Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 701

Chapter 701 It Cant Be Her

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Mu Sihan was shaken to the core when he heard Yi Fans words.

The fingers that were about to type in the password tightened. His dark and sharp eyes stared at Yi Fan fixedly, and he frowned. What did you say?

Yi Fan did not dare to look at Mu Sihans expression and he lowered his head, his voice even lower. Miss Nan and Princess Lucy were the ones in the car that exploded.

Mu Sihans handsome face darkened instantly.

He stood up from the leather chair too quickly and violently that his knee hit the desk with a loud bang. It was painful to hear but he seemed to feel nothing, looking at Yi Fan fixedly with his deep dark eyes.

The lips under his tall nose were drawn into a sneer.

Although Yi Fan was not looking at him, he could feel the temperature around them dropping significantly.

Yi Fan, do you know what youre saying? Mu Sihans voice was cold, like he would skin Yi Fan alive and swallow him if he said such nonsense again.

Yi Fan mustered up his courage and said, Young Master, its true. Ive sent people over and people from the Qiao family are also there.

Mu Sihan stepped out from behind the desk and came up to Yi Fan, the hand grabbing Yi Fans collar so strong that he was almost lifting him up. Lucy is going back to the neighboring country with Lous today. With Lous supervising her, how can she and Nan Zhi be in the same car?

Mu Sihan used a lot of strength and Yi Fan did not dare to struggle, letting him hold his collar and said without daring to take a breath, Im not sure, but from what I know, Princess Lucys car stopped Miss Nan while she was on her way to work.

Even though Mu Sihan did not believe it, Yi Fan had described everything so vividly that he had to believe it.

All his strength seemed to have been taken away suddenly by a huge syringe.

Releasing Yi Fans collar, Mu Sihans tall body stepped back a few steps.

He put his hands on the desk, the vein on his forehead throbbing. He said in a strained voice, Then how is she?

In fact, he had a bad feeling in his heart, or Yi Fan would not have such a grim look.

But he did not believe that she would be involved in an accident

Perhaps, the car exploded and she was only injured, there was no danger to her life.

But, Yi Fans next words were like thunder crackling by his ears.

The car exploded. Theres little chance of survival.

In todays developed automobile industry, car accidents occurred every day in the world.

But he had never thought that she would be the one involved

Yi Fan saw Mu Sihans tensed face and his heart clenched. The atmosphere in the office was deadly silent and suffocating.

Mu Sihan closed his eyes, and the image of him and her lying on the bed kissing that morning appeared in his mind. Her beautiful face seemed to be in front of him, and if he closed his eyes, he could feel her fresh fragrance and soft lips.

Find out which hospital shes in. He refused and did not want to believe that she was killed in the explosion.

Yi Fan nodded. Okay.

Mu Sihans tall body leaned against the desk.

The hands on the table were pressed so hard on the table so hard that the knuckles were turning white.

His expression was still dark but his consciousness had drifted away. He looked at Yi Fan in a daze, seeing his mouth opening and closing like he was asking about something, but he could not hear a single word.

Yi Fan used the corner of his eyes to glance at Mu Sihan while calling to confirm the accident. Yi Fan had been with him for many years and had seldom seen him looking so distraught.

A few minutes later, Yi Fan finished the call.

He went up to Mu Sihan and said, Young Master, it has been confirmed that the two women in the car were burnt to death. His Highness Lous and the Qiao family are now at the mortuary.

Mu Sihans hands that were on the table, slowly clenched into fists, the veins on the back of his hands protruding.

He straightened his body, his dark eyes shining as an uncontrollable myriad of emotions exploded out. He cried out coldly, No, nothing will happen to her!

Then, he strode out of the office.

In the corridor, he met Ye Yanfeng, who was going downstairs too.

Seeing Mu Sihans dark and gloomy expression, Ye Yanfeng lifted his eyebrows slightly.

Mu Sihan did not take the elevator and rushed down the emergency stairs.

Ye Yanfeng had his two hands in his pockets, a puzzled look in his eyes as he watched Yi Fan chasing after Mu Sihan, who had bolted down the stairs.

He asked the assistant behind him, Did something happen?

The assistant shook his head. Nothing serious happened other than a car accident on the highway this morning. But the media have not reported the highway accident, it seems the news has been held down.

Ye Yanfeng raised his eyebrows thoughtfully. After a few seconds of silence, he said to the assistant behind him, Find out whats with the car accident. Is someone Ye Sihan cares about involved?


Yi Fan drove Mu Sihan to the mortuary.

On the way, a lot of calls related to work came in but he ignored them.

He seemed to have been hit on the head, his thoughts were hazy and his heart empty.

Yi Fan knew he was anxious and drove as quickly as he could. It was a forty-minute journey but it only took around twenty minutes to get there.

As the neighboring countrys princess and the Qiao familys granddaughter were involved in this accident, many police were outside the mortuary.

When the car stopped, Yi Fan opened the passenger door and looked at the man whose face was cold, with a chilly air exuding from him. Yi Fan said cautiously, Young Master, were here.

Mu Sihan lifted his eyes and looked outside.

A prickling pain appeared in his temples.

Young Master.

Mu Sihan got out of the car with a cold expression.

Yi Fans contact was waiting at the entrance for them.

Your Highness, Butler Yi, this way please.

Yi Fan looked at the man whose every step was like stepping on sharp knives and wanted to help him, but the man was giving out a coldness that kept people away, making him unable to get close.

As soon as he entered the mortuary, Mu Sihan heard gut-wrenching sobs.

Those voices It was An Feng and Madam Qiao.

Mu Sihans empty heart clenched tightly, as if an invisible hand had grabbed it and twisted it with barbed wire.

Taking a few steps forward, he saw Madam Qiao and An Feng embracing each other and crying bitterly, Qiao Yanze stood aside, his eyes red and bloodshot. The overwhelming look of depression on his face showed that he seemed to be on the verge of breaking down.

Standing opposite him was Lous with the same heavy expression.

Mu Sihan went to Qiao Yanze with heavy steps, his hands grabbing his collar. It isnt true, right? Shes fine, isnt she?

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