Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Pain

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Mu Sihan was grabbing Qiao Yanzes collar tightly, and had completely lost the manner of a Crown Prince. His handsome face was grim and distorted, his eyes filled with a crazed, tremendous panic.

Qiao Yanze looked up at Mu Sihan who was too close.

Suddenly, he raised his fist and punched Mu Sihan in the face without any care.

Almost all of his strength was exerted.

Mu Sihan was in a state of despair and seemed to have lost all his strength. With Qiao Yanzes sudden punch, his tall body was thrown back a few steps.

A burning pain came from where he was punched.

But he seemed to feel nothing at all, and used his hand to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth.

Yi Fan saw that Mu Sihan was punched and wanted to go forward with the bodyguard, but Mu Sihan lifted his hand, stopping Yi Fan.

Qiao Yanze was also in sorrow and walked towards Mu Sihan with reddened eyes. I should have stopped you two from getting together. Shes not fit to be a consort. The unpleasant woman youve provoked ended up taking her life! Qiao Yanze shouted furiously, and because he was too agitated, his hands were clenched tightly into fists, so hard they were turning white.

Mu Sihans body swayed unsteadily and he did not answer Qiao Yanze, his mind was buzzing and turned blank.

The world was spinning around, he felt like he was falling apart, and piercing pain was spreading through his body. His heart also clenched tightly painfully.

He had never felt so afraid and cold before!

It seemed like he was having a fit, his body was trembling violently.

When Qiao Yanze saw that Mu Sihan was as upset as he was, he put down the fist and did not punch him again.

Closing his red eyes, his tall body slowly fell, as if all his strength was drawn away by a mysterious force.

Xiaoying, the maid who had come over with Qiao Yanze, handed him a clean handkerchief. Young Master, if you want to cry, just let it out!

Qiao Yanze looked up with his red eyes at Xiaoying, whose face was stricken with tears. He lowered his head slowly, putting his forehead on her shoulder.

Xiaoying lifted her hand and gently patted his slightly trembling shoulders.

Mu Sihans chest hurt badly and his consciousness seemed to be have been pulled away by a deep black void.

The emotions surged out from deep inside his heart like a tidal wave, one wave after another as if to swallow up all of his organs.

Such emotions made the locked up emotions deep inside him seemed to want to break free and pour out.

He closed his unusually red eyes and opened them again, looking towards the police officer. Take me in to see her.

The officer knew who Mu Sihan was and did not dare disobey his order.

The officer took Mu Sihan into the cold chamber.

Qiao Yanze did not stop him.

He knew that apart from Nan Zhis family and friends being sad, it was the most difficult for Mu Sihan to accept that something had happened to her.

Walking into the cold chamber, he was met with a gust of frozen air.

Mu Sihan felt his legs turning weak, and like there was a hand squeezing his heart, making his breathing painful.

His eyes were red but no tears came out.

The officer took him to one of the bodies covered in white cloth and said respectfully, Your Highness, the body was already burnt when it was carried out

Before the police could finish speaking, Mu Sihan lifted the white cloth.

An unbearable burnt smell instantly attacked his nose and Mu Sihan clenched his jaw tightly when he saw that she was burnt so badly she was beyond recognition.

He suddenly caught a glimpse of what she was wearing around her neck out of the corner of his eye.

A ring that was burnt by fire.

Mu Sihan snatched up the ring.

Memories flooded into his mind.

Before going to Yukou border, he had proposed to her and given her this ring.

The style, workmanship and the diamond embedded inside, was clearly the ring he had given her.

That night, she had looked at him brightly with a brilliant smile. I wont wear it until you come back and propose to me.

But when he had come back, too many things had happened.

He had become indifferent to feelings after removing the parasite, and drifted away from her.

But she had still stayed by his side.

Silently bearing with his coldness and indifference.

He knew she felt wronged and upset, but he was so focused on his work he had never thought of taking the time out to be with her.

When he knew that it was the aftereffects of removing the parasite, he wanted to make up for it, but now all that was left of her was the charred remains of her corpse, burnt so badly he could no longer even recognize her.

A strained hand moved towards what was left of her face. He could no longer see her beautiful eyes filled with so much life, her flawless face as she flushed a deep pink, her soft lips when she smiled, her many expressions

Mu Sihan dared not look anymore. He covered the cloth back with trembling fingers, as if the body lying there was not Nan Zhi if he did not look.

When the car rolled down the hill, Miss Nan was stuck under the seat. Princess Lucy was probably in a better position and climbed out from the window, but her legs were injured and the car exploded very quickly. She has also lost her life. But she was not as burnt as Miss Nan, at least her face was still visible.

Mu Sihans hands clenched into fists, his knuckles cracking and his expression was very dark. Did you find out what caused the accident?

The officer replied, The brake of a truck went out of control and the driver also died after falling down the hill.

When Yan Hua received the news and rushed to the mortuary, Mu Sihan was just coming out of the cold chamber.

Seeing the grieving Qiao family and the red-eyed Mu Sihan, Yan Hua was shocked and sucked in a cold breath.


Bo Yan followed behind Yan Hua and when he saw her swaying, he wanted to hold her but she waved his hand away.

Yan Hua did not have the courage to enter the cold chamber. Her gaze landed on the handbag beside An Feng.

It was Zhizhis favorite bag.

Yan Huas heart wrenched in pain. She went up to An Feng, whose eyes were red and swollen from crying, and said hoarsely, Auntie, is it true? Zhizhi, she

An Fengs lips trembled and clutched the bag in her arms, heartbroken and inconsolable. When she was taken to Princess Lucys car, Princess Lucys bodyguard did not let her take her phone. These were all left in her car.

The tears swimming in her eyes suddenly rushed out in a stream of unending tears.

She did not understand why this had happened.

Things were finally starting to look up for Zhizhi. Why did such a terrible thing happen?

Why had they taken her daughter away from her so suddenly?

It did not take long for Ye Yanfeng to know why Mu Sihan had left in such a hurry.

Nan Zhi and Lucy had both died at the same time.

This was really unbelievable.

The assistant looked at Ye Yanfengs unreadable expression and said cautiously, Your Highness, I heard that the Fourth Prince has been very depressed because of this incident! Although the Queen confirmed that he will be the Crown Prince during the meeting this morning, it is still not announced to the public yet. I think you still have a chance to

Ye Yanfeng waved a dismissive hand to interrupt his assistant, his eyes looking into the distance gloomily. Ive applied to the Queen to go to Yukou border for an inspection for a month.

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