Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 703

Chapter 703 : He Loved Her

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On the day of the cremation of Nan Zhi, Mu Sihan did not go anywhere.

He was handling work affairs normally in the office.

Yi Fan came in several times. The ashtray on his desk was overflowing with cigarette butts.

On the day of Nan Zhis accident, the surveillance cameras on the highway were broken. Only the bodyguards of Princess Lucy had witnessed the scene when the truck had lost control and crashed into the black car.

Nobody knew why Lucy had snuck out that day to look for Nan Zhi.

He wanted to lie to himself, tell himself that the person in the car was not Nan Zhi.

But he had checked the dash camera on Nan Zhis car and she had definitely gotten into Lucys car that day.

During the day, he worked as if everything was normal, and in the evening, he would go to the place where her accident happened and stand there for almost half the night.

If only he had proposed to her earlier, put that ring on her finger and had not neglected her after coming back from Yukou border. If only he had sent her to work that morning himself

If only he had done more.

Then would the accident not have happened?

Or, as Qiao Yanze had said, could she have avoided this tragedy if she was not together with him?

They had said he was a jinx and that the people around him would leave one by one.

He did not believe it and thought that he was strong enough to be able to control everything. But now, he only knew how weak he was, watching his woman leave under his eyes!

What strength? What protection? He was not the almighty God!

What had he worked so hard towards?

It had all been for her. Read more chapter at vipnovel

But now she was gone. What did he even have left?

Throwing down his pen, he leaned against the leather chair, his slender fingers pressing against his throbbing temples.

Her delicate and beautiful smile appeared in his mind and he choked up. No matter how calm and confident she seemed, she was actually just a woman, with a delicate and sensitive heart. Like all girls her age, she would have been hurt, been afraid.

But what had he done for her recently?

He looked up at the ceiling not moving, as if he was frozen, like a cold statue.

When Yi Fan came in again, that was all he saw.

Mu Sihans mind was full of Nan Zhi. Nan Zhi when she was arrogant, when she was giggling, when she was shy, stubborn, cold Images from the time he had known her kept flashing past in his mind.

This was the first time after removing the parasite that he clearly felt his love for her!

Like poison that delved deep into the bones, it had already entered his organs, becoming a part of him.

His suppressed emotions surged out like a tide.

He realized her importance, realized his obligation to her, realized that he not only had responsibility for her, but also deeply imprinted her in his heart!

But it was too late.

He had realized it all too late.

He closed his eyes and trembled uncontrollably.

It had been three days since her accident and he had hardly slept.

At this moment, the physical and mental fatigue made him drift into sleep.

But he did not sleep deeply. In his hazy consciousness, he seemed to see a girl in a white blouse and black skirt. She was standing beside his car with an umbrella. She smiled at him, her dimples showing and it was beautiful.

She was beautiful.

His lips lifted up into a smile and he reached out his hand to hold her hand that was holding the umbrella. Kitten, youre back. I knew you would come back

His hand was about to reach her hand but she stepped back with a laugh. Mu Sihan, come and catch me, come

Her laughter was crisp as a bell and seemed to be by his ear, but she was slowly disappearing from his sight.

His was in a panic and reached out his hand quickly to grab her. Kitten. dont run. If you run, see how Im going to punish you!

I was wrong. I shouldnt have neglected you previously. Come back, come back He was anxious and afraid and called for her in a deep and hoarse voice.

Again and again.

Yi Fan looked at Mu Sihan, who was having a nightmare and went up to him. Young Master, Young Master, youre having a dream!

Mu Sihan was covered in cold sweat, and he opened his eyes when he heard Yi Fans voice, grabbing Yi Fans arm, afraid that the person he had caught would disappear again.

His breathing was heavy and his dark eyes were bloodshot. It seemed he hadnt regained his senses from the nightmare and he said hoarsely with his eyes lowered, Ive caught you. Dont go anymore.

Yi Fan felt terrible, looking at Mu Sihan.

Young Master had a hard time getting to this point, but Miss Nan was not here. His heart must be bleeding!

Mu Sihans gaze gradually turned clear.

After seeing that it was Yi Fan he was holding on to, he released his hand and his handsome face turned calm again.

Young Master, I have already found the surveillance videos you have asked me to find of the truck at other sections of the highway.

Mu Sihan sat upright and took the thumb drive from Yi Fan.

Plugging it into the computer, he zoomed in on the appearance of the truck driver.

Is there anything suspicious about the driver?

The drivers name is Li Ren. He used to be a van driver. He got his truck driving license six months ago and bought this truck with a loan. He has a wife and they have a good relationship. At present, I have not found anything suspicious.

Mu Sihan had his hand on his forehead, and he seemed extremely lonely. I have a feeling that this incident is related to that mysterious person. Could it be that Lucy knew something and he wanted to kill her?

But Young Master, Ive found nothing suspicious on Li Ren. The police had also checked the truck and it really was the failure of the brakes that caused such a tragedy.

Mu Sihan waved his hand. You can leave first.

In the evening.

Mu Sihan let Yi Fan drive him to the cemetery.

It was drizzling and Yi Fan held an umbrella for Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan waved the umbrella away. Dont follow me. His usually low and cold voice was hoarse and dull. It was painful to hear him.

Walking up to the top of the mountain, his hair and the shoulders of his suit were covered with a layer of rain.

There were two figures standing in front of the newly erected tombstone.

One was Linger and the other was Gu Sheng.

Hearing sounds, Gu Sheng turned his head and looked towards Mu Sihan who was walking over.

Gu Shengs complexion was not much better than Mu Sihan, and his eyes were also red.

The moment Mu Sihan appeared, the usually gentle man suddenly clenched his fists.

I thought you would protect her if she was together with you. How could you lose her? Why couldnt you protect her? How frightened do you think she is, lying alone in the lonely underground? Shes still so young and beautiful, how can she

He had once used his life to cherish her. He thought that if she left him, she could blossom beautifully and happily, but in the end, it had ended so tragically

Little Flower She had always been so bright and beautiful, but upon her death, she was burnt beyond recognition.

How painful would it have been was when the fire was spreading all over her body, burning her alive!

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