Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 704

Chapter 704 He Came Looking

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Gu Sheng grabbed Mu Sihans collar tightly, his handsome face tensed and looked as if he wanted to skin Mu Sihan alive.

Linger looked at the tension between the two men with her eyes red. She stood up from the ground and stood behind Gu Sheng, hugging him from behind. Brother Ah Sheng, Mr. Mu must feel even more terrible. And if Sister Nan knew this, she would not want to see you both like this

Gu Sheng was in an extreme state of sadness and could not listen to Lingers advice. He shouted with a cold voice, Go away!

Linger was pushed by him and fell to the ground.

She had suffered a gunshot wound to her chest and although she had recuperated for a few days, it had not fully recovered. When he pushed her to the ground, it was so painful that she could not make a sound.

Gu Sheng noticed that something was wrong and released his hold on Mu Sihans collar. He went to Linger, frowning slightly. Sorry, I just

Linger shook her head. I know you didnt mean to, you dont have to apologize. Linger reached out her fair hand and pulled gently at Gu Shengs sleeve, saying softly, Brother Ah Sheng, I can understand your mood with Sister Nan meeting with an accident. Its like when I lost Master, but nobody wants such a tragedy to happen. Dont blame Mr. Mu.

Gu Shengs eyes were red and he lowered his head, his emotions tensed and suppressed.

Mu Sihans dark gaze landed on Gu Sheng. Looking at his sadness and pain, he slowly looked away and his eyes stopped at the photo on the tombstone.

It was a photo of her standing in the sunshine and smiling, her long hair flowing around her. She looked beautiful, her eyes were bright, her lips ruby red and teeth pearly white. Looking at the photo, it seemed like she was standing right in front of his eyes.

Yi Fan waited in the cemetery for nearly two hours before Mu Sihan came back down.

His tall body was shrouded in the wet drizzle and under the dim street lamp, it made him look even more bleak and lonely.

The news of Miss Nans car accident was blocked and was not announced to the public.

Young Master Xiaojie still did not know about this and the cremation and burial were also carried out without him knowing.

The accident had happened so suddenly that nobody could have expected it.

Back at Crown Palace, Mu Sihan was in the childrens room with Xiaojie to read books, play games and he even bathed Xiaojie himself.

Before bed, Xiaojie blinked his glass-like big round eyes and asked Mu Sihan by his ear, Daddy, is Pretty Zhizhi going to be on her business trip for long? Why cant she use her phone? I really miss her!

Mu Sihan hugged Xiaojie on Xiaojies small bed. He looked at the dark night sky, saying in a deep and hoarse voice, She went to a very remote place with no signal.

Xiaojie did not ask further because he knew that in Pretty Zhizhis life, there was not only him, but her love for her job too.

As her darling, he must be obedient and try not to let her worry about him.

Daddy, I heard from Uncle Yanzhi that the boys in the royal family have to undergo devils training, learning all kinds of skills. I want to learn them too.

Mu Sihan looked down at the little fellow in his arms, his dark eyes narrowed slightly. Devils training will be very tough, youre still young.

I heard from Uncle Yanzhi that Daddy went for the training when you are around my age. Im Daddys son so Im not afraid of suffering! When I grow up and become capable enough to protect Daddy and Mommy, Ill take you to travel around the world.

When Mu Sihan heard Xiaojies words, he felt a stinging pang in his eyes.

He touched Xiaojies head. Okay, when youre having your holidays, Daddy will take you there.

Lucy and Nan Zhis accident made the relationship between the two countries, which had finally relaxed, tense again.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Especially at Yukou border, which was still being rebuilt.

In the border area, there would be occasional clashes between the soldiers of the two countries.

Shangguan Wan brought Little Xingxing with her to Yukou border and arranged for Little Xingxing to live in the city with the servants. She herself went to the border.

The environment and climate of the border were bad, and the bleakness and desolation left behind by the war could be seen all around.

When Shangguan Wan arrived, she dealt with a minor conflict that erupted between the two countries in a sweeping manner.

The situation here was too unstable. She called the servants to take good care of Little Xingxing. It might be ten days or even two weeks before she could return to the city.

That day, Shangguan Wan took more than ten soldiers to patrol the border and after that, when they returned to the camp, Captain Jiang reported to her, An hour ago, the military region called and said that the Fifth Prince will be coming down for inspection tomorrow morning.

Shangguan Wan was pouring water out of a thermos and when she heard Captain Jiangs words, her hand shook and some hot water spilled onto the back of her hand.

Lieutenant, are you okay?

Shangguan Wan looked at the back of her hand which was scalded red. She endured the pain and shook her head calmly. Im fine. Go ahead and carry on with your work!

At night.

Shangguan Wan lay on a simple wooden bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

Why would Ye Yanfeng come here for an inspection?

Was it because of her?

The more Shangguan Wan thought about it, the more she could not sleep.

She turned over, her fingers clenched into tight fists and she punched the wooden bed, hard.

She had already left to such a remote place to avoid him as much as she could.

Why was he like a ghost following her around?

Shangguan Wan only slept for an hour after tossing and turning till late into the night. When the horn sounded, she got out of bed and went with the soldiers for training.

After training, Shangguan Wan ate breakfast and looked outside.

Heavy snow was falling from the sky.

The roads were difficult to walk on at the border and under such bad weather, it was difficult for the fleet of cars to enter.

Ever since she had received the news that Ye Yanfeng was coming, her face was tense and at this moment, a faint smile appeared.

God had forbid him to come.

Naturally she was happy.

Sure enough, she did not receive any further notice of Ye Yanfeng coming in the morning.

At noon, Shangguan Wan went to the dormitory to rest. When she was in a groggy state of sleep, she suddenly heard the sound of helicopter propellers outside.

Shangguan Wan thought she was dreaming and used her pillow to cover her head.

But not long after, there was knocking on the door.

Lieutenant, are you awake?

Hearing Captain Jiangs voice, Shangguan Wan removed the pillow and sat up on the bed.

After smoothing out her military uniform, she put on her military boots, walked quickly to the door and opened it.

Lieutenant, His Highness is here.

Shangguan Wans lifted her eyebrows and her expression changed. He still came when the snow is so heavy?

Captain Jiang saw Shangguan Wans expression and thought that she was nervous because of the Fifth Prince. He comforted her by saying, Lieutenant, His Highness has a noble status. The conditions here are simple and his inspection should not last more than two days.

Shangguan Wan nodded. Hopefully!

Returning to the dormitory to get her hat, Shangguan Wan strode towards the training grounds.

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