted to return the pain she gave to Nan Zhi when she pulled her hair earlier. Lucys eyes met his cold ones, her pale lips trembling.

Its fine as long as shes not dirty in my eyes. Whereas for you, Princess Lucy, I cannot say the same. Even if your status is high and dignified by birth, youre dirtier than a beggar in my eyes!

Lucy felt like she was pinned alive

onto the cross of shame by him. His eyes on her made her feel like she was extremely dirty, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

Her organs twisted together unbearably, her chest heaving up and down. Suddenly, she spat out a mouthful of blood in her panic and anger.

Mu Sihan let go of Lucys hair, clapping his hands before Bo Yan brought a group of men over.

Bring her back to the Capital. Let her experience properly what a living hell is before her uncle and brother come!

Lucy was brought away by Bo Yans men. When she passed by Nan Zhi, Lucy asked with red eyes, I have a question. How were you so sure that I would come? If I didnt reveal myself, how would you do a live-stream?

Staring at how terrible Lucy looked, Nan Zhi said in a cold voice. Since you poisoned Mu Sihan with Together with You, I believe that you have liked him at some stage. Because when he was tortured by Together with You, you suffered as well.

You felt that he hurt your heart. You wanted revenge, and obviously wanted to see him fall from his grace. Not only did you want him to lose his reputation, you wanted him to lose his love even more! You were definitely ecstatic, seeing us fall out of love with each other. But that elatedness was not enough to satisfy your vengeful heart. You even wanted to ruin his beloved woman personally, to make him live with the yearning and pain from losing me!

You hate Mu Sihan, but you hate me as well, dont you? Because Im the only woman who managed to enter his heart! If I was dead, you might have still had a chance in the future! Princess Lucy, isnt that right?

Lucy laughed out loud with red eyes.

She loved and hated him at the same time!

It was the truth!

Perhaps falling in love with this devil-like man had already confirmed her fate to this terrible outcome.

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