Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 714

Chapter 714 Like A Hero Saving Her

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Just when she thought she would never be able to escape this, a military vehicle crashed through the fencing, rushing in at a manic speed!

Shangguan Wans heart turned hot and her hopeless heart became alive again.

Because she saw the driver through the windshield. Although the person wore a mask, covering himself tightly, those pair of eyes were Ye Yanfengs.

She did not understand why a person who had left the border would be here. But she had to admit, with his arrival, she saw a ray of hope.

Trying to control the agitated feelings in her heart, she kicked away one of the soldiers who was on her with her face calm.

As the car sped up, the soldiers who were besieging Shangguan Wan all dispersed, fearing that they would be squashed flat by the car tyres if they were slow in getting away.

Shangguan Wan took the opportunity to get up from the ground.


Before she could walk, her right thigh was shot.

That officer had fired at her.

Shangguan Wans eyebrows jumped and her injured leg almost fell to the ground.

At that moment, the speeding military vehicle stopped by Shangguan Wans side. The door opened and a tall figure came down from the car.

The man was in a black robe with a black mask and his face could not be seen clearly, but his gaze was dangerous and cold, exuding a bloodthirsty air.

Their gazes met and darkness surged in his eyes.

His gaze conveyed a kind of comfort to her, as if to say, Dont be afraid, Im here.

Shangguan Wan had not shed a tear when she was being humiliated by the people or when she was almost killed by the gunshot.

But at this moment, she felt choked up and a drop of crystal-like tear slid out from the corner of her eye.

The heart that was in her mouth seemed to have found a place to settle down and slid back down.

He pulled Shangguan Wan and stuffed her into the car. Then he slammed the door shut.

The loud sound made everyone tremble slightly.

Before most of the soldiers could respond, Ye Yanfeng took out a sharp knife, pegging it at the wrist of officer with the gun.

He was so fast that the officer could not respond in time.

There was pain in his wrist and his gun dropped to the ground.

Ye Yanfeng went up to the officer in a few big steps, and with a flick of his wrist, a M1911 appeared in his hand.

He pointed the gun between the eyes of the officer.

At the same time, several guns were pointing at Ye Yanfeng too.

But there was no fear in his eyes. His gaze was as sharp as knives and the officer trembled slightly under it.

This person must not be someone easy, judging from the strong aura coming out of him.

After Shangguan Wan was pushed into the car by Ye Yanfeng, she sat at the drivers seat, looking at the situation outside.

Countless number of guns were pointed at Ye Yanfeng.

It frightened and shocked her to the core.

She was a soldier and it was not that she had not seen bloody scenes, this was the first time she had seen such a scene.

A man came to save her in spite of everything.

He was a prince! His life was much more valuable than hers!

Shangguan Wan bit her lip, her gaze fixed on Ye Yanfeng. She was afraid that he would be shot by the people.

The officer looked at Ye Yanfeng who was pointing a gun at him and he laughed coldly. Its impossible for you to escape from here. Put down the gun and dont put up a fight. I can still let you have a full body when you die!

Ye Yanfeng narrowed his menacing looking eyes. Fine, lets see whose gun skills are faster and more accurate.

The officer looked at the dark muzzle pointing between his eyes, his expression dark. If you shoot, you will die a horrible death!

I dont think me and her would be lonely with you to accompany us on the journey to the underworld!


This person was a lunatic who was not afraid of death!

He knew that he would still die whether he shot or not, but he was still provoking him!

Order your men to put down their guns!

The officer laughed and remained unmoved.

Ye Yanfeng glanced at the officers bleeding wrist and smirked. Do you feel that theres something wrong with where youre injured?

The officer looked down.

He realized that the blood that was oozing out was black.

Theres poison on the knife?!

Ye Yanfengs voice turned cold, with a dignified air to it. Tell them to put down their guns!

The officers forehead was covered with cold sweat and he glared at Ye Yanfeng, never expecting that this person was so despicable and shameless, using such low means!

The officer looked at the soldiers holding the guns and ordered, Put down your guns!

Ye Yanfeng strode forward, strangling the officers neck with one hand and the other pointing the gun at his head.

When Shangguan Wan saw this, she ignored the pain in her thigh and started the engine. With a boom, she drove the car to the front of Ye Yanfeng.

Ye Yanfeng pulled the officer into the car.

The officer shouted angrily, You will only continue to worsen the relationship between the two countries if you do this!

Ye Yanfeng and Shangguan Wan ignored the officer. Shangguan Wan slammed her foot on the accelerator and the car took off.

Those soldiers would not let go so easily and they got into other cars and started to give chase.

Shangguan Wan went on at full speed.

But this was the other partys territory after all. When they were almost caught up to, Shangguan Wan suddenly slowed down and said to Ye Yanfeng, who was at the back, Push him down!

Ye Yanfeng met Shangguan Wans eyes through the rearview mirror and understood her intentions immediately.

He pushed the officer out of the car with no hesitation.

The cars behind all slowed down when the saw the officer falling out as they were afraid of knocking into him.

And in that short period of time, they lost sight of the military vehicle in front.

Shangguan Wan turned a few corners and the car suddenly stopped with a clang.

Shangguan Wan started the engine again but it did not start.

She frowned and looked at Ye Yanfeng. You drove their car?

Ye Yanfeng took off his mask. How else do you think I was able to drive over their border to save you?

Shangguan Wan pretended that she did not hear the mocking in his tone and pursed her lips. They must have a tracker in their car. The cars locked and we have to leave quickly, otherwise they will catch up to us!

They pushed open the car door at the same time and jumped out of the car.

Looking at Shangguan Wans injured leg, Ye Yanfeng came up to her. Come on up, Ill carry you.

Shangguan Wan did not shy away and climbed onto his back, wrapping her hands around his neck, a hint of a smile that she herself did not notice on her lips. Thanks.

Whats there to thank? Treat it as a reward after sleeping with you!

Shangguan Wans expression changed and she pinched the mans ear. What do you treat me as? A nightclub hostess?

Ye Yanfeng looked sideways at the angry woman on his back and he narrowed his eyes. A hostess cant pinch the princes ears that casually.

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