Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 705

Chapter 705 Blood Spurting Scene

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When Shangguan Wan arrived at the training grounds, three helicopters had descended to the ground in an orderly fashion.

Although she did not like Ye Yanfeng, she had to remember her own status on such occasions.

He was a prince and she was just an officer stationed at the border.

Shangguan Wan and Captain Jiang were standing straight at the front of the troops, waiting for the people in the helicopter to come down.

The door of the helicopter opened and a group of trained bodyguards in black came down.

Soon after, a tall figure appeared at the door of the helicopter.

The man was wearing a tailored suit, a black woolen overcoat over it and leather gloves on his hands. The cold wind outside blew, lifting the corner of his overcoat with a chilly feeling.

His height of 1.8 meters perfectly combined a noble and wild aura.

Underneath his neat hair was a beautiful face, a delicate handsomeness that seemed to have come out from a comic book.

He stood at the helicopters door, looking down at the soldiers in the training ground, like a king, making people be willing to submit to him.

His beautiful and devilish upturned eyes eventually landed on Shangguan Wan who stood in front of the troops.

It was still snowing heavily and the top of her head and shoulders of her military uniform were covered with a layer of white. She was wearing a military cap, her small face bright, like a touch of spring in between the white sky and earth.

Ye Yanfengs gaze stopped on her for a few seconds before he looked away.

He then strode down from the helicopter.

Looking at his imposing, wild figure, and untouchable aura, the soldiers below did not dare to breathe.

Captain Jiang had met Mu Sihan before and his impression was that the Fourth Prince was cold with an aura that kept people away, but after interacting with him, he found that the Fourth Prince was cold outside but warm inside.

And the Fifth Prince felt like he was even more difficult to approach then the Fourth Prince. The Fifth Prince did not look cold, but the aura exuding out from him was dangerous and made it difficult for people to approach.

Shangguan Wans hands were pressed against her pants. It was cold but a thin layer of sweat covered her hands when she saw Ye Yanfeng coming over.

When Ye Yanfeng came down, Shangguan Wan had to go up to him and greet him.

Standing in front of Ye Yanfeng and looking at his handsome face, Shangguan Wan stretched out her hand with a stiff smile. Welcome, Your Highness.

Although she was uneasy, she was still generous and polite on the outside.

Ye Yanfeng looked at Shangguan Wans hand, the back of her hand still slightly red and did not know if it was because she had stood for too long in the cold.

In the cold weather, she was not wearing a coat and the tip of her nose, blown by the cold wind, was slightly red. But she was not fragile like a girl and showed the perseverance and tenacity of a soldier!

Ye Yanfeng half narrowed eyes met with her beautiful eyes.

There was no emotion on her face, she completely treated him as a superior.

Ye Yanfeng laughed coldly in his heart. This womans superficiality was done well!

Her face was calm, but she might be cursing him in her heart.

Ye Yanfeng went past Shangguan Wan without any expression and took off his gloves, shaking hands with Captain Jiang who was behind her, then greeted the soldiers.

He completely ignored Shangguan Wan.

Shangguan Wan looked at her hand that was still stretched out and she pursed her lips, drawing back her hand.

Ye Yanfeng, this bastard who used his position to get even with her, he did not even give her some respect!

Only when he had gone a distance away did Shangguan Wan react. Her face darkened and she followed behind.

The feather-like snow landed on the top of Ye Yanfengs head and the bodyguard wanted to hold an umbrella over him, but he waved his hand and refused.

Shangguan Wan looked at his well-dressed appearance and could not help scolding him in her heart, calling him, A beast in human clothing.

If she had not known how perverted and indecent he was in private, she would really have thought that he was very noble

Ye Yanfeng arrived at Shangguan Wans office.

The living conditions here were tough and the office had only a desk, a cabinet and two chairs.

Ye Yanfeng looked around and frowned slightly. Call Shangguan Wan over.

Captain Jiang responded and hurried out.

Soon after, Shangguan Wan came in.

Looking at the tall figure standing by the window, Shangguan Wans expression turned cold. Why did you come here for an inspection?

Ye Yanfeng turned around, his eyes landing on Shangguan Wans icy face, and a smirk appeared on his lips. Why do you think?

Shangguan Wan looked at his dangerous, cynical and incomprehensible face and her expression darkened. The conditions here are not good, you wont be able to get used to living here. Go back after your inspection today!

Ye Yanfeng had one hand in his creaseless pants pocket and he found it funny when he heard her words. His lips lifted up and his smile was as cold as the snow outside. Im the Fifth Prince, when is it the lieutenants place to instruct me on what I want to do?

Although he looked like a character out of a comic book, when his expression darkened, his aura would turn cold too and the surrounding air seemed to freeze in an instant.

Shangguan Wan looked at his dangerous and serious look, and could not say anything more.

He was right, in terms of rank, she was really not qualified to make arrangements for him, let alone tell him what to do.

After reporting the latest information of the border to him, Shangguan Wan went out of the office.

Captain Jiang was waiting outside and when he saw that Shangguan Wan did not look that good, he asked softly, Did His Highness make things difficult for you?

Thinking of how Ye Yanfeng only discussed work with her in the office just now, she felt that she was unable to understand him. Seeing Captain Jiangs concerned gaze, she shook her head. No, its just that he was more serious when he was working than I thought.

At night.

After a busy day, Shangguan Wan felt a little tired. She was fine before Ye Yanfeng came, but once he came, her body was tense and now she felt even more tired than before.

Even subconsciously, it was like she had to constantly be on guard.

After washing up, out of habit, Shangguan Wan took her binoculars up to the top floor of the dormitory.

Every night before going to bed, she would look around the camp.

The border could not be compared to a city, or even an ordinary town. There were no street lights around and was dark, making it seem a bit oppressed and heavy.

Shangguan Wan leaned against the balcony for a while after finding no abnormalities.

After the war, this place had been completely devastated, leaving it bleak and deserted.

Shangguan Wan took a breath of cool air and was about to return to the dormitory when she suddenly heard a sound coming from the dormitory across. She quickly picked up her binoculars.

A tall figure was picking up a basin that was dropped on the ground and went into the bathroom. When she used the binoculars to look over, he was taking off his clothes and she saw his lean waist.

After taking off his shirt, the man unfastened his belt and took off his pants.

There was only black underwear left on his firm and lean body.

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