Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 698

Chapter 698 Who Else Climbed Onto Your Bed?

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Mu Sihan pulled open the silk blanket Xiaojie had thrown over his head, eyeing Nan Zhi.

Nan Zhi was drying her wet hair and did not understand what he meant, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. Is your eyelid having a cramp?

Mu Sihans expression had turn dark completely.

From the corner of his eye, he saw his Mother-in-law turning around.

Mu Sihan was only wearing underwear, and it really was not nice to meet an elder like this, especially when it was An Feng who already did not have a good impression of him.

Ultimately, Nan Zhi did realize that something was wrong. She hurriedly walked out to see An Feng by the door. Rushing back to the bed, the covered the man under the blanket once more when An Feng turned around.

The atmosphere in the room froze for a second.

Xiaojie, who was in An Fengs arms, covered his eyes with his hands, looking as if he was done with his parents.

Nan Zhi glanced at An Feng awkwardly, calling out stiffly, Mom.

An Fengs eyes moved from Nan Zhi to the lump under the blanket next to her, her expression darkening slightly. Come down and eat your breakfast.

Nan Zhi answered with a tingling scalp. Alright, Ill go down immediately.

An Feng did not come over, she carried Xiaojie out and left Nan Zhis room.

The moment the door was closed, Nan Zhi pulled the blanket away. Staring at the man whose expression was slightly dark, she could not help but pinch his hard and muscular arm. Its all your fault! If you left before the sun rose, my mom wouldnt have found out.

Mu Sihan glanced at her with dark eyes. Your mother knew it was me?

Nan Zhis eyes brightened, as she immediately replied, Oh right, my mom didnt see you. She might have thought it was another man!

The moment she finished speaking, the mans expression clearly darkened even more.

Apart from me, are there other men who have climbed into your bed? He asked dangerously.

The corners of Nan Zhis lips curled up. Of course, youre not the only one.

The man narrowed his depthless black eyes dangerously. Who? Tell me and Ill kill him.

Nan Zhi sat on the bed, her elbow supporting her by the mans pillow as she looked down at him. Their faces were exceptionally close as their breaths interlaced with each other. WIth his face so close, she could see every pore on his face clearly. His skin was rather good. He was not really fair, his skin a healthy tan while his facial features were exquisite and well-defined, his eyes exuding danger and charm when he narrowed them slightly.

Her long lashes fluttered slightly, her eyes fixed on his tightly pursed lips.

Suddenly, a pair of fair hands curled around his neck as she bit down on his lips.

The man moved his hand against her forehead, pushing her away. Who else got into your bed before? Tell me clearly!

Nan Zhi did not reply to him, only pushing his hand away before she kissed him once more.

She stretched her tongue out boldly to trace his lips.

The woman who had been so awkward when kissing him in the past was now experienced in kissing thanks to him.

She sucked onto his lips, her tongue about to enter his mouth when the man hugged her limbs. He flipped them around suddenly, and she was now under the man.

The man supported himself with his hands on each of her side. It was now his turn to look down at her. Im not used to you being on top.

Nan Zhi glared at him, raising her hands to push his chest away.

However, he grabbed and restrained her hands very quickly. He pressed his chest down on her, their bodies pressed tightly against each other. His upper body was naked, and his scorching temperature exuded through the thin fabric she was wearing and onto her. Her long lashes fluttered lightly, as she looked at him with sparkling black eyes. Who else could it be? The one that the two of us had together!

Hearing her words, Mu Sihans expression tensed. When we have another one next time, lets have a princess.

Nan Zhi burst out in laughter. This is something we both cannot decide!

Seeing her smile, a smile flashed on the mans expression as well. Kiss me one more time before we get up.

Nan Zhi did not shy away, wrapping her hands around his neck as she kissed him instead.

Just as she was about to kiss her, the room door was pushed open once more. Zhizhi, I still have to remind you

Before she finished speaking, An Fengs expression changed when she saw her daughter kissing the man leaning on her.

Her good upbringing since she was young stopped her from saying anything too mean. It took a while before she finally said, Nan Zhi, come out now!

Nan Zhi rarely heard her mother speak to her in such a serious tone. She hurriedly pushed the man away, tidying her messy hair and clothes as she got up from the bed. She walked in front of An Feng with a warm flush on her face, murmuring softly, Mom

An Feng pulled Nan Zhi out of her room.

Looking down, not daring to look at An Feng, Nan Zhi twisted her fingers together. She originally thought that she would be scolded, but An Feng sighed instead, merely saying, Tell His Highness to come down only after your Grandma and Uncle have left the house.

Nan Zhi immediately looked up at An Feng in disbelief. Mom, youre not going to scold me?

My grandson said that he doesnt want a step-father and told me not to be a mean grandma.

Nan Zhi could not help but smile. Xiaojie used to be his Daddys assistant as well and caught me in his trap several times. Dont just look at how the father and son always bicker and are jealous of each other, their relationship is exceptionally strong!

An Feng glanced at Nan Zhis bedroom, pulling Nan Zhis arm slightly. You have to be careful before you get married. Although you already have Xiaojie, dont get pregnant with another one and have a shotgun marriage! Remind the man to use protection, you better dont take any birth-control pills, its bad for you.

Nan Zhis ears flamed up. Mom, what are you talking about? We dont have that lifestyle now.

An Feng poked Nan Zhis forehead. Alright, what do you have to be embarrassed for in front of me? However, youre a girl, so you have to be more reserved and dont be too forward.

Nan Zhi nodded. Ill definitely keep Moms words at the front of my heart.

After Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanze left, Mu Sihan went down to speak with An Feng.

Nan Zhi was kept out of the room, so she did not know what they were talking about. All she knew was that An Feng was smiling when they were done.

Nan Zhi asked An Feng, but An Feng was unwilling to tell her anything. Mu Sihan was acting mysterious as well, merely telling her that she would know when the time came.

After Mu Sihan left the Qiao family house, Nan Zhi also received a call from the head of the broadcasting company telling her to go back to work.

Everything finally seemed to be going well.

Changing into her professional suit that she had not worn in a while, she tied her hair up into a neat ponytail before she put on some makeup, enhancing her already-enquisite features.

An Fengs eyes were filled with affection as she stared at the energized Nan Zhi.

Before Nan Zhi left for work, she smiled sweetly at An Feng, making An Feng feel like she was still with her and had never left her side, when she thought about the smile after a very long time.

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