Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 715

Chapter 715 Together Through Thick And Thin

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Shangguan Wan stared at the man back facing her. Under his messy black short hair was his androgynous charming face, his devilish pretty eyes, his tall nose, his scarlet lips and chiselled chin

He looked natural and unrestrained, but he also looked like nothing could take his attention.

From the outside, this man was basically the male version of an elf that charmed everyone.

Shangguan Wans heart skipped a beat uncontrollably. When he looked over to her, she moved her eyes hurriedly.

Noting her flushed cheeks, Ye Yanfeng raised an eyebrow slightly. Why? Are you charmed by me because Im too handsome?

His words were seemingly careless, but his eyes were fixed on her face, wanting to see all of the minor expressions on her face.

Shangguan Wan naturally would not admit to it. Lifting her chin up to look up at the sky, she merely replied him, Its too cold here.

Ye Yanfeng smirked devilishly. Is it? Why arent my cheeks flushed from the cold then?

Shangguan Wan scoffed. Who would be as thick-skinned as you are?

She might not have noticed it herself, but her hateful and impatient tone when she spoke to him in the past had unconsciously changed a little.

Ye Yanfeng spoke softly. Hows your leg?

The bullet is still inside, so it would be impossible to say that it doesnt hurt. Seemingly thought of something, Shangguan Wan could not help but ask, Didnt you leave already? Why did you suddenly come over to save me?

Chu Chus mother called me to say that she was in trouble.

Shangguan Wans long lashes fluttered. Her smiling face immediately darkened.

It turned out that he had come for Chu Chu!

It seemed like Chu Chu was rather important to him!

She even thought that he was still infatuated with her shadow!

Chu Chu has been saved by Captain Jiang, they should be at the camp by now!

Hearing the womans dry tone, Ye Yanfeng raised an eyebrow, smiling unconsciously. Why are you so stupid?

Shangguan Wan turned towards the mans exquisite side profile, speaking, Am I as stupid as you are? You clearly knew that there was danger here, but you still came alone to save me!

Ye Yanfeng smiled, not having the chance to say anything when a thunderous gunshot rang out suddenly.

Theyve caught up!

They hadnt left the neighboring countrys borders, so they could only run towards the woods in front of them.

Shangguan Wan turned around to glance behind her.

All she saw was flying dust.

It was probably because the neighboring countrys soldiers had caught up to them.

Ye Yanfeng, its too dangerous here! How about you leave me here and go back yourself

Before she could finish her words, the man interrupted her angrily. If I was going to leave you here, whats the f*cking point for me to come here to save you?

Shangguan Wans lashes fluttered.

Their eyes met, his fierce and dangerous eyes looking like he wanted to swallow her alive.

From now on, you have to stay alive properly for me! His voice was chilling to the bone, but shocked her as well.

She nodded with slightly wet eyes. Ye Yanfeng, we both have to live!

After that, the two of them stopped talking as he piggybacked her into the woods.

However, the soldiers behind them kept chasing after them. If this continued, the two of them wouldnt be able to survive.

Ye Yanfeng found a small cave and placed Shangguan Wan inside.

Stay here obediently while I go and divert them away!

Shangguan Wans heart trembled terribly.

The moment Ye Yanfeng turned around, she stopped him.

Her eyes were already slightly red.

Since she was young, no one had protected her like this apart from her mother.

The warmth she received in her life was way too little.

After she entered the army, she did her best to improve her skills, listen to her father, obtaining achievements for the country to bring glory to the Shangguan family.

Before she had Little Xingxing, her biggest wish was for her younger sister, Shangguan Rao, to have a good future, a nice husband and to not have to be forced into marriage by her father, like her.

She rarely needed other people to protect her, as she had been used to protect others.

After so many years, she even forgot that she was just a woman.

Why do you look like youre about to cry? Ye Yanfeng cupped Shangguan Wans face, his fingers rubbing her corners of her eyes softly. If I die, isnt it fulfilling your wish?

When she hated and despised him the most, she indeed had the urge to shoot him to death.

However, things were always hard to predict. She would have never thought that she would be touched by him one day as well.

You have to stay safe.

Ye Yanfeng stared at her red eyes, his fingers pressing on her lips as he laughed lazily and devilishly. If you want me to be safe, you have to kiss me once.

Shangguan Wan stared at him, unmoving.

He had merely said it randomly since he knew that she wouldnt kiss him. He let go of his hands cupping her face. Im going, stay here obediently.

When Ye Yanfeng turned around, Shangguan Wan suddenly hugged his neck, pressing her scarlet lips on his tightly.

The suffocating feeling of danger made her lose her mind, her rationality slowly being swallowed.

Everything was okay as long as he was fine and safe.

He had to survive.

He had to live!

Her warm and soft lips were mixed with a faint metallic taste, making it feel fiery and crazy.

Ye Yanfengs body froze for a second, his eyes on Shangguan Wan darkening.

When Shangguan Wan moved away from his lips, her voice was slightly hoarse. You must stay safe.

The moment she finished speaking, the man grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her ruthlessly.

Shangguan Wans arms were wrapped around the mans neck, her tongue covered fully by his as she felt like he was going to take in all of the oxygen in her lungs.

Even when he left, her mind was still slightly dizzy.

After Ye Yanfeng managed to divert all of the soldiers chasing them away, he returned to the woods.

He had already contacted his private aids. They would wait until it was time for the soldiers to change their guarding shifts at the borders before they would sneak in and come to get Shangguan Wan and him.

Lucys death had resulted in the worsening relations between the two countries.

This time, it was Chu Chu who crossed the borders first. If he came over to save Shangguan Wan openly and allowed the other party to know who he was, the relations between the countries would worsen and become even more tense.

Ye Yanfeng hurriedly returned to that cave, calling softly, Shangguan Wan.

No one answered him from inside.

At the thought of the possibility that she might have fainted from pain due to her untreated leg injury, he hurriedly bent his waist to enter the cave.

There was no one in the narrow and small cave.

Furrowing his eyebrows, his eyes were filled with anxiety.

Taking out a torchlight, he shone it around the cave.


All he found were the faint traces of blood in the cave.

He then found a bloodied shoe by the side of the cave.

Ye Yanfengs expression immediately changed.

His tall figure shook and his expression turned as he became extremely agitated, as if there was an invisible force hitting his chest. It was so painful he felt like all of his energy were being sucked away.

He stood in front of the cave, staring at the snow-covered woods. A frosty breeze blew over, and he felt a bone-chilling coldness from head to toe.

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