Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 712

Chapter 712 He Had A Premeditation That He Would Get Her

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Shangguan Wan looked at Chu Chu, whose expression was angry and scornful, and she frowned. Seduce? Dont you have any idea who seduced whom?

Chu Chu got up last night to use the bathroom and saw Ye Yanfeng coming out of Shangguan Wans room. And not long after that, he had left.

It must be because Shangguan Wan did something that made him leave in such a hurry!

She never thought that Shangguan Wan, who was not gentle at all, was so popular with men!

Looking at Shangguan Wan, whose expression was cold and fierce, Chu Chu was so furious her features were distorted into an ugly expression. I want to seduce the Fifth Prince, but I have no boyfriend, nor have I divorce before with some children in the background. Me and him are a true match. What about you? A divorced woman, and his ex cousin-in-law. If anything between you and him gets out, how is he going to conduct himself in the future?

Shangguan Wan clenched her jaw. Who are you to tell me what to do!

Chu Chu eyes turned red from anger and when she thought of how the man she had liked for so long was actually interested in a tomboy, she felt upset and bitter. B*tch! Slut!


She had just finished speaking when she was slapped.

Shangguan Wans slap was brisk and crisp.

She was someone who practiced martial arts and the strength of her palm was greater than that of an ordinary woman. Chu Chu fell to the ground from that slap.

Shangguan Wan went up to her, looking down at her. Watch your mouth in the future or else everytime you scold me, Ill hit you once. Only next time, I wont be using only 5% of my strength.

Chu Chu covered her cheek that was burning with pain and her tears fell uncontrollably.

She was beaten so badly that her teeth seemed to have loosened and she said it was only 5% of her strength? If she used all her strength, she would disfigure her!

Chu Chu struggled to get up from the ground.

Although she hated Shangguan Wan in her heart, she dared not be hasty in front of her.

She could only endure it and ran away, trembling.

Shangguan Wan entered the dormitory and sat on the bed, feeling slightly tired.

She caught a glimpse of the rubbish bin from the corner of her eye.

She had not thrown the rubbish away this morning and she could see a torn packet of condom.

Shangguan Wan lay down on the bed and put her hands behind her head, a mocking smile on her lips.

Ye Yanfeng must have premeditated this!

He came here for inspections and even brought condoms.

Was he sure that he could sleep with her?

Damn it!

She was really smitten by him!

Shangguan Wan grinded her teeth. He had better not let her see him again. Otherwise, she would not be able to control and shoot him dead!

Turning over, Shangguan Wan still felt sore between her legs. It only because more distinct and painful with this movement.

Closing her eyes, her mind was full of images of them being intimate last night.

She patted her head hard and said silently in her heart, Sh*t!

Perhaps she was too tired, both physically and mentally. After a while, Shangguan Wan fell asleep.

Knock knock knock!

There was a knock on the door and Shangguan Wan opened her eyes.

She lifted her hands and looked at her watch.

She had slept for over two hours.

Putting on her military boots hurriedly, she opened the door.

Captain Jiang stood breathlessly at the door. He wiped at his forehead and looked at Shangguan Wan. Lieutenant!

Shangguan Wan seldom saw Captain Jiang look so anxious and she had a bad feeling in her heart. Whats wrong?

Chu Chu went out of the camp.

A murderous air exuded out from Shangguan Wan and her beautiful face darkened. Where did she go?

She went over the border and was captured by the soldiers from the neighboring country.

Anger appeared in Shangguan Wans eyes. The art troupe was leaving in the afternoon, but this had happened to Chu Chu. If anything happened to her, their whole camp would be implicated.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Didnt the soldiers stationed at the border see her?

She crossed the border when they were changing shifts.

Shangguan Wan gritted her teeth, her face tensed and her eyes seeming to be on fire like she wanted to kill someone.

Recently, the relationship between the two countries had dropped to a freezing point, and the other party had been provocative and stirring trouble. Now, Chu Chu ran over there and hit the muzzle herself.

Shangguan Wan went back into her room to get a coat then went down the stairs quickly.

The head of the art troupe was about to come up to look for Shangguan Wan and when she saw her coming down, she said with her eyes red, Lieutenant Shangguan, our Chu Chu was caught because of you. You must rescue her!

Captain Jiang frowned. Captain, what youre saying is not right. How is it that our Lieutenant caused Miss Chu to be caught?

Chu Chu said that you hit her, right? I, as her mother have never even laid my hands on her since she was young, but you Forget it, nows not the time to pursue this. I just want our Chu Chu to be safe! Lieutenant Shangguan, youre the officer here, you have a responsibility and obligation to rescue our Chu Chu!

Shangguan Wan suppressed her anger and pressed at her eyes. I will deal with this matter.

Shangguan Wan took Captain Jiang to the office to have a brief meeting.

The neighboring country has the support of Country M and their weapons and equipment are much more advanced than ours. The number of soldiers stationed by the border are also several times larger than ours. Its impossible to just barge our way through. Shangguan Wan stood in front of the map and pointed. Their camp is here, and is surrounded by strict security. We can only sneak in when its dark to find Chu Chu.

Lieutenant, Ill go after dark.

Captain Jiang had been a scout and Shangguan Wan believed in his scouting abilities. She nodded. Be careful.

After Captain Jiang found out where Chu Chu was imprisoned, Shangguan Wan immediately made a decision. Tomorrow evening Ill dress up as the lady who deliver meals and replace Chu Chu. Captain Jiang, youre responsible for bringing Chu Chu back safely! Ill try to get the key to the jail and escape when no one is paying attention. Then, Xiaoli will pick me up at the southeast direction. It is not suitable to include many people in this operation, so as to not alert the enemy and cause disputes between the two countries.

Captain Jiang looked worriedly at Shangguan Wan. Lieutenant, I think its too dangerous for you to replace Chu Chu. Why dont we find someone who looks like Chu Chu from the art troupe

Before Captain Jiang could finish, he was interrupted coldly by Shangguan Wan. Are you sure we wont have to carry out a rescue again, using a girl from the art troupe?

The next evening.

Along with a five-member elite team, Shangguan Wan went to the camp of the neighboring country by the border.

Captain Jiang had already scouted the situation here yesterday. In the evening, a woman dressed in a long robe with her face covered would deliver food to Chu Chu. Shangguan Wan knocked the woman out, changed into her clothes, picked up the basket and went to the cell where Chu Chu was imprisoned.

There were several soldiers with guns guarding outside the cell and Shangguan Wan went in with her head bowed.

The guards glanced at her then opened the cell door.

Shangguan Wan entered the cell and quickly took out a set of clothes from the basket and handed it to Chu Chu. Change into them, take the basket and go out. After a hundred meters, turn right and Captain Jiang will pick you up from there.

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