Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Sleepless Night

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Ye Yanfengs eyes looked away from Shangguan Wan and onto Chu Chu, who was performing on stage. A devilish smirk lifted his lips. Chu Chu is good.

Shangguan Wan laughed coldly and did not look at Ye Yanfeng again.

Chu Chu really danced well. Her body was soft and fluid like water, and the slightest facial expression was eye-catching.

Shangguan Wan clenched her jaw.

She did not know why she was feeling so uncomfortable, and that thought alone made her incredibly frustrated.

Ye Yanfeng had let her go and was together with his old lover. Wasnt that a good thing for everyone?

A handsome man and beautiful woman were a perfect match.

As long as he was no longer getting involved with the Shangguan family, whatever he did had nothing to do with her!

Shangguan Wan comforted herself and the suffocating feeling in chest dispersed.

She did not notice that Captain Jiang, who was sitting on the other side of her, was looking at her.

Looking at her angry face, he frowned even more.

After the performance, the blind date activity began.

Chu Chu stood in front, her gaze fixed on Ye Yanfeng. Your Highness, arent you single as well? Come up!

The soldiers started to hoot and whistle.

Shangguan Wan, whose expression was cold, looked over at Ye Yanfeng. As a prince, surely he wouldnt go up for this type of social activity!

When this thought flashed past her mind, she saw the man beside her standing up.

The hall was filled with cheers and screams.

The girls on the stage, all cast their shining eyes on Ye Yanfeng.

If they could get the Fifth Prince to like them, they would be able to have a stable life and maybe they could even become his consort!

The atmosphere in the hall immediately became hyped up.

When Shangguan Wan saw this scene, she could not help feeling a little upset.

What was so good about this man? The women here did not know how perverted he was in private!

Moreover, he was dissolute by nature and even if he liked a person, he would soon become tired of that person and find someone new.

Shangguan Wan was in a daze when the host suddenly called her, Lieutenant, Captain Jiang and you are single too. Come up and participate!

Shangguan Wan waved her hand, and before she could say anything, Captain Jiang pulled her up. Lets participate together!

Hearing all the cheers, Shangguan Wan had no choice but to stand up.

On the stage, the host requested the men and women participating to do some interactive activities. Finally, it was time for the confession of their feelings.

The girls stood in a line, and the men would give the flower in their hand to whoever they liked.

Shangguan Wan was the officer of the soldiers and was usually serious, so no soldier dared to give their flower to her.

Chu Chu received the most flowers.

Shangguan Wan did not receive any flowers.

The only men on the stage with flowers were Ye Yanfeng and Captain Jiang.

Chu Chu looked expectantly at Ye Yanfeng, and she could not help feeling a little proud when she saw that Shangguan Wan had not received any flowers.

Nobody would like a tomboy.

When Shangguan Wan got married to the Fourth Prince, Chu Chu felt that their marriage would not last because no man would like a woman who wielded knives and guns about without any tenderness!

His Highness and that Captain Jiang would definitely give their flowers to her!

Although everyone liked her, she only had her eyes on His Highness.

Captain Jiang walked over with the flower.

He stopped when he passed Chu Chus side.

Chu Chu reached out her hand, smiled and nodded at him. Thank you, Captain Jiang.

Captain Jiang smiled slightly. Miss Chu Chu, Im giving my flower to the person beside you.

Captain Jiang took a step and stood in front of Shangguan Wan.

When the soliders saw Captain Jiang giving his flower to Shangguan Wan, they shouted, Get together! Get together! Get together!

Shangguan Wan did not expect this.

She had already prepared herself that she would not receive any flowers.

Of course, she did not want anybodys flowers.

Long eyelashes blinking, Shangguan Wan said, slightly embarrassed, Captain Jiang, you

Lieutenant, I have no girls I like and I saw that you have no flower so Im giving mine to you. I hope we can understand each other and continue to be good partners in the future!

Hearing Captain Jiangs words, Shangguan Wan breathed a sigh of relief.

She took the flower and patted Captain Jiangs shoulder. Of course.

When Chu Chu saw that, a look of disdain appeared in her eyes.

Though that was originally what she was trying to say anyway, how could anyone like a tomboy? He pitied her because she did not receive any flowers!

After Captain Jiang had given his flower, it was Ye Yanfengs turn.

Apart from Shangguan Wan, all the other girls were looking at Ye Yanfeng expectantly.

Ye Yanfeng strode towards the girls.

In a military uniform, his face under the brim of the hat was simply beautiful.

Actually, when he was serious, the outlines of his face were somewhat similar to that of Mu Sihan.

When Ye Yanfeng walked towards the girls, he had the corner of his eye trained on Shangguan Wans face.

He did not know what she was thinking, her expression was dazed.

When Ye Yanfeng stopped in front of Chu Chu, Shangguan Wan turned her head away.

Ye Yanfeng wanted to see if there was any change in her expression, but he was disappointed.

Other than coldness, there was a trace of disgust on her beautiful face.

A look of disgust like she was afraid he would give her the flower.

He felt embarrassed and found it a little funny. What on earth did he hope to see from her face?

Pursing his lips, a trace of tiredness appeared in his eyes.

Chu Chu, who was in front, had already stretched out her hand, a bright smile on her face.

Ye Yanfeng smirked. Instead of giving his flower to Chu Chu, he turned around and gave it to the head of the art troupe who was below the stage.

When Chu Chu saw this, her face sank and her eyes turned red as if she was going to cry.

It was late in the night.

After taking a bath, Shangguan Wan prepared to return to the dormitory.

The conversation of two of the art troupe women caught her attention.

Chu Chu is going to meet His Highness at the hillside tonight. Its so cold, if His Highness went to meet her, he must really like Chu Chu!

But if that was true, why didnt he give his flower to Chu Chu?

Giving it to our Head, doesnt it equate to giving it to his future mother-in-law? He was confessing his feelings to her indirectly!

Ahhh, its freezing! What do you think theyll do on the hillside?

What else can a man and woman do? Besides His Highness is at a hot-blooded age!

Shangguan Wan did not want to listen anymore and returned to her room. She lay on the bed, tossing and turning.

Once she closed her eyes, the conversation she heard just now appeared in her mind.

A man and a woman going to the hillside late in the night. Did they have no shame?

Shangguan Wan took her pillow and covered her head.

She forced herself to sleep.

But her mind was unusually alert and irritatingly restless.

Shangguan Wan herself was shocked by her actions when she wore her military coat, hat, gloves, took a flashlight and went out of the dormitory.

What was she going to do?

Why was she even doing this?

To catch adultery in the act?

But Ye Yanfeng was no one to her, what right did she have to do it?

No, it wasnt to catch them in the act. It was just that she did not allow anyone to break the rules and atmosphere of the camp. If they wanted to date, or do other things, they would have to leave here!

That was all there was to it.

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