Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Tingling Kisses Landing Down

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Coming out of the dormitory, Shangguan Wan walked to the hillside behind the camp.

After walking for a while, it was quiet all around but she did not see Ye Yanfeng and Chu Chu.

Shangguan Wan frowned. She stood in a vast white world, suddenly feeling lost and panicked.

Why did she came here in a hurry to see who Ye Yanfeng was with?

He was the person she hated the most!

This was not the usual her. No, it couldnt continue to go on like this!

Thinking of this, Shangguan Wan went down the hill with a tensed face.

But she had just stepped out when a sudden sound of panting caught her attention.

She went forward a few steps towards the direction of the sound.

The sound of the panting was getting clearer.

That soft and crisp sound was the sound of being aroused with passion.

In this frozen and snow covered land, a layer of goosebumps appeared on Shangguan Wans flesh when she heard this.

Shameless! It was so shameless!

In such a harsh environment, he was still able to be passionate. Had he not touch a woman for 800 years?

Shangguan Wan gritted her teeth, the grip on the flashlight tightened. Her face turned dark and she planned to turn and leave, not wanting to listen anymore.

Suddenly, the mans devilish laughter sounded.


Shangguan Wans legs seemed to be filled with lead suddenly, and was unable to move.

Did they find her?

Shangguan Wan looked around, wanting to find a place to hide but the crunching sounds of leather shoes stepping on the snow sounded very quickly behind her.

Shangguan Wans scalp was starting to turn numb.

But since she was already found out, there was no point in her running away.

Turning around, she pointed her flashlight at the person coming over. Im patrolling. Who are you? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?

The man came up to Shangguan Wan in a few big steps and waved away the flashlight in her hand.

Shangguan Wan moved back several steps. She looked around and realized that other than Ye Yanfeng, Chu Chu was not around.

What are you looking for? Ye Yanfeng stepped towards Shangguan Wan, his slender fingers pinching her chin.

Although Shangguan Wan had not been in love before, she was not dumb.

At this moment, she finally understood some things.

Her long eyelashes fluttering, she looked up at the man close to her. Did you ask the two art troupe girls to say that just now?

Ye Yanfeng smirked, not answering.

Shangguan Wan cursed in her heart. Damn it, she had fallen for his trap.

Chu Chu did not ask you over! But thats not right. If she did not ask him over, what was that panting sound she heard?

Perhaps seeing through her doubts, Ye Yanfengs handsome and devilish face approached her, his hot breath landing on her face, a wicked smile on his face. You dont recognize who the one panting was?

How would I know Before she could finish, her eyes widened. When did I do it with you When did you record it?

That was her voice, but thinking carefully, when did she make that sound in front of him?

Naturally, Ye Yanfeng would not tell Shangguan Wan. That time she was drunk, although he did not want her, he still kissed her all over, making her bloom in his kisses.

It was freezing but Shangguan Wan was blushing like she was on fire. She swatted away Ye Yanfengs hand and reached out towards his hand that was holding the phone.

Just when she was about to touch the phone, he raised his hand high suddenly.

Shangguan Wan had no choice but to stand on tiptoes, her body leaning forward. Give me the phone.

Looking at the anger in Shangguan Wans eyes, Ye Yanfeng lifted his eyebrows. Why should I give you my phone? And with what status are you ordering me?

Shangguan Wan was too agitated to care and grabbed his hand to snatch the phone in his hand.

Why are you so shameless?! Only once, when she went to a bar to get drunk and was chased by the mafia, did he take her to a hotel.

When she woke up the next day, she thought nothing had happened.

She had really underestimated how shameless this man was!

Just when she was about to break his arm, Ye Yanfeng changed the phone to his other hand. Shangguan Wan was almost bursting from anger.

She clenched her fist, waving it towards the mans face.

But the man was faster than her, he lifted her chin, and kissed her lips with his head lowered.

Shangguan Wans fist hung in midair.

Her eyelashes fluttered.

When she reacted, she turned her head away.

The man followed and kissed her.

The hot tip of his tongue licked her lips, tracing the delicate line of her lips.

But there were no desire in his eyes. It was only a pious goodbye kiss.

Im leaving tomorrow morning.

Shangguan Wan frowned.

I wont bother you anymore.

Shangguan Wans heart tightened.

His words were already messing with her heart. He was leaving and was not going to bother her anymore.

She should be happy and let out firecrackers to celebrate.

But why was heart so confused?

He was still kissing her and her breath was full of his scent.

Her hands were frozen in midair. Neither pushing him away, nor pandering him.

Her eyes were dazed and full of turmoil.

All she could feel was a confusion in her.

He released her after biting her hard on the lips.

Then in front of her, he deleted that recording in his phone.

After looking at her deeply, he walked past her and left without saying anything.

Shangguan Wan looked down, her heart tightening.

This was a feeling she had never experienced before.

She did not know what was wrong with her.

She had never liked any man and had never fallen in love before. The marriage with Mu Sihan was just a partnership between mutual parties.

They did not like each other and there was no love involved.

As for Ye Yanfeng, she clearly disliked and hated him, wanting to avoid him at all costs whenever she saw him.

But when he said those words, she felt a twinge of pain in her heart.

Her heart was so confused.

Closing her eyes, she did not turn to look at him.

After a few seconds, she bent over to pick up the flashlight he had waved to the ground.

Holding the flashlight, she was about to straighten up when suddenly, two slender and long arms held her tightly by the waist.

The strong and powerful body pressed against her hotly.

Shangguan Wan, the man breathed deeply in her ear, gritting his teeth slightly but there was still some doting gentleness mixed with a sentiment that Shangguan Wan did not understand. Is it that difficult for you to admit that you dont hate me that much?

The mans dangerous and burning breath entered her ear. It was numb and ticklish and Shangguan Wan lowered her eyes, trying to push his arms away.

But the next second, the mans lips and tongue landed on her cheeks and ears like a flickering flame.

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