Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 708

Chapter 708 A Sour Smell In The Air

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When Shangguan Wan heard that coquettish laugh, her legs that were about to go up the stairs, stopped abruptly.

Retreating to the corner, Shangguan Wan looked at the stairway.

She saw a tall girl in military uniform with her hands wrapped around the mans neck. Standing on tiptoes, she leaned against the mans firm chest.

The man was leaning against the wall lazily, a long leg bent. He let the woman hug him, he did not pander her, nor did he push her away.

From Shangguan Wans angle, she could see the man with one glance.

The outlines of his side profile were handsome and exquisite like a character from a comic, but he had a mature but playful air.

When Shangguan Wan regained her senses, she frowned.

These two people were too careless about the influence they were causing!

After all, this was a camp and if other soldiers saw it, how bad would the influence be?

The woman hugging Ye Yanfeng was called Chu Chu, and was the daughter of the head of the art troupe.

She was as beautiful as a flower, tall and slim, and when she smiled, it was lively and looked somewhat similar to Shangguan Wan.

Ye Yanfeng looked at Chu Chus smile and his slender fingers lifted her chin, a devilish smile on his lips. How could I not think of such a beautiful person?

Chu Chu pouted her lips and pounded Ye Yanfengs chest with her fist. But you havent contacted me for so long. Did Your Highness find someone better than Chu Chu?

Ye Yanfeng suddenly grabbed Chu Chus wrist, spinning her around. Their position changed and Chu Chu was pressed against the wall by his tall body.

He leaned over and said two words in Chu Chus ears, Thats right.

Shangguan Wan did not hear what Ye Yanfeng said to Chu Chu, nor did she see the expression of Chu Chu, who was blocked by Ye Yanfeng. She only saw the two of them being intimate and from her angle, Ye Yanfeng seemed to be kissing Chu Chus lips.

Shangguan Wan frowned even more.

Just when she was hesitating on whether to remind them or to turn a blind eye and leave, a deep and penetrating gaze landed on her suddenly.

Ye Yanfeng had noticed her.

A meaningful expression appeared in that pair of devilish and beautiful eyes and his eyebrows lifted slightly.

Shangguan Wan had no time to hide when she heard the mans teasing and mocking voice. Miss Shangguan, why dont you change your habit of peeping at people?

Shangguan Wan was not a very feminine person and was always frank and forthright in everything she did, but her face turned red when faced with Ye Yanfengs gaze.

The image of him pulling down his underwear and revealing an indescribable area appeared in her mind.

Shangguan Wans face turned even redder, her gaze became cold and she went straight to the stairs.

When Chu Chu saw Shangguan Wan, she lowered her head shyly, her forehead against Ye Yanfengs shoulder.

When Shangguan Wan passed by them, she said seriously, This is a camp. If you want to be intimate, please go back to your room. Be mindful of your influence and how you are seen by others.

After Shangguan Wan went upstairs, Chu Chu could not help muttering, Many people used to say that she was a tomboy. Although she is beautiful, she is not feminine at all. It seems like its true. No wonder the Fourth Prince divorced her!

She had just finished speaking when she found that something was wrong. She looked up and met with the mans cold eyes.

It seemed like he was going to kill her if she said anything more.

Chu Chu was puzzled and opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, she was pushed away roughly by the man.

Shangguan Wan almost ran back to her office.

Slamming the door shut, she leaned against the door, her chest heaving up and down.

Why was she so uncomfortable seeing Ye Yanfeng flirting with another woman?

He was a perverted gigolo!

She felt sick at the thought of how he had kissed her with those lips that had kissed who knew how many women!

The camp became lively with the arrival of the women in the art troupe.

The next day when she went patrolling at the border, the soldiers all had happy smiles on their faces.

They were all looking forward to the performance and blind date in the evening.

In the evening.

After Shangguan Wan had dinner in the canteen, the auntie of the dormitory called Shangguan Wan aside.

Waner, you should apply some makeup later!

Shangguan Wan smiled. Theres no need, Im not performing on stage.

Those girls are all dolled up. Youre no worse than them. After putting on makeup, youll definitely look better than them.

Shangguan Wan smiled. Auntie, are you saying I dont look good if I dont put on makeup?

No, no. I just feel that if you have makeup on, you will look even better. Better than that girl, Chu Chu.

Shangguan Wan smiled but said nothing.

At seven oclock in the evening.

Shangguan Wan went to the performance hall. As soon as she entered, she saw Ye Yanfeng, who was sitting in the first row. Chu Chu sat on his left, and Shangguan Wan did not know what they were talking about, but Chu Chu was smiling brightly.

Ye Yanfeng was not in a suit but wore a military uniform. Shangguan Wan seldom saw him dressed like this and she had to admit after wearing the military uniform, there was less languidness to him and he looked more serious and heroic.

Captain Jiang pointed at the empty seat on the right of Ye Yanfeng. Lieutenant, this is your seat.

Shangguan Wan walked over with no expression on her face.

The man beside Shangguan Wan seemed unaware of her arrival. He was leaning towards Chu Chu, and were whispering to each other.

Shangguan Wans eyes turned dark and she felt that these two people were too unaware of their actions.

The charity performance officially began.

Shangguan Wan sat upright and watched the girls performance.

After each performance, the audience would erupt into a warm applause.

The last segment was Chu Chus solo dance.

Chu Chu was slim, tall and as beautiful as a flower. Her appearance attracted everyones attention. When she went on the stage, her dance movements were accurate, graceful and was naturally charming and refined.

Shangguan Wan glanced at the man on her left with the corner of her eye. She saw his legs crossed over gracefully and his slender fingers were tapping on his knee rhythmically to the beat of Chu Chus dance.

He was focused with an appreciative smile on his lips.

Shangguan Wans beautiful face tensed and she picked up the cup with water, drinking two mouthfuls.

Suddenly, a devilish voice sounded by her ear. Miss Shangguan, why are you drinking from my cup?

Shangguan Wan looked down and saw that she was holding the cup from Ye Yanfengs side and her heart trembled.

Putting down his cup heavily, she said with a dark expression, Who asked you to put it on my side?

In her dark eyes, there was a trace of coldness and his handsome face was reflected in his eyes. He gave a handsome and devilish smile. Why is your temper so big? Did yourrelative1come?

Shangguan Wan was stunned for a few seconds before she understood what he meant. She then said to him angrily, It should be your relative who came! No wait, its not your relative who came, its your old lover!

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