Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Intensive Care Unit

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A warmth was present even in the breeze in the spring weather.

The bright girl was sitting on the back seat of the teenagers bicycle. She opened her arms, looking up as she shouted elatedly at the sky, I want to be Brother Yanfengs wife after I grow up!

The teenager in front turned back to glance at her angrily. You embarrassing thing!

The girl leaned her head against the teenagers warm back as she giggled loudly. Fine. If you think that Im embarrassing, Ill go find another man!

You can try! If you dare to find another man, Ill skin you alive!

She smiled even wider, pecking her chin on the teenagers shoulder. What if you fall for another girl?

I cant even handle just you alone, so how can I fall for another girl?

Hahaha, Brother Yanfeng, are you finally admitting that you like me? She blinked, playfulness written all over her face.

The teenager immediately understood that he had fallen into a trap she had set-up for him, as he moved his hands, wanting to pull her hands away from his back. Youre so naughty, you cheeky little one. I think Im the only one that can stand you.

The girl lifted her hand to touch the boys ear. Hey, Brother Yanfeng, why are you ears so red?

Its chapped from the wind.

Its not from the wind, youre just embarrassed.

Im not.

You are, you are! Hahaha, Brother Yanfeng is embarrassed

Before the girl could finish speaking, the bicycle suddenly tilted and the two of them fell on the floor suddenly, the teenagers first reaction to protect the girl.

Hugging her, they rolled on the floor for several rounds. When they stopped, he lay on the floor as she leaned into his arms. He looked up at her dark head, asking in worry, Are you hurt anywhere?

Ouch, my hand hurts! Blow it for me.

He hurriedly pulled the girls hand up, placing it by his lips to blow at her hand. However, taking a more careful look at her hand, her hand was still fair, tender and soft. Her skin was perfectly unscathed, how was it injured?

You liar, youre lying to me again!

Smiling playfully, she looked up at the teenager in front of her. His lashes were dense and long, his facial features looking like he had walked out of a comic. His white shirt was ironed perfectly, his shirt buttoned all the way up, showing a restrained teenage aura.

Any way you looked at him, he could be the cover image of a magazine.

She could not help but cup his face with her hands, pouting. Brother Yanfeng, youre really good-looking.

Then, do you want to eat me up?

Brother Yanfeng isnt a fruit. I only like to see and not eat you.

Foolish girl, you will want to eat me after youre grown up.

She giggled, opening her mouth to bite at his handsome face. When she was done, she poked her tongue out, looking extremely playful and cute. Youre not tasty at all.

The teenager did not say anything, merely staring at her with his pretty eyes.

There was barely any distance between the two of them. They were so close they could even hear each others breathing.

The teenager leaned his forehead against hers, his pretty fingers fitting to be a pianist cupping her cheeks as he could not help but place a light pack on her lips.

He moved away within the next second, caressing her hair like he had accidentally touched her lips.

His ears turned even redder, as if he was a shy and unexperienced little boy.

Brother Yanfeng, I feel like my heart is about to jump out from your kiss! She was still as perky as ever.

Staring at her cheeks that were as red as a ripe apple, he could not help but kiss her once more. The kiss was longer than before, her lips soft and sweet with a teenage girls natural fragrance.

Her mind was muddled from the kiss, his hoarse voice by her ear. Open your mouth.

She opened her mouth obediently, as he poked his tongue into her mouth. He was treating her like she was the rarest treasure on Earth, as his tongue curled around her tongue, sucking the sweetness in her mouth.

She moaned a little, saying with a soft pant, Brother Yanfeng

After she made the sound, a laughter trailed into her ear.

Shangguan Wan immediately opened her eyes.

Her blurry vision slowly turning clearer as a white ceiling entered her sight.

Her senses were filled with a faint antiseptic smell.

It was then that she realized that she was merely dreaming.

No, it was not her dream

It was her seeing herself as her shadow after reading her shadows diary and dreaming about what happened between Ye Yanfeng and her.

Shangguan Wan looked away towards Shangguan Rui, who was standing beside her.

Older Sister, were you calling His Highness in your dreams just now? Ha, you knew clearly that Raorao likes him, but now youre stepping into their relationship. As an older sister, how can you do that to your younger sister!

Shangguan Rao, who was holding onto a thermos and was about to enter the hospital ward, stopped immediately when she heard Shangguan Ruis words.

Forcing her weak body up, Shangguan Wan sat up on the bed.

Her right leg had undergone surgery, and just a simple movement was extremely painful. However, she acted like it was not painful, as she glanced at Shangguan Rui with sharp eyes. Stop trying to drive a wedge between Raorao and me.

Shangguan Rui scoffed. At first, I even found it weird that you divorced Brother-in-law, but I didnt think that your feelings had changed, that you would fall for a younger and more playful Fifth Prince. However, its a pity that we dont know how much longer the Fifth Prince can live for!

Shangguan Wans eyes constricted, her expression darkening slightly. What do you mean?

Shangguan Rui shrugged. I dont really know the details either, but His Highness is in the Intensive Care Unit. You can go and visit him.

Shangguan Wans heart skipped a beat.

Before she fell unconscious, she remembered that he only had a flu and a fever. He would be fine if the fever went away, how did the situation worsen to the point that he had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit?

Shangguan Wan pressed the bell to call the nurse.

After the nurse pushed Shangguan Wan to the Intensive Care Unit, Shangguan Rui found Shangguan Rao crouched down by the emergency stairs.

You saw it, didnt you? Your nice older sister had snatched away your beloved man. Thats why I said that your biological older sister wouldnt treat you sincerely either, its best if you see through the truth as soon as possible!

Shangguan Rao hugged her knees, burying her face in her knees as her tears fell drop by drop.

Shangguan Wan changed into an antiseptic gown before she was pushed into the Intensive Care Unit.

Ye Yanfeng had fallen into a coma, with all sorts of tubes connected all over his body.

There was no life on his handsome face, as he looked extremely frail and pale.

Shangguan Wans chest tightened. She called him a few times, but he had no reaction.

She closed her red eyes, turning towards the nurse. Whats wrong with him exactly? Isnt it just a normal flu?

The nurse was a little dazed from Shangguan Wans cold expression. I dont really know the details either. Miss Wan, you should wait to ask his primary doctor!

Shangguan Wan pursed her pale lips as she raised her hand. Please call the main doctor over.

The nurse was about to go out when she saw another tall figure wearing an antiseptic gown walking in. She hurriedly bowed down, calling out respectfully, Your Highness.

Shangguan Wan turned around, nodding her head politely to greet Ye Fengshu who was walking in.

Ye Fengshu waved his hand, gesturing for the nurse to leave the room.

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