Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 692

Chapter 692 Hugging Her To Roll Together

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In the kitchen.

Bai Ye glanced at Nan Zhi, who had not said anything since coming in.

Leaning in towards her, Bai Yes handsome expression morphed into one showing keen interest. Who is that Miss Mu Xueer? Looking at how cold you are to her, could she be your love rival?

Nan Zhi glanced at Bai Ye, forcing out a terse smile. I respect you for being spot on.

Bai Ye almost leapt up in surprise, before he patted the back of his head in excitement. Really? F*ck, no wonder why I feel that the atmosphere between the two of you is really awkward!

Nan Zhi simply ignored Bai Ye.

When she had first met this guy, she had thought that he was a cold and intelligent person. She did not think that he would have such a comical personality.

Suddenly, he stopped and waved his arms in front of her face. Hey wait, something is wrong. If shes your love rival, then why on earth did you give her the chance to be with His Highness alone?

Nan Zhi washed the peeled potatoes in clean water, before she quickly sliced them into long pieces.

Chop, chop, chop. The rhythmic sounds of the knife against the chopping board sounded, making Bai Ye look at Nan Zhis smooth action with his jaw dropped.

Incredible! Nan Zhis cutting skills were too amazing to look at!

Tsk, it was his first time finding out that watching a beauty cook was also something to enjoy.

After she was done cutting the potatoes, Nan Zhi could not help but laugh when she noted that Bai Ye was staring unblinkingly at her with his mouth still open. You havent seen a woman as trusting as me, have you?

Bai Ye nodded immediately. Arent you afraid? After all, Miss Xueer looks extremely pretty, like a goddess that came down from the heavens.

Nan Zhi waved the knife in front of Bai Ye, raising an eyebrow. Arent I pretty?

Pretty, youre prettier actually. That Miss Mu is way too skinny. She has no curves at all, and looks like a bean sprout. Too skinny! Its like she could fly away if the wind blew at her.

Nan Zhi was speechless.

In the yard outside.

Xueer stared at Mu Sihan, who looked thinner and taller in his camouflage uniform. His eyes were dark and deep, though he was not looking at her. His expression was cold and void of any temperature, exuding a coldness that pushed everyone away from him.

A breeze blew over. Xueer wrapped her arms around herself, looking down at her toes. If you dont want to see me, then why did you hire the best doctor to treat me?

Mu Sihan stared at the woods in the distance, his expression well-defined and looking even more sharp and fierce. It was only after a while that he spoke. Would you not appear if I didnt wish to see you?

A thin layer of moisture appeared in Xueers clear eyes. She bit down her lips hard, not letting her tears fall.

Ever since Grandma was gone, she had already understood everything. Ah Han did not love her at all in that way.

However, she was slightly confused

I didnt think that I would meet you here. I heard from the villagers that youre here, so I came over to look for you since I had some questions to ask you.

Mu Sihan pursed his lips slightly, his black eyes moving onto Xueers slightly pale face. Speak.

After I escaped from the mental hospital and met you in the rain that night, why were you so nice to me the few days after? I remember that your gaze on me made me feel like you liked me?

Mu Sihan smirked, seemingly having expected for Xueer to ask him about this. Get your passport. You will know the reason if you come to S Country to find me.



The voices of two women burst out at the same time.

Nan Zhi had finished cooking, having cooked noodles as well, and had come down to call Mu Sihan to come and eat.

However, what she had heard was him telling Xueer to go and find him in S Country.

He clearly knew that Xueer and her could not stand each other, so why would he ask Xueer to go to S Country and look for him?

What on earth was he trying to do?

Nan Zhis pretty expression immediately tensed up and her lips drew into a tight line.

Throwing a glance at Xueer, then at Mu Sihan, who had turned around to look at her, she ran away with mixed feelings.

Seeing that Nan Zhis reaction was exceptionally dramatic, Mu Sihan glanced at Xueer once more. You can go and do whatever you need. I will contact you later.

Xueer could not read Mu Sihan at all, but she could see the coldness and distance in his eyes. Her heart sank. I understand.

Xueer took a few steps forward, before Mu Sihan stopped her.

Happiness immediately swelled in Xueers heart, as she turned around to look at him once more.

However, when she met his frosty eyes, her heart sank again, as if falling into a depthless abyss.

Dont have any fantasies for me, and dont try to ruin Nan Zhi and my relationship. If you do, know that since I have the capability to treat you, I also the capability to make you crazy once more!

Hearing his words, Xueer trembled terribly, and her pretty face immediately paled.

Being stared at by his frosty eyes, Xueer felt a strong pressure placed on her, and the air around her seemed to freeze as her breathing became heavier.

After what had happened to her Grandma, she had come to understand many things.

She would no longer try to force her feelings onto others. After all, feelings were things that could never be forced.


She could not understand Mu Sihan. If he no longer had any feelings for her, why did he ask her to go to S Country?

It didnt make any sense at all.

Another person who couldnt understand Mu Sihan was currently running away from him as far as she could.

The incident with Lucy was not even settled, and now he was asking Xueer to go to S Country? What was he trying to do?

Just like how he was jealous over Brother Gu Shengs presence, she couldnt help but feel anxious when he had anything to do with Xueer as well.

Even the mere thought of him getting a fever and becoming Ye Qing to adore and dote on Xueer made her chest stuffy.

Nan Zhi kept running into the woods. She did not know where she was running to, and when she should stop.

Her mind was in a complete mess.

It was only until a mans low and cold voice rang out behind her. Nan Zhi, stop right there!

Hearing his cold voice, the discomfort in Nan Zhi only grew stronger.

Today, he was completely heartless and emotionless. Although he kept saying that he would not forget to be responsible for her, she could no longer feel that strong love he had for her from the past.

If Xueer went to S Country, and he grew feelings for Xueer first

Nan Zhi did not dare imagine it.

Trapped in her bitter thoughts, she refused to listen. She was not going to stop even though he asked her to.

In fact, just to spite him, she walked even faster.

The man furrowed his eyebrows when he noted her moving faster. Stand there, let me explain.

Nan Zhi hummed coldly.


Who wanted to listen to him explain?

Glancing back at him with the corner of her eye, she started to run when she saw that the man was about to catch up to her.

However, she did not see where she was going clearly, and she suddenly stepped on a patch of loose soil. She was caught off guard as she lost her balance and rolled down the hill.

Mu Sihan instantly jumped over and caught Nan Zhi in time.

Protecting her head with his hands, he hugged her tightly as the two of them rolled down the hill.

It was only when she heard him groan in pain as he hit a large tree that the two of them finally stopped rolling.

Nan Zhi was lying in the mans embrace. Opening her eyes, she furrowed her eyebrows, forgetting the fact that she was still angry at him when she saw the mans furrowed eyebrows. Whats wrong? Are you injured?

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