Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Deep Affection

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Nan Zhi glanced at the maid standing by the door with a cup of coffee.

She was gentle and young, her figure was graceful while her actions were soft and delicate. Her facial features were pretty and charming as well.

A glance at her was enough to know that she was a soft and gentle girl, the type that men loved.

Nan Zhi watched as Qiao Yanze walked to the door, taking the cup of coffee from the maid before he slowly took a sip. He immediately furrowed his eyebrows. Its too hot.

The maid seemed a little panicked. Young Master, it wont be hot if you blow at it.

Qiao Yanze held the cup of coffee in front of the maid, raising an eyebrow. Help me blow on it.

The maid immediately flushed, looking down as she pursed her lips tightly, unwilling to help Qiao Yanze blow at his coffee.

Nan Zhi was standing behind Qiao Yanze, so she was unable to see his expression right now, though she could see the corners of his lips curl up slightly.

Her uncle seemed to really like this maid!

You dont know how to blow at it? If you dont, then you can go make a cup of coffee that is not too hot for me.

Qiao Yanze seemed to be enjoying teasing the maid, asking her to remake the cup of coffee at least ten times before he waved his hand in satisfaction.

By that point, the maid was panting slightly, her forehead drenched in sweat.

Seeing Qiao Yanzes teasing eyes, she glared at him unhappily before she ran downstairs.

Seeing the twos interaction, Nan Zhi shook her head, speechless.

That small woman attitude that the maid had was something that she will never be able to learn.

Qiao Yanze had always been a playboy, changing his women as often as he changed his clothes. She would have never thought that he would fall for such a soft and gentle woman.

After the maid left, Qiao Yanze brought Nan Zhi to the viewing balcony.

Watching the maid run into the garden to trim the plants with the gardener, Qiao Yanze leaned against the railing as he said with interest, Shes called Xiao Ying. Shes a daughter of an excessive gambler. Her father sold her to a bar because he needed the money. Dont think that shes soft and weak because of her appearance, shes actually a very strong girl. That night, she came into our private room to bring us some alcohol. She caught the attention of some of the young masters, who then asked her to strip dance. She smashed the alcohol bottles and pressed a sharp glass shard against her neck, saying that if anyone dared to touch her, she would cut her throat and commit suicide immediately!

Those boys are all afraid of nothing, all calling for her to cut her throat since they all like to watch fresh flowing blood. They all thought that she was merely scaring them, but she really started to cut her throat.

Such a soft and petite girl, its hard to believe her personality is so strong. Qiao Yanze smiled devilishly, looking at Nan Zhi with his pretty eyes. It made me remember the time when I met you, our Zhizhi is also one of strong character.

Qiao Yanzes lips curled up, his eyes landing on Xiao Ying once more. I made a bet with those boys that I would teach this maid within a month and make her submit to me completely!

Nan Zhis almond-shaped eyes were smiling faintly. I dont think youre teaching her. Shes the one that is influencing you subconsciously.

She could feel that Qiao Yanzes gaze on Xiao Ying was different.

Uncle, too many things have happened recently. Have you investigated clearly about Xiao Yings identity and past?

Qiao Yanze patted Nan Zhis head once, unable to stop himself from laughing at the sight of her being so cautious. I did, of course. Shes just a gamblers daughter and suffered quite a bit since young. Theres nothing to be worried about!

Nan Zhi hummed in agreement.

Before they left the viewing balcony, her well-defined eyes could not help but glance at Xiao Ying once more.

If she suffered quite a bit since young, why were her fingers still as smooth and delicate as green onions?

However, it might be because she had been tricked too many times that she was merely thinking too much.

Her uncle had seen many people, and could see through many things better than her.

It was only when that thing happened later that she realized that once a man fell into a relationship, his intelligence would be lowered as well!

Nan Zhi attended a banquet with Madam Qiao that night.

She was pulled over to drink with several young ladies during the banquet.

It had been a while since she had last drank, and together with the strong after-effects of the alcohol, she was incredibly sleepy as she lay on her bed after taking a shower.

It was almost eleven at night, and Mu Sihan, who was done with his work, sent a video-call request over.

He had also just taken a shower and was wearing a dark-colored sleeping robe, the belt hanging loosely around his waist. His chest was slightly exposed, showing his sexy and muscular chest.

As he looked down to light up a cigar, his lashes cast a small shadow on his handsome face. He placed the cigar between his lips, the smoke slowly rising up as he looked extremely handsome. Almost unconsciously, her heart seemed to flutter at the sight of him like this.

His fingers took the cigar, his dark eyes staring at the woman on the screen. Her face was slightly flushed, her hair half wet as she wore a dark green silken sleeping gown.

Maybe it was because he was staring at her chest, she hurriedly moved the camera upwards to only show her face and her exquisite and elegant neck.

You drank tonight? He asked with a low and magnetic voice.

After Nan Zhi drank, she was less reserved than she was usually. She smiled charmingly. Didnt you drink as well?

She might not have noticed that her voice was a lot softer and sweeter, but Mu Sihan definitely did. His Adams apple bobbed prominently. Youre not wearing anything under your sleeping gown?

Nan Zhi glared at the man, annoyed. Im not used to wearing a bra when I sleep at night. Besides, Im alone. It probably doesnt matter if I wear it or not.

Hearing this, the mans eyes on her darkened to a smouldering black. Let me take a look at you?

It took a few seconds for Nan Zhi to realized what he meant.

Her pale face flushed uncontrollably.

She replied with a disdainful you wish, before she hung up the call.

Afraid that he would unreasonably ask for a video-call once more, she turned off her phone.

Nan Zhi fell asleep within moments.

She did not know how long she had slept, but in her sleepy daze, she felt slightly suffocated. She furrowed her eyebrows in discomfort, reaching out to push the heavy thing on her away. However, a pain on her lips followed her action.

Nan Zhi immediately opened her eyes.

The lights were turned off in the room, so she could only use the moonlight shining in to see the mans facial expression.

Alarmed, her long lashes fluttered. Why are you here? How did you get in?

This was the Qiao family house. The security was tight and it was incredibly difficult for normal people to come in, let alone sneak in.

Mu Sihan turned around with Nan Zhi in his arms, letting her lay on his firm and muscular chest. His large hand seemed to mould against her perky butt. I missed you, so I jumped over the wall to see you.

Hearing his words, Nan Zhi could not help but burst out in laughter.

Youre the Fourth Prince, but you jumped over the wall to climb into a womans bed. If anyone were to find out, do you still want to be respected in the future?

The man bit her pretty earlobe, his lips pressing against her ear as he said huskily, You didnt let me see you in the video-call, so why cant I come over to see you in person?

Its not like you can do anything even if you see me

Before she finished speaking, the man suddenly pinched her butt. Youre different after you drink.

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