Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Heart That Turned Cold

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Shangguan Wan was dazed and forgot to take the binoculars away.

Although Ye Yanfeng had donethat thingto her, she had never seen his body.

Through the binoculars, the man suddenly seemed very close.

His skin was a healthy color, his muscles beautiful, and he had a strong physique, with no excess flesh, his skin toned and charming.

He had his back towards her and was standing under the dim lights, his skin seemed to be covered with a soft halo, his shoulder blades bulging, like a pair of beautiful and sexy wings. HIs waist was strong and slender, his buttocks firm and perky, and those long legs that were concealed with power

Shangguan Wan frowned.

Doesnt this person close the door when taking a bath?

Just when she was about to look away, he suddenly turned around.

She accidentally glimpsed the front of him

His chest muscles were perfectly balanced, and exuding the beauty of pure masculine strength. With broad shoulders and narrow buttocks, the build of his body was only enhanced by his tall stature, making him look exceptionally strong, sexy and wild.

There was no shower here and he took water from the basin, using a towel to wipe his body.

The drops of water rolled down from his chest to his waist. Those strong muscles that were exposed, his firm waist and sexy Apollos belt

He suddenly pulled down his black underwear.

When Shangguan Wan saw that, her hand shook and the binoculars fell under the railing.

Hearing the sound of the binoculars being broken, Shangguan Wan was annoyed.

Damn it, what the hell was she doing?

Peeping at the man she hated the most taking a bath?

The image of him pulling his underwear down appeared in her mind and although she had quickly looked away, that glimpse still frightened her.

No wonder it hurt so much when he raped her

Stop stop stop!

What on earth was she thinking about?

Shangguan Wan patted her face, turned around quickly and went downstairs.

Looking at the broken binoculars on the ground, Shangguan Wan strode over to pick it up.

Bending down, she was about to pick it up when suddenly a long hand, picked up the broken binoculars first.

The man was wearing a pair of long pants and a white shirt. He must have come out in a hurry as his shirt was not tucked into his pants but hung out loosely, only a few buttons were fastened and his firm and strong chest muscles could be faintly seen, exuding a little wildness and charisma.

Shangguan Wans gaze was fixed on his waist.

Although he was annoying, he did have an undeniable manly presence.

Miss Shangguan taking a binoculars and looking at a man taking a bath at night? The man said lazily above her head and without looking up, Shangguan Wan could feel his mocking eyes. Why are you staring at my crotch? Havent seen enough yet?

Shangguan Wan took in a sharp breath .

She looked up at the mans handsome face and squeezed out a forced smile. Men are all the same, do you really think youre that good looking?

She had just finished speaking when her delicate chin was pinched tightly by him.

As his devilish face approached her, she had no choice but to meet his eyes. Being so close, she realized that his eyelashes were black and long, and even thicker than hers. Meeting his eyes, she felt like she was dropped into a bottomless pool.

As the air pressure gradually decreased, the mans breath landed on her, and the sudden intimacy made Shangguan Wan frown.

She had grown up in the army and most of the people she dealt with were men.

There were also good looking ones.

But a person like Ye Yanfeng was rare. His eyes alone made her feel suffocated if she stared at them too long.

Dangerous and wild, the turbulent emotions surging in them were what she could not understand.

If Im not good looking, why are you using the binoculars to look? Ye Yanfengs upturned eyes were full of danger and his calloused fingers rubbed the corner of Shangguan Wans lips. Or youre too starved and want to be loved?


Shangguan Wan lifted her hand and slapped his face.

In fact, she did not hit his face but his cheek. He could avoid it but he still took the slap.

Shangguan Wan regretted it almost immediately after slapping him.

Because the mans eyes sparked like a wild beast, and she felt that she had fallen into his trap.

Sure enough, a few moments later, his deep voice sounded by her ear. Ill give you two choices. One, follow me back to my room. Two, run twenty laps. If you cant, you wont be sleeping tonight.

There was no hint that he was joking or any expression on his handsome face.

The hands hanging by Shangguan Wans sides clenched into fists and she felt like a firecracker being ignited. Ye Yanfeng, youre doing this on purpose, arent you? There are so many places you can inspect, why do you have to come here? You havent played enough in the Capital and still want to come here

Before she could finish, he interrupted her with a cold laugh, anger in his eyes, his breathing slightly heavy. Yes, I f*cking want to torture you. You dont want to run? Fine, come to my room now!

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed her wrist.

Shangguan Wan gritted her teeth, her breathing showing her unflinching stubbornness. Go to your room? Ye Yanfeng, go dream your grand dreams! I would even fall in love with a pig before I like someone like you! And, do you have low IQ? I said before, Im not the person youre looking for, why are you chasing me still?

She looked at him, her words cold. Dont say twenty laps, Im willing to run to death for 200 laps than to come to your room as you wish!

Ye Yanfengs mouth twitched slightly and his gaze looking at her seemed like he wanted to devour her whole. As you wish, 200 laps!

Shangguan Wan took a deep breath, said nothing and ran to the running track with her head high.

The sky was dark and the snow was still falling relentlessly. The cold air sucked into her lungs was so cold that she shivered.

Ye Yanfeng, who was wearing thin clothes and pants, stood by the side, looking at the slender Shangguan Wan, who was running seriously, and a complicated look flashed past his eyes.

Despite the cold weather, Shangguan Wan was sweating profusely and when she passed Ye Yanfeng who was standing there, she would grit her teeth and report the number of laps she had run.

She had already finished her tenth lap.

When she was at her twentieth lap, her legs were slightly numb and seemed to have lost all feeling.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

If she fell, she would get back up again and continue running.

She was a soldier and was not afraid of pain and tiredness. What she was afraid was being ridiculed and tortured by Ye Yanfeng.

When she was on her thirtieth lap, Ye Yanfeng saw that a layer of frost had covered her eyelashes.

She still did not stop, and when she fell and could not stand up, she did not want to give up. Putting her hands on the ground, she crawled forward bit by bit.

Ye Yanfeng stood in the cold wind like a sculpture, motionless, his body was so cold it was like it was frozen, but compared to the coldness of his body, his heart was colder!

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