Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 695

Chapter 695 One Wrong Step Leads To Continuous Wrongs

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Mu Sihan lit up a cigar as he stood in front of the monitor.

As he exhaled the smoke, he stared at Lucy who looked like she was about to lose her mind.

Lucy was not a normal person, her mental strength a lot stronger than normal people. However, using such a psychological tactic was more effective than using brute force.

After being scared continuously for a day and night, Lucy had almost lost it.

Putting out the half-smoked cigar in the ashtray, Mu Sihan strode into the dark room.

With a loud smack, he turned on the lights.

Lucys lashes were completely covered with tears, as she trembled terribly.

Her eyes on Mu Sihan were like she was looking at a devil.

Tell me who told you to kill Mr Bai and Ill let you out.

Lucys face was pale, while her eyes were red. She glared at Mu Sihan in anger and helplessness, her voice hoarse as she said, No one told me to do it, it was my own idea!

Mu Sihan nodded in deep thought. Oh? Then lets continue.

Seeing that Mu Sihan was about to turn around and leave, Lucy shivered in fear. She looked like she had experienced a torrential storm and was completely panicking. Ill tell you, Ill tell you everything!

Mu Sihan narrowed his depthless black eyes slightly. Who is it?

I want to leave this place. You can bring me anywhere, to an interrogation room even, as long as Im not here!

When she was here, the image of Mr Bai bleeding from his eyes, nose and mouth and the scary voice would appear the moment she closed her eyes.

Mu Sihan waved his hand, and two police officers entered immediately.

They untied Lucy from the cross. As her knees were injured, she could only sit on a wheelchair to move.

After they brought her to the interrogation room, Mu Sihan stood outside to let the professional investigators interrogate Lucy.

An hour later, the investigators told Mu Sihan the results of the interrogation.

She said that Together with You, killing Mr Bai, and the hypnotism were all taught to her by a mysterious person. However, she has never seen that mysterious person at all, and has no idea what that person looks like. They have only called each other through the phone, and that person used a voice-changer, so she doesnt know whether it is male or female. She only knows that the person is a very incredible person!

Although she was more or less responsible for Mr Bais death, the ideas and the hypnotizing of Ah Li were all done by that mysterious person.

The investigator gave Mu Sihan the number Lucy had given them.

Mu Sihan passed the number to Yi Fan so that he could check the origin of the number.

The moment he sent the message out, a panicked shout trailed from within the interrogation room. What are you eating? Spit it out now!

Mu Sihans expression darkened as he entered the interrogation room hurriedly.

All he saw was Lucy, who was handcuffed, hyperventilating as she started to spew out white bubbles.

Call the ambulance! Mu Sihan hurriedly shouted with a serious expression.

At the Royal hospital, outside of the emergency room.

An investigator reported what happened to Mu Sihan. I was about to bring Princess Lucy to the detaining room, when she suddenly lifted her cuffed hands and took out her pearl earring and shoved it into her mouth. By the time I realized and wanted to stop her, it was already too late.

Mu Sihans scarlet lips pursed tightly into a straight line.

Half an hour later, Lucy was pushed out of the surgery room.

The Princess merely took some medication that shes allergic to. We managed to save her in time and shes alright now. However, her injury on her knees are infected, so she has to be hospitalized to receive treatment.

Mu Sihan nodded in deep thought, ordering his men, Get more people to look after her. Before her uncle and older brother comes, nothing can go wrong!

That afternoon, Lucys uncle and older brother arrived.

After understanding everything that Lucy had done, her uncle and older brother apologized to Mu Sihan separately. They even signed a cooperation agreement that was beneficial to S Country in order to remove the responsibility Lucy had to face for her crimes. One of the conditions in the agreement was also for Lucy to never step foot into S Country again in the future.

When Lucys uncle saw Lucy in the ward, he immediately decided to marry Lucy off to a man that she did not love her, the moment they returned to their country.

Lucy was not happy. She clearly had everything in her favor, however, she had lost it all. That mysterious person advised her to suppress her temper a little, so that Mu Sihan would not be able to get anything against her.

However, she did not listen and had to run to the village because she wanted to step on top of Nan Zhi in person.

She really had liked Mu Sihan. It was because she wanted him that she kept making mistake after mistake!

When Nan Zhi went to fetch Xiaojie from school, she saw the news conference Mu Sihan was hosting on the LED screen when she passed by the mall.

The him today looked even more low-key, rich and full of masculinity. Even though he was the victim this time, he did not say anything that demeaned Lucy during the press conference. He was confident, intelligent and impartial, making people respect and look up to him.

On the screen, when he was answering the questions of the reporters, his expression was handsome and cool. His well-fitting suit covered his figure perfectly, his every action looking more like one of royalty as the days passed.

Seeing several people standing in front of the mall, Nan Zhi even saw several women shouting, His Highness is really handsome! I want to marry him so badly!

Thinking about the blame and disappointment the media and people had felt towards him a few days ago, a strange feeling appeared within her. Although he had a status higher than everyone else, it was difficult for him to take even a single step without judgement and a simple mistake could ruin everything forever.

And she might have become a weakness that other people could attack him for.

Nan Zhi sighed softly, not knowing what to think. All she knew was the complicated feeling swirling around her mind

After she fetched Xiaojie, the mother and son returned to the Qiao family.

Pretty Zhizhi, Daddys father came to my school today.

Xiaojie was a lot more mature compared to other children his age. He knew that Ye Fengjun did not like Nan Zhi, so he never called him Grandpa.

Nan Zhi was slightly surprised. From her impression, Ye Fengjun did not like her, and did not like Xiaojie either.

Did he go and see you?

Xiaojie nodded, then shook his head again. He came to my school for an event, then he came to my classroom to see me, but I ignored him. When he left, his face was really dark, it was like a burnt pot.

Nan Zhi pulled Xiaojie into her arms, the boy immediately hugging her neck, saying obediently, Since he doesnt like Pretty Zhizhi, I wont like him either!

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, Qiao Yanze poked his head through the gap between the door. He raised a thumb at Xiaojie. Xiaojiejie is right, if the Ye family cannot treat our Zhizhi well, then as an uncle, Ill be the first to object to Zhizhi marrying into the Ye family.

Qiao Yanze walked into the room, carrying Xiaojie as he glanced at Nan Zhi with his pretty eyes. With that said, did Xiaojiejies Daddy propose to you yet? When will the two of you reveal your relationship? Although Lucys issue this time allowed many people to know about your relationship, but before you reveal your relationship officially, youre still not his official partner.

Hes been really busy recently. We still have something to settle after sorting out Lucys issue. We cant get married in the next few months as a result. Besides, I dont want to get married so quickly either. Uncle, dont be in such a hurry to get me married off!

Silly girl! As long as youre happy, Ill let you do anything you want.

The moment Qiao Yanze finished speaking, a soft voice rang, Young Master, your coffee is ready.

Nan Zhi glanced at the unfamiliar maid by the door, then at Qiao Yanze, noting that his eyes on the maid seemed to gleam with slight interest.

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