Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Its Too Awkward

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Nan Zhi noted the mans dark, heated gaze and his slightly heavier breathing. Did you drink again before you came over?

I drank one glass.

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows, glancing at him in confusion.

His breathing could not be so heavy if he only drank one glass.


She bit her lip, glaring at him in slight embarrassment and anger. You drank alcohol with aphrodisiac?

He clearly did not expect her to guess it so quickly, as he rubbed against her pretty nose, a magnetic and charming laughter rumbling from her throat. Gu Sheng is still in the Capital. Im worried that because I havent satisfied you in such a long time, you would

Before he could finish speaking, his thin waist was pinched tightly by the woman.

She glared at him, acting like she was angry. Am I someone like that?

Youre not The man lifted a finger to push the hair by her cheek away, curling the hair around it before he leaned down to kiss her.

He did not make it a deep kiss either, merely kissing her simply again and again.

Before her, he was usually domineering and wild, he rarely kissed her so softly.

His moist and scorching hot breath sprayed on her tender skin, her senses filled with his scent with the lingering smell of alcohol rich and charming.

She stared at his well-kept sideburns with dazed eyes, her heart thumping crazily.

If they continued on, she would definitely sink into his kiss and become one with his breath.

When his kiss landed on her cheek, she asked softly, How are things with Lucy going?

The man scarlet lips landed on her earlobe.

His tongue licked her softly, the tingling feeling felt like an electricity current flowing through her limbs as she shivered from head to toe.

Her ears slowly flushed.

She turned her head, poking the mans chest with her elbow. Im asking you something!

It was clear the man did not like to hear Lucys name at such a time, his handsome expression turning colder. Shes going back to her country tomorrow and cannot step foot into this country again in the future.

Nan Zhi furrowed her exquisite eyebrows. Is she only receiving such little punishment after she killed Mr Bai?

Theres someone behind her.

Nan Zhis bright eyes widened as she looked at Mu Sihan in disbelief. Theres still someone? Lucy is a princess, who can control her?

Theres someone who was her strategist and helped her come up with all the plans!

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly, a chill running up her spine unconsciously.


Before she could express her confusion, the man immediately kissed her once more.

He pushed her teeth apart, before his tongue entered her mouth, curling around and sucking her tongue fierily and domineering, as if he wanted to suck her out of her.

It did not take long for Nan Zhi to feel that it was too much. It had been a long time since the two of them had been so intimate. His large palm moved under her sleep gown, the familiar and awaited electrical current flowing within her.

Her sleep gown was pushed up to her waist by the man, as the mans large hands caressed her back. The scorching touch made Nan Zhi go weak, even her toes were numb, it was hard to even struggle against his hold.

Mu Sihan looked down at her flushed face, his eyes dark. You were really smart and brave this time.

Nan Zhi was almost drowning in his depthless eyes, a layer of moisture covering her eyes. I know that you would still have had a way to settle that issue without my help. I only wanted to do what I could and not pull you down. I wanted to do my best to become a woman that is suited for you.

She did not know how her feelings started, but they had someone grown to become as deep and fathomless as the ocean.

She knew that what she did was barely enough.

She still needed to work hard and grow.

She did not know if it was because her words had touched him, or if he still wasnt able to touch her after drinking the aphrodisiac alcohol, but he let go of her in the very last moment.

The two of them spoke for a while before he fell asleep first.

Listening to his steady and calm breathing, she stared at his well-defined handsome face. Looking up slightly, she placed a soft kiss by the corner of his lips.

Mu Sihan felt an itch on his nose. Thinking that it was Nan Zhi teasing him, he did not open his eyes, merely grabbing the hand teasing him before he pulled the hand to place a kiss on it. His sleepy voice was still hoarse and lazy, Kitten, stop it.

The moment he finished speaking, he realized something was wrong.

The hand in his was too small and soft.

He immediately opened his dark and deep eyes.

Seeing the brat lying on him and giggling silently, all sleepiness went away in an instant.

Furrowing his eyebrows, he tapped Xiaojies head once. Why is it you?

Daddy, I wanted to ask how you came to Pretty Zhizhis bed? When did you come? Did you get Grandmas permission?

The corners of Mu Sihans lips twitched. Do I need your Grandmas permission to get on your Mommys bed?

Of course! Grandma said that Pretty Zhizhis life with you isnt smooth, so she wants to find a better boyfriend for Pretty Zhizhi and a better step-father for me!

Mu Sihans expression darkened. Dont even think about it.

Daddy, Grandma is just outside. We came to call Pretty Zhizhi for breakfast together. If I shout now, Grandma would definitely come in!

Mu Sihan pinched Xiaojies cheeky little nose. Brat, what do you want me to promise you?

Xiaojie pouted his pinkish lips. I want you to marry Pretty Zhizhi, and want you to be nice and receive Grandmas liking.

Mu Sihan pulled Xiaojie into his arms, saying hoarsely, Brat, Daddy will definitely fulfill your wish.

Xiaojie glanced at Mu Sihans naked chest. Daddy, did you come to sleep on Pretty Zhizhis bed because you want to give me younger siblings?

The corners of Mu Sihans lips twitched again. I havent thought about it for now. Having you is enough for your Mommy and I.

Xiaojie cheered excitedly. An Feng, who heard him outside, knocked on the door. Xiaojie, is your Mommy awake yet? Grandma is coming in

As An Feng was about to push the door open, Xiaojie hurriedly pulled the blanket over Mu Sihans head. He hurriedly jumped down the bed, running in front of An Feng to hug her. Grandma, Grandma, Pretty Zhizhi is still asleep. Lets go down for breakfast first! Shes been slightly tired from dating Daddy recently, lets let her sleep a bit longer!

Mu Sihan, who was under the blanket, was speechless. This brat, was he helping him or framing him?

Just as An Feng carried Xiaojie to the door, the bathroom door was pushed open by Nan Zhi was had just finished showering.

Hearing the sound, An Feng was about to turn her head when Xiaojie suddenly hugged her neck and place a kiss on both her cheeks. He said softly, Grandma, its the wind!

The bathroom door and the room door were in different directions, so Nan Zhi did not notice An Feng and Xiaojie by the door. She glanced at the bed. Are you awake? If you are, hurry and leave by the window. It wont be good if my mother and the rest of the family saw you.

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