Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 699

Chapter 699 A Terrible Story

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Nan Zhi drove from the Qiao family castle.

She was not used to using a driver, and would usually driver herself to and from work.

However, Qiao Yanze was still worried for her safety, so he got two bodyguards to follow behind her car.

Nan Zhis mood was pretty good today. She had the window slightly open to get some natural breeze, while she was also playing some relaxing music, matching her overall more relaxed mood.

When she drove on the highway, the rumbling of a motorcycle trailed over.

There often were youngsters speeding over here, so Nan Zhi did not really pay attention to it. It was until one of the motorcycle drivers threw a small pail at her bullet-proof window.

Another motorcycle from behind bumped into her car straight once more.

What on earth? Nan Zhi hurriedly steered away.

Seeing this, the bodyguards behind Nan Zhi stopped the motorcycle that was about to bump into Nan Zhis car.

Seeing that the bodyguards were next to him, the motorcycles sped off.

As the bodyguards moved to chase after the two motorcycles, one of them contacted Nan Zhi. Miss Zhi, are you alright?

Im alright.

Dont worry, well definitely catch up to those two motorcycles.

Staring at the motorcycles and the bodyguards car that disappeared within the next few seconds, Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows tightly.

She did not know if she was hallucinating, but she kept feeling that something was wrong.

Indeed, two luxurious sedans surrounded her car from the front and back within a minute.

She watched as the car in front of her wound down the window, a black sniper gun appearing in her sight.

The other private cars driving on the highway all sped away, no one daring to remain for another second.

Nan Zhis car was forced to stop.

As she was finding her phone, wanting to contact her bodyguards secretly, the person holding onto the gun hurriedly got down from the car, aiming between her eyebrows through Nan Zhis window.

That person made a gesture for Nan Zhi to get off the car.

Nan Zhis heart immediately tensed up.

Facing a sniper gun that could take her life, Nan Zhi did not dare do anything apart from raising her hand up as she got off the car.

Another woman got out of the car. She searched Nan Zhis body, taking away her phone in her pocket and her watch on her wrist before she opened the door and gestured for Nan Zhi to get on.

Nan Zhi was completely tensed. Despite being slightly panicked and helpless, she did not show it on her face. She forced herself to calm down as she got in the car.

When she saw Lucy in the car, Nan Zhi was not too surprised.

There were only a few people in the Capital who would do everything and involve so many people to stop her car.

Lucy was wearing a black jacket, looking extremely thin and frail. She had a thin blanket over her legs, her pale hands interlaced and placed on the blanket.

When Nan Zhi was observing Lucy, and similarly, Lucy was checking her out as well.

Compared to how bad she looked, Nan Zhi was clearly a lot more radiant looking. She had exquisite makeup on, and with the suit she was wearing, she seemed professional and smart, pretty and charming.

Lucys eyes were filled with a jealousy that could not be contained, and a bitter smile appeared on her lips.

Noting the complicated look, in Lucys eyes, Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. Princess Lucy, please stop making another mistake. Why not choose to let go of a relationship that you cannot force?

Self-ridicule appeared in Lucys red eyes as she stared fixedly at Nan Zhis pretty face. She said with a hoarse voice, Why did you do to make him be so loyal to you? That he could not fall for me even after I poisoned him with Together with You?

Nan Zhi pursed her lips. I didnt do anything. We both liked each other, and since the time was right, we accepted each other in our lives. On the other hand, if what is obtained through difficulty ends with nothing, why not let time take its course?

Lucy looked down, her lashes fluttered. Her slender fingers brushed through her hair as she gripped her scalp, looking as she was in deep pain. Why did I end up like this? Nan Zhi, do you know? I cant let go of this Ive always had everything I wanted since I was young. Mu Sihan is the first and only failure I have had in my life. The more he didnt like me, the more I wanted to conquer him!

Since I couldnt get him, I wanted to take revenge, and ruin your relationship! And its because of this that I landed right within the trap set up by that scheming person.

Nan Zhi could not help but remember what Mu Sihan had told her last night. Theres someone behind her.

Who is that person? Nan Zhi asked softly.

Tears flowed down Lucys eyes. Because of how agitated she was, the veins on the back of her hands were popped out, making her look like a miserable and scrunched up snake. She said hoarsely, I dont know. I thought that I was very smart to meet a nice strategist, but

Lucy suddenly let go of her scalp, glaring at Nan Zhi with her scarily red eyes. Its clearly about whatever feud you have between the two of you and that mysterious person, but I ended up being a scapegoat!

Nan Zhis eyes constricted. Why do you say that?

Isnt that the case? That person did everything to stop the two of you from being together. They even wanted to ruin your reputation. Isnt it because they hate you? But I ended up being their revenge tool!

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly, helplessness and panic surging within her.

Because she really could not think of who could have such a strong hatred and reason to do this to them.

Or did Lucy say all this because she wanted to cover her own crimes?

Princess, who is that person?

Lucy shook her head, scoffing, I have never met them. I dont even know if they are male or female. If youre asking me, who should I ask?

She knew that after Ye Sihan let her go, he was still monitoring her, thinking that she would contact that person.

Lucy wiped her tears, grabbing Nan Zhis hand with all of her strength, her nails almost piercing through her skin. After I return to my country, my Uncle is going to marry me off. Also, I dont even know if I can still stand with my legs like this. Ye Sihan and you must find that mysterious person!

Do you know? After thinking through many things, I actually dont hate you or Ye Sihan. I hate that person that used me as a scapegoat!

Staring at the anger in Lucys eyes, Nan Zhi was extremely surprised. She did not think that there would still be an invisible person, hiding behind the shadows and controlling things like a master puppeteer.

A chill ran up her spine unconsciously.

Nan Zhi nodded, her lips moving slightly. Think about it again. Was there something special about them that you noticed when you contacted that person? The moment Nan Zhi finished speaking, Lucys bodyguards knocked on the window suddenly. Nan Zhi winded the window down as the bodyguards hurried voice trailed over. Hurry, get off the car!

The moment the bodyguard finished speaking, Nan Zhi and Lucy did not have the chance to look down when they heard a loud bang. The next second, the car was slammed into and pushed across the highways protective barrier by a huge container truck, and the car fell without any preparation.

It was so quick that both Nan Zhi and Lucy did not have the time to open the door.

Besides, when the huge container truck hit the car, the two of them were thrown within the car, their heads dizzy and spinning from the impact.

All of it had happened too quickly. The bodyguard who alerted them was run over by the huge container truck, while the other bodyguards who had managed to avoid the truck found that it was too late when they wanted to stop the truck.

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