Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Curling Up In His Embrace

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A while after Ye Yanfeng diverted the soldiers away, Shangguan Wan was met with an equally strong enemy.


Wolves attracted by the strong smell of blood.

As she fought against the wolves, she was accidentally bitten and left a shoe behind when she was running away.

In the end, she lost her footing and fell down a cliff. She was lucky that the cliff was not too deep, and there were woods all around at the bottom of the cliff to break her fall. Since she knew survival tips, she managed to save herself.

However, her injured right thigh was bleeding quite a lot.

Her wound had been injured once more by the wolves, which depleted all of her energy. It was impossible for her to stand, even if she wanted to.

Moving under a tree, she lay on the snow as she looked up at the dark sky.

How was Ye Yanfeng now?

To her, he was merely a privileged prince. She never thought that he would endanger himself willingly for her, that he would not even be afraid of death.

Shangguan Wans long lashes fluttered as she clasped her hands together to pray to the Gods to keep him safe.

After losing too much blood, Shangguan Wan fell asleep in a daze.

When she woke up again, she was woken up by the sound of shaking trees.

Opening her eyes, she looked around her.

There was a dark shadow appearing in the darkness nearby.

Shangguan Wan held onto the dagger in her hand tightly, crouching back bit by bit.

Slowly, three or four wolves stalked over.

They stared at Shangguan Wans eyes, their eyes exuding a predatory gleam.

Live prey that came with a bloody smell made them extremely excited.

Shangguan Wans heart tightened.

Gritting her teeth, she stood up from the floor to hide behind a big tree.

Suddenly, the leading wolf pounced towards her fiercely.

Shangguan Wan picked up her dagger, stabbing at it ruthlessly.

At the same time, the other wolves started to attack Shangguan Wan in unison.

Sh*t!Shangguan Wan cursed in her mind.

To think she had not died in the hands of those soldiers, but would she be torn into pieces by these wolves instead?

Shangguan Wan stabbed the alpha wolfs head with all of her strength. When the wolf fell down, the other wolves continued to snarl, hackles raised as they growled fiercely.

Their growling sounded like they wanted to tear Shangguan Wan into pieces.

Her injured leg was bitten by one of the wolves.


The intense pain from her flesh being torn away made Shangguan Wan furrow her eyebrows tightly.

Picking up the dagger once more, she swung it at that wolf that bit her. However, another wolf jumped over to bite her shoulder in the next minute.

Shangguan Wan fell onto the floor.

Her energy was slowly going away, as she closed her eyes to prepare for her death.


A scorching hot liquid sprayed on her face.

She trembled terribly.

The sharp teeth and pain on her shoulder and calf disappeared suddenly.

She immediately opened her eyes. Watching as the wolves that were attacking her fall one by one, Shangguan Wan let out a loud sigh.

She sat up, her eyes slightly dazed as she stared at the man who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

In this moment, he was like a God that could do everything and gave her an immense sense of security.

He was here.

Her heartbeat quickened uncontrollably

After he stood up, he kept his zipline.

Taking a few steps forward to stand in front of her, he did not say anything but hug her immediately.

His grip on her was so strong that he almost wanted to merge her into his body.

Shangguan Wan felt suffocated from his hug as she coughed slightly, wanting to say something before he pushed her away ruthlessly suddenly.

He glared at her, exuding a terrifying coldness all over him. Did you know that you would be torn into pieces if I came a second too late?

He did not have that usual devilish and uncaring smile he normally had. His eyes were freezing cold and were still slightly panicked from what had almost happened in front of his eyes

Shangguan Wan stared back at him, her heart was trembling from shock.

Because she could read the fear in his eyes.

It was the fear from almost losing her!

Reaching out, she grabbed him hand. You saved me again.

Thats why you have to let me sleep with you again.

If it was in the past, she would really hate it if she heard him say stuff like this.

However, she did not have any reaction now. Instead, she even smiled at him, merely replying, Sure.

Ye Yanfeng wanted to scold her even more, but everything was choked back into his throat after hearing her reply.

He finally said after a long while. I didnt think that your sexual desires would be this strong.

Shangguan Wan was completely speechless.

He was the one who mentioned it first!

Not wanting to continue the awkward conversation, she asked him, Will there be people coming to save us?

Yes, theyll probably arrive in around an hour. Ye Yanfeng crouched down in front of Shangguan Wan to check the injury on her leg. There seems to be a river in front, Ill carry you over to clean your wound.

Shangguan Wan nodded. Alright.

After cleaning Shangguan Wans wound, the two of them leaned against a tree to rest.

Growl, growl

Shangguan Wans stomach suddenly growled at such inappropriate timing.

Covering her stomach awkwardly, Shangguan Wan turned her head, not daring to see Ye Yanfengs expression right now.

Ye Yanfeng wrapped his arm around her shoulder, his handsome face leaning by her ear as he whispered, Hungry?

Shangguan Wan bit her lips. Im alright.

Ye Yanfeng took out a compressed biscuit from his robe, waving it in front of her on purpose. Then you dont want it?

Shangguan Wan swallowed dryly, not shying away at all. Yes, I do.

Ye Yanfeng chuckled evilly. Say something and Ill give it to you.

Shangguan Wan glanced at Ye Yanfeng, the devilish smile on his face giving her a bad feeling. What do I have to say?

Ye Yanfeng is the most handsome and has the best skills in bed in this world. I like him the most!


Shangguan Wan really wanted to vomit.

She had never seen someone so shameless and despicable!

With his skills, how was he the best? She felt uncomfortable every time!

Shangguan Wan hummed. Im not saying it.

Alright, then you can say another thing. Ye Sihan pursed his lips in a half-smile. Ye Sihan is the ugliest, most promiscuous, most shameless in this world and I hate him the most!

Shangguan Wan froze for a second before she glared at him. How is Sihan ugly? Hes really masculine, alright?

Ye Yanfeng raised an eyebrow, his temper coming suddenly. Why are you protecting your ex-husband so much? All of his attention is on Nan Zhi, and he has completely no feelings for you.

Isnt that what you want?

Ye Yanfeng was speechless from Shangguan Wans reply. He did not say anything anymore, merely taking out the biscuit to feed her.

After eating the two biscuits, Shangguan Wan noticed that Ye Yanfengs expression was slightly off. He looked even paler than her and she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She hurriedly reached out to push his clothes away. Where are you injured?

Ye Yanfeng grabbed Shangguan Wans hand, smiling devilishly. Its nothing, dont worry. He hugged Shangguan Wans shoulders, pressing her down in his embrace. Sleep for a while, my aides will come over in a while.

A few minutes later, Shangguan Wan felt the mans chest turning hotter and she looked up at him.

He had his eyes closed, his breathing slightly quick and she sat up in panic. Ye Yanfeng, are you injured? Where does it hurt?

He lifted his hand to caress her head, his voice filled with a rare gentleness. Im alright, it might just be the flu.

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