Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Have You Missed Mee?

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Ye Yanfeng stared fixedly at the woman crawling on the ground.

The usual smirk on his handsome face was gone and he was even more cold.

People who knew him well would not know that because of a woman, he had become an ordinary person who was troubled by love.

Even he himself did not understand why he was so crazy over this woman.

Looking at how she was willing to die from exhaustion, rather than to beg him for mercy, Ye Yanfengs heart trembled.

He slowly lifted his head and caressed her small face through the air at a distance. His fingertips seemed to touch her tender skin, and he stepped back and pressed his temples.

Sometimes, he did not know why he was so persistent, but he did not dare to stop. If he gave up, they would really be separated from each other and would no longer have any contact again.

The thought made him unable to leave her alone.

He knew that she was unwilling to look at him and there was little hope, but he still refused to let go.

Persistence had already penetrated into his bones, and perhaps until death, there was no way to let go.

It took Shangguan Wan nearly ten minutes before she got up from the ground again.

Her legs were already stiff like they were filled with lead.

But when she passed Ye Yanfeng, she gritted her teeth and ran past him proudly as if nothing was wrong.

She was panting heavily, her breath ragged and irregular.

As she was about to go past him, he suddenly moved and appeared in front of her.

Shangguan Wan almost fell on Ye Yanfengs body.

Her long eyelashes lifted slightly and she looked at Ye Yanfengs beautiful face. Although he did not run, he was not faring any better, standing in the cold wind on a chilly night.

A thin layer of snow covered the top of his head, and his eyebrows and eyelashes were also wet. When he stared at her with narrowed eyes, it was like he was an angry beast exuding a dangerous aura.

Shangguan Wan looked away, and broke the silence between them coldly. There are 170 laps left.

Hearing her words, Ye Yanfeng laughed.

Thirty laps was already killing her, she still wanted to run another 170? Did she really want to die?

Ye Yanfeng stepped forward, his cold hand pinching her also cold chin, and said nothing else, biting her hard on her lips.

Shangguan Wans lips were already frozen without any feeling left, and with his sudden angry bite, the pain caused her frozen blood to surge again in her body.

Ye Yanfeng only bit her once.

Blood seeped out from the cut on her lips and he stuck out the tip of his tongue, licking it lightly. Ill take that benefit in place of the 170 laps. You dont have to run anymore.

Shangguan Wan was angry at his attitude and she wanted to say something, but if she was honest with herself, she was too tired. Lowering her eyes, she said coldly, I wont thank you.

Seeing her regain her vigor, he smirked. You have never thanked me.

Shangguan Wan turned around and walked stiffly back to the dormitory. When she was going up the stairs, her legs were so weak they felt like cotton.

Every step was hard.

Just when she clenched her jaw, preparing to go up in one breath, her body was lifted and she was carried in someones arms.

Shangguan Wan did not scream or struggle.

She just closed her eyes, not looking at the man carrying her.

Ye Yanfengs arms were strong and there was no trace of shaking when he carried her in his arms.

Shangguan Wan knew that she was unable to break free in her situation now, so she could only let him be.

Ye Yanfeng carried Shangguan Wan to her dormitory and threw her on to the bed roughly.

Bending down, he reached out to peel off her wet clothes.

Shangguan Wan grabbed the back of his hand.

Ye Yanfeng looked at her eyes, which were dark and without any brightness, and his eyebrows lifted up slightly. What do you think I want to do?

Shangguan Wans voice was hoarse. I dont know what youre trying to do, but dont touch me.

Ye Yanfengs eyes on her turned cold.

As if she could not feel his coldness and anger, Shangguan Wan turned her face away, not looking at him.

He glared at her for nearly a minute, as if he wanted to bore two holes on her. But she ignored him stubbornly.

Ye Yanfeng gritted his teeth with his face red and stormed out of the room furiously.

Following that, Ye Yanfeng did not embarrass Shangguan Wan. He put all his energy on the construction and recovery of the Yukou border.

He no longer paid attention to Shangguan Wan, and he only communicate with Captain Jiang if there were any work problems.

During meals, he only sat with Captain Jiang, and if Shangguan Wan came over, he would leave.

One day after lunch, Ye Yanfeng said to Captain Jiang, Everyone has been working hard lately so Ive arranged some activities to boost morale. In the afternoon, there will be an art troupe coming and they will be doing a charity performance tomorrow. There will also be a blind date activity. Captain Jiang, register those soldiers who are single and get the activity started up.

Captain Jiang told the soldiers the news during the afternoons training.

The soldiers were excited.

When Shangguan Wan came over, she saw the soldiers cheering.

She called Captain Jiang aside. Why are they so happy?

Captain Jiang told Shangguan Wan about the activity the following evening.

Hearing the plans, Shangguan Wan pursed her lips thoughtfully.

His Highness is much more capable and open-minded than I had expected. He only just arrived and carried out the road construction for us, even installed heating in our camps

Shangguan Wan said nothing.

After interacting with Ye Yanfeng, she found that he was not just a playful person, but also had good working ability. He was also resolute, with the noble air of a king.

Captain Jiang looked at Shangguan Wan and said with some hesitation and embarrassment, Lieutenant, theres something I dont know if I should ask.

Shangguan Wan hummed. Just ask!

Actually, on the night you were punished by His Highness to run laps. I saw the two of you

Shangguan Wans eyebrows shot up. Theres nothing between us, dont think too much about it.

Four oclock in the afternoon.

Several military vehicles came to the camp.

Coming down from the vehicles were beautiful and young ladies with graceful figures.

Beautiful women!

When the soldiers who were running, saw the beautiful girls, they couldnt help but glance over constantly.

Shangguan Wan walked forward to welcome the head of the art troupe.

In the evening, Shangguan Wan went to the canteen to have dinner. Unexpectedly, she did not see Ye Yanfeng.

Recently she had become accustomed to Ye Yanfengs indifference, and knew not to sit with him.

Although he disliked seeing her, he did not give or receive preferential treatment and had his meals with the soldiers in the camp.

After dinner, Shangguan Wan still did not see YeYanfeng.

Shangguan Wan did not care much, since he would not die of hunger without eating a meal.

Coming out of the canteen, Shangguan Wan went towards the office building.

As she approached the stairway, she suddenly heard a coquettish laugh. Your Highness, we havent seen each other for so long. Have you missed me?

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