Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 693

Chapter 693 Stubbornness

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Whats wrong? Are you injured?

Mu Sihan closed his black eyes, eyebrows furrowing tightly, looking as if he was in terrible pain.

Nan Zhi had heard the sound of his head hitting the tree earlier. She reached out unconsciously to touch the back of his head, though her fair wrist was held tightly by a large hand in the next second.

The temperature of the large hand against her slightly cool skin felt like it was molten lava trying to burn her.

Nan Zhis long lashes fluttered.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she pulled her hand back with all of her strength, trying to stand up from his embrace.

However, he held onto her slender waist tightly, pressing her on him, unwilling to let go.

Nan Zhi was extremely angry.

Her well-defined almond-shaped eyes turned slightly cold as she glared at him with a poker face. Youre pretending to be injured to lie to me, arent you?

Mu Sihan opened his eyes to stare at Nan Zhi. His eyes were dark and deep like two wormholes wanting to suck her in.

No matter how terrible the situation he was in now, he was still exuding a dignified and mature masculinity from head to toe.

Especially when he stared at her with slightly narrowed eyes.

It was exceptionally sexy and charming.

Some men were like this. How was it that he could extremely charming and irresistible, even when he wasnt doing anything?

Nan Zhi was almost sucked into his dark eyes. Suppressing the fluttering in her heart, she pushed the hand on her waist with all of her strength before she stood up.

Taking a seat by the side, she brushed off the dirt and leaves on her.

When she was with him, she would be framed by people from time to time, and would get on the news headlines as well. It was undeniable that she was under even more pressure and attention compared to normal people.

She could not be like a normal girl and enjoy being in a relationship with him freely. They had to be careful and cautious when faced with the heavy scrutiny and attention of the public eye.

If they did anything considered to be wrong, they would be attacked and heavily criticized.

Although her mental strength had been trained to be very strong, she would still feel exhausted at times.

If she was not in a relationship with a Prince that was above everyone else, would she be more relaxed? Would things have been easier?

However, even if it was exhausting, she had never regretted anything.

She could be unconcerned with everything, except for Xueer. It was the only thorn in her heart that she could not remove.

She could understand him finding a doctor to treat Xueer.

But why did he ask Xueer to look for him in S Country?

Mu Sihan sat up as well. Staring at the womans tensed side profile, he reached his hand out to pat her head softly.

Scrunching her face, she ignored him.

Mu Sihan pursed his lips, moving to crouch down in front of the woman. Leaning into her ear, he spoke with a hoarse voice, Are you jealous? Dont forget that your Brother Gu Sheng is still in the Capital.

Nan Zhi immediately turned around to glare at him.

His well-defined handsome face was terribly close to hers, and the moment she turned around, her soft lips accidentally grazed his cheek.

She moved away instinctively.

However, in the next second, her pretty face was cupped by his large palms.

His hands fondled her cheeks forcefully.

Her face was barely recognizable from his rough treatment.

It made her even more furious.

Reaching out a hand, she pushed away his shoulder with strength.

Mu Sihan, go do it to your Xueer! Let go of mmmgh!

Before she could finish her words, the man kissed her.

Nan Zhi froze for a second, before she regained her senses, wanting to push him away. However, he took the chance to push her teeth apart, his tongue entering her mouth.

The refreshing and pleasant masculine smell flooded her senses, the willful and wild entanglement came with a force that could not be rejected.

Slight stubble had grown on the mans jaw, rubbing against her fair and smooth skin, prickling her slightly.

With his tongue entering her mouth, her hands that were originally hitting the mans shoulders slowly moved to gripping his shirt instead.

He only released her when she was almost out of breath.

A heat that could burn her was present in his depthless black eyes.

Pursing her slightly numb lips from the kiss, she was about to say something when he lifted her chin to kiss her once more.

Her dazed mind went blank once more.

She did not respond to the kiss, merely letting him do what he wanted.

Her bright and moist almond-shaped eyes stared dazedly at the handsome face in front of her. He was looking at her, his eyes dark like a depthless abyss.

There was no emotion in his eyes at all, and she was the only one who was heated up and emotional.

It made her even more annoyed, as she moved to bite his tongue with all of her strength.

However, he was extremely cunning, managing to avoid her when she moved to bite him.

Between the two of them, one of them was the attacking while the other avoided the other. Somehow, they started to kiss passionately again.

In the end, she was breathing heavily, the color on her face like the cherry blossoms that bloomed in March, a fresh and pretty pink.

Leaning his forehead against hers, their noses touched each other. As their breaths interlaced with each other, their eyes looked at each other in the intimate atmosphere around them.

He lifted a well-defined finger to push the messy long hair by her cheek, saying hoarsely, You know of my weakness, dont you?

Hearing him say weakness made Nan Zhis heart tighten in pain.

She naturally knew of the weakness he was referring to, which was his bipolar disorder and also his split personality disorder.

Under the control of medication, his bipolar disorder had been suppressed quite well, making him less temperamental compared to when she first met him.

However, his split personality disorder

Even though he was keeping his body fit to lower the chances of him getting a cold or a fever, he was still a human and was not made of iron. He could not be entirely sure that he would not get sick

Nan Zhi knew that he was not finished speaking. She merely continued to look at him with her almond-shaped eyes instead of interrupting him.

People with psychological disorders were usually unwilling to reveal their condition to others, especially for people with exceptionally strong pride like Mu Sihan.

He did not look at Nan Zhi, his long lashes dropping as his voice seemed a little more low and hoarse. In the past year, I had been very scared of getting the flu. I was afraid that my Ye Qing personality would come out. I was not only afraid that he would hurt you, but also afraid that someone from the Royal family would find out about this and use my condition to target me!

Its impossible for me to leave the Royal family now, so I can only treat myself. However, medicine seems to be useless for me and I cant use it to contain him. He will still come out when I have a fever.

Amy went to discuss this with a top psychologist overseas, and she feels that Ye Qings personality isnt disappearing because he has his own obsession.

Staring at the slight sadness that appeared on the mans handsome face, Nan Zhis heart tightened. She raised her hand to caress his well-defined features. Ye Qings obsession is Xueer, isnt it?

Mu Sihan raised his hand to cover Nan Zhis hand on his cheek, the eyes looking at her turning darker. I have to let Ye Qing see that Xueer isnt that innocent and beautiful young woman back then anymore, that she had changed and is no longer the untainted innocent in his heart.

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