Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 713

Chapter 713 He Came At The Critical Moment

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Chu Chu looked at Shangguan Wan and knew that she was here to save her. She quickly took off her clothes and threw them at Shangguan Wan, then changed into the long robe and covered her face with the veil.

Almost immediately after changing, Chu Chu picked up the basket and went out of the cell without looking at Shangguan Wan or thanking her.

Following Shangguan Wans orders, Chu Chu lowered her head, trying not to show her panic.

When she arrived at the place Captain Jiang was waiting for her, she let out a sigh in relief. It was only then that the hatred in Chu Chus heart ignited again, when she thought of how Shangguan Wan had slapped her and how Ye Yanfeng went into Shangguan Wans room.

A trace of darkness flashed past her eyes and she suddenly fell to the ground.

The fair legs under the robe were exposed.

The guard glanced at Chu Chu a few times.

Chu Chu quickly got up and left.

When she saw Captain Jiang, she said softly, Lets go!

It only took about 30 seconds for the guard to react.

Wasnt the woman who delivered food everyday tanned? How could she have such fair legs?

The guard ran to the cell immediately.

Seeing the woman crouched in the corner with her head down, he strode over.

Raise your head!

Shangguan Wan cursed in her mind. She had planned to escape when the guards relaxed their vigilance when they changed shifts.

Now that the guard came in so quickly, could it be that Chu Chu was found out?

Shangguan Wan had no choice but to raise her head as she saw the guard pointing a gun at her.

Shangguan Wan raised her head slowly, and when the guard wanted to take a look at her face, she suddenly threw a handful of ash at the guards face.

In the next second, Shangguan Wan grabbed the gun in the guards hand while he was blinking and kicked his stomach, then chopped him at the back of his neck.

After the guard fainted, Shangguan Wan quickly changed into his clothes, took his gun and opened the cell door.

Shangguan Wan frowned as soon as she opened the door and saw the situation outside.

More than a dozen soldiers with guns had their eyes set on her.

An officer even carried a rocket launcher with him. Because of the border problem, he had dealt with Shangguan Wan before and when he saw her clearly, he smiled. Lieutenant Shangguan Wan in the flesh. To think that you would come in person to save one of your own! Put down the gun in your hand, or well shoot!

Already discovered, Shangguan Wan knew that she was not capable of escaping alone.

She put down the gun and raised both of her hands slowly.

That officer came up to her and grabbed her hair, hitting her head to the walls twice and then ripped off the communicator in her ear.

Shangguan Wan tolerated the pain and kept silent.

We lost two of our soldiers because of the last conflict. What do you think I should do to avenge them? The officer smiled coldly, suddenly taking out a small white bottle. He opened the bottle and forced the contents in it into Shangguan Wans mouth.

Lets play a game. Youll start running now and if you can run back to your camp, Ill let you go. If you cant, my soldiers and I will play with your body.

A murderous look appeared in Shangguan Wans eyes. Although she was dizzy, she did not hesitate and pushed the officer away, running straight outside.

But she had only run a short distance when she felt that something was wrong with her body.

The blood in her body began to surge violently.

Her face was flushed red, her breathing quickened and her breath became hot.

She ran to a crossroad and was confused, she didnt know which direction to run.

She bit her lip so hard the skin broke, the smell of blood filling her mouth, making her sober for a few seconds.


She ran towards the southeast direction.

No, if she ran towards the southeast direction, it would implicate the person picking her up.

Shangguan Wan ran towards the opposite direction.

Behind her, the officer was chasing after her.

Looking at the direction Shangguan Wan was running, he smiled. Shes running towards the training ground.

When Shangguan Wan realized something was wrong, it was too late.

Numerous soldiers came towards from all directions.

She wanted to run back but the officer was coming over slowly with soldiers from the compound.

Just like prey being attacked by wolves in the forest, she had nowhere to go.

The growing thirst in her body was like a heat wave, surging towards her, and the empty feeling in her legs made them weaken uncontrollably.

She bit her lip hard, trying to clear her mind and focus.

However, her vision grew blurry and her strength seemed to be drawn away by a huge syringe.

The people who surrounded her seemed to have seen a delicious prey, each with a faint blue glint in their eyes.

Shangguan Wan breathed heavily and her heart was in her mouth.

Grasping for the dagger at her waist, she glared angrily at them with her reddening face.

The men seemed to have not seen a woman for some time and when they saw the charming and handsome Shangguan Wan, they could not help swallowing their saliva.

Shangguan Wan had already slipped the dagger into her sleeve.

She would slit the throat of whoever touched her first.

Although death was the only way out for her, she would rather die than be humiliated by these people.

From the day she entered the army, she was ready for sacrifice.

But after having Little Xingxing, she had her qualms

But she knew that she was different from ordinary mothers. In her heart, the country would be first, followed by family.

After Little Xingxing was born, she had already left him enough assets.

Even if she lost her life here, Mu Sihan would take care of Little Xingxing!

Shangguan Wan looked at the officer, her eyes red, and she said breathlessly, Since I cant escape, then, Ill serve this officer first!

The men in the training ground laughed wickedly.

Everyone of them looked at Shangguan Wan with a dark lust.

I didnt expect the female officer of Country S to be so promiscuous!

The officer touched his chin, looking at Shangguan Wan with a meaningful look. Its just that Im not interested in promiscuous women. But, my brothers here are different, they have not touched a woman for a very long time.

Several soldiers rushed excitedly towards Shangguan Wan after getting permission.

Shangguan Wan quickly slashed at them on the shoulders with her dagger.

F*ck! You b*tch! The officers expression darkened when he saw that Shangguan Wan was able to hurt people even when she was drugged. He waved his hand and shouted, Everybody on her! I dont f*cking believe all of you cant conquer a woman!

During the fight, Shangguan Wans dagger was taken away.

Under the influence of the drug, her actions were slower than usual.

Her body was pushed to the ground by a couple of tanned hands. She struggled to get up, but countless people came onto her.

In her blurred vision, she only saw the eyes burning with desire. A sluggishness took away all of her energy and she couldnt move, couldnt push those lecherous hands away.

Several buttons of her clothes were torn off and someone was pulling her legs apart roughly.

No! Stop!

Shangguan Wan experienced for the first time a desperate feeling of fear and panic.

Biting her lip, she tasted the metallic taste of blood at the tip of her tongue.

But she couldnt move.

Just when she thought she would never be able to escape this, a military vehicle crashed through the fencing, rushing in at an insane speed!

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