Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 700

Chapter 700 His Emotional Change That Day

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That huge container truck stopped for a few seconds when it hit the protective barrier, before the driver stepped on the accelerator once more. The truck immediately fell from the highway.

Seeing this, the bodyguards all paled.

It was a steep hill under the highway, and the two vehicles rolled like metal balls of snow, until finally coming to a collision at the bottom. The loud crash when they collided scarily alarming.

Half an hour ago.

On a luxurious, and clearly authoritative private plane.

Lucys older brother, Lous, was calling their uncle who had gone back to their country first to settle some internal matters.

After the call, he raised his hand to call his assistant over. His assistant asked respectfully, Young Master, whats the matter?

Bring Lucy out to eat.


A minute later, the assistant pushed out a woman who looked exceptionally depressed.

Lous got his assistant to place a dish in front of the woman, as he said coldly, Eat!

The woman did not say anything, merely picking up the spoon to eat with her head down.

Lous glanced at Lucy a few times silently, before he suddenly stood up and grabbed the womans wrists, his eyes sharp and cold. Where did Lucy go?

The woman was terrified. Y-Young Master, I am Lucy

With that said, the thin blanket on her knees were pulled away by Lous.

Lucy cant walk, so you cant walk either? If thats the case, I dont think theres any reason for you to keep your legs.

The moment Lous finished speaking, the woman immediately knelt on the floor in fear. Glancing at the dangerous and cold expression Lous had on his face, she said in fear, Im the Princess double. The Princess said that she had something to settle and that she would return to the country when she was done


Lous kicked the womans chest ruthlessly, as she flew to the side and hit a chair. She rolled a few rounds on the floor before she stopped.

Curling her body up into a ball, her face was pale, but she didnt dare to make a sound at all.

When Yi Fan heard about the accident on the highway, Mu Sihan was in a meeting with the Queen, the Royal family members and the nobles.

Todays meeting was one to decide the Crown Prince candidates.

Yi Fan did not dare to go in and interrupt the meeting.

And he waited for two hours.

The meeting room doors were finally pulled open. Yi Fan stood by the door, waiting until the Queen and the others had left before he looked into the meeting room.

There were only Mu Sihan, Ye Fengjun and Ye Yanfeng left in the room.

Ye Yanfeng walked in front of Mu Sihan, reaching a hand out to him. Congratulations, future King.

Mu Sihan shook Ye Yanfengs hands. Lets work hard for the development of our country.

Ye Yanfeng smirked, before he leaned forward suddenly. His handsome face was beside Mu Sihans ear as he said softly, You can rest assured for the time being. I will still come back after I settle matters with Shangguan Wan.

Mu Sihan glanced at Ye Yanfeng with his dark eyes, though Ye Yanfeng no longer looked at him as he walked away with large strides with a rumbling laugh.

After Ye Yanfeng left, Ye Fengjun moved in front of Mu Sihan in his wheelchair. Although I never expected much from you, I have to admit that youre not as bad as I thought you would be.

And perhaps, he had been the one who had ignored this child too much in the past.

Being born in the Royal family, because of the people around him, kinship was nothing in front of power and benefits.

He was cynical about Mu Sihan in the past, not only because he was a jinx, but also because he thought that Mu Sihan was less capable than Ye Qing.

His sons all needed to be strong.

However, he never thought that Mu Sihan would be a lot more capable than he had expected. One had to know that fighting within the family was full of danger, and even if one was exceptionally clever, it would still be difficult to guard against all the hidden knives and arrows in the shadows.

You could never be too careful.

He had only returned to the Ye family for less than two years, but he was able to stand out from all the deception and tricks.

He had indeed looked down on this son of his in the past.

No, it was not only him. Everyone had looked down on him.

He was not worse than Ye Qing, in fact, he was stronger than Ye Qing.

Mu Sihan stared at Ye Fengjun, smirking. Father, the reason why I sat on this position was because I wanted to marry the woman I wanted.

With that said, he started to walk out of the meeting room.

Ye Fengjun felt like he almost died from anger due to Mu Sihans words.

Everyone did all they could to sit on his current position, either for the title or for the power, but he did it for a woman.

Ye Fengjun stared at Mu Sihans back, shouting with a dark expression. Youre the Crown Prince now! From now on, you cannot do anything for a mere woman! Your life belongs to the country and the people. You have your own responsibilities and mission! You cannot focus too much on your emotions like in the past!

Yi Fan watched as Mu Sihan walked out of the meeting room with one hand in his pocket, his hand resting naturally by his side. His expression was handsome, but cold as well, as he exuded a Kings aura and dignified manner from head to toe.

Yi Fan sighed in his heart, looking down as he followed Mu Sihan back to his office.

From the corner of his eye, Mu Sihan saw Yi Fan following behind him. He furrowed his eyebrows, ordering him with a cold expression. Theres an auction tonight with a nineteenth century Italian painters work named the Noblewoman. Get it, no matter how much it costs.

Yi Fan did not say anything.

Mu Sihan was already in front of his office. Noting that Yi Fan was not replying, he said once more. I remember that Madam Qiao likes the arts, especially the works of Louis.

Young Master Yi Fan spoke carefully.

Mu Sihan pushed the office door open, walking inside. Qiao Yanze seemed to like sports cars, you can give that Lykanhyper Sport to him. As for what Nan Zhis mother likes

Yi Fan knew that his Young Master was planning to go to the Qiao family to ask for Nan Zhis hand in marriage, and he naturally prepared all of the presents with all of his heart. However

Young Master, theres something I must tell you.

Mu Sihan strode behind his luxurious, yet simple office desk. He sat on the black leather chair, turning on his laptop as he said lowly, Why are you so depressed today? If you have something to say, then say it. Why are you stuttering?

Yi Fan stared at Mu Sihans handsome face and swallowed. He knew that Mu Sihan was in a good mood right now, and he really did not want to see Mu Sihans expression change suddenly to hit rock bottom.

He had followed his Young Master for many years, and it was rare to see him in such a good mood.

Mu Sihan waited for a few seconds. Seeing that Yi Fan was merely looking at him, all sorts of emotions surging within his eyes, he furrowed his eyebrows. Whats wrong with you? Did you fall for a woman and come to ask me to let the two of you be together? Or are you sick and you need to take leave for a while?

Yi Fan waved his hands, no longer daring to look at Mu Sihan as he mustered up his courage. There was an accident on the highway this morning. A large container truck hit a small black sedan. Both vehicles fell from the highway, and when the black sedan rolled into the river, it exploded.

Yi Fans voice got softer. There were two females in the sedan. From the news I received, they were Princess Lucy and Miss Nan.

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