Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Never Meeting Again

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Ye Fengshu walked to the bed, staring at the unconscious Ye Yanfeng for a while before his eyes landed on Shangguan Wan.

His eyes were neither sharp nor cold, they were only exuding an arrogant indifference.

Wan Er, I watched you grow up. I used to be happy for you that you were able to marry Ye Sihan and become his Princess Consort. I thought you were a clever girl, but why are you so foolish this time? Do you think you can really be with Yanfeng?

Shangguan Wan interlaced her hands tightly together.

She was the ex-Fourth Princess Consort. No matter if their marriage was real or not, it would be impossible for her to marry into the Royal family once more.

Especially to the Fifth Prince.

With your pride, are you willing to be a lover or mistress forever?

With Ye Fengshus question, Shangguan Wan paled.

Your father still doesnt know about this. If he did, he would break your injured leg.

Shangguan Wan looked down, her long lashes dropping as her stomach flipped within her. It took a while before she finally said, How is he?

Staring at Shangguan Wans red eyes, and the way she was forcing herself to calm down, Ye Fengshu said calmly, Hes infected with the NU Virus.

Hearing this, Shangguan Wans slender figure trembled terribly.

The NU Virus was a very special virus, and was ten times stronger than the usual virus. People who got infected with it would usually die within the week if they were not injected with the antiviral serum.

Also, this virus had only ever appeared in their neighboring country. When it was first reported in the news, there had been more than a hundred people that lost their lives to the virus.

Did the neighboring country start using this virus as a biological weapon and inject it into Ye Yanfeng when he was diverting them away?

Shangguan Wan clenched her fists tightly, her fingernails sinking deep into her palms, wanting badly to break into her skin.

She wanted to wake up from this nightmare.

Taking in a deep breath, she met Ye Fengshus eyes once more. Do you have the antiviral serum?

You can go look for the Crown Prince.

If she had any other way, Shangguan Wan really did not want to trouble Mu Sihan.

Ever since Nan Zhis accident, his mood had been really down and depressed.

Apart from his official work, he would not see anyone who looked for him privately.

Shangguan Wan called Yi Fan.

She did not know if he was willing to see her, if he was willing to help Ye Yanfeng even if he did see her.

Although he were cousins with Ye Yanfeng, but kinship was nothing in front of power and benefits in the Royal family.

Shangguan Wan got a reply from Yi Fan very quickly, Mu Sihan was willing to see her.

Shangguan Wan asked a staff to lead her to the Crown Princes office.

When she met Mu Sihan, he had just returned from a meeting.

He was wearing a hand-made black suit that covered his tall figure perfectly. He looked like he had lost even more weight in the last few weeks, his facial features becoming thinner while his facial features became more well-defined.

His black eyes were slightly red, it was obvious that he was exhausted.

Glancing at Wan Er on the wheel chair, he asked with a hoarse voice, Will your leg be fine?

Shangguan Wan nodded. Its just a small injury, Ill be fine after getting some rest. Pursing her pale lips, she stared at his well-defined features. My condolences for what happened to Nan Zhi. You have to take care for Xiaojie as well.

Mu Sihans eyes darkened as he sat on the sofa. He took out a cigar from the wooden box, lighting it up as he changed the topic. I heard from Yi Fan that you have an urgent matter?

Shangguan Wan told Mu Sihan all about Ye Yanfengs current circumstance. Although she knew that he would know about the dangerous situation Ye Yanfeng was in, even if she didnt tell him.

Mu Sihan inhaled on the cigar, narrowing his black eyes slowly as he breathed the smoke out. After the NU Virus exploded in the neighboring country, Dr Fei from our Institute of Virology brought his team over to study and create the antiviral serum. Although Im not very clear about the results of their study, Dr Fei is a distant relative of the Prince while the Prince is also in-charge of the Institute of Virology. Cant he go to Dr Fei to save his son?

Hearing Mu Sihans words, a chill ran up Shangguan Wans spine.

The Prince told her to look for Mu Sihan to tell her only one thing.

He did not ask Dr Fei to save Ye Yanfeng because of her.

Shangguan Wans long lashes fluttered terribly.

Seeing Shangguan Wan look like she had received a blow, Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows slightly. When did you start having feelings for him?

Shangguan Wan brushed her hands through her hair, saying in despair, He gave me warmth, but reality forbids me from holding onto this warmth.


Shangguan Wan remained at the Intensive Care Unit for three days.

Ye Fengshu had never asked anyone to come save Ye Yanfeng.

She could only watch as his situation worsened day by day.

As time passed, his lips started to turn purple.

His temperature got higher and higher.

The doctor said that if the situation continued, even if the Gods were nice to him, his brain would also be damaged from the fever and he would not be a normal person, even if he recovered.

Shangguan Wan was not as ruthless as the Prince.

That was his son! How could he not save him and just watch him die?!

However, she clearly understood that this was the heartlessness and ruthlessness of the Royal family.

What she had with Ye Yanfeng was just a short flame.

Shangguan Wan held Ye Yanfengs hand tightly, placing her forehead on his palm.

The temperature of his skin was scalding, as if it was boiling water that could burn her skin.

Her lashes fluttered, a tear dropping on his hand before she said hoarsely, Thank you for letting me feel the warmth of this world! However, I cannot watch you leave just like this, which is why you should forget me after youve recovered! You should find someone that suits you!

Shangguan Wan looked up, her fingers tracing his face slowly.

From now on, this man would have no relation to her anymore.

It was a good thing, since there would never be a happy ending between them!

There was no hope between them.

At the Princes residence.

Ye Fengshu stared at Shangguan Wan, who had come to look for him. He did not look too surprised, as if her visit had been expected. He invited Shangguan Wan to take a seat calmly, saying without beating the bush, Have you decided?

There was no need for any bullsh*t a conversation between intelligent people, as they could understand what each other meant with just a glance.

Shangguan Wan nodded silently.

Alright, I will make arrangements for Dr Fei to go and give him the antiviral serum. However, you have to promise me two things.

Tell me.

First of all, find a way to make Yanfeng give up on you. Secondly, never step into the Capital again for the next five years.

Shangguan Wan pursed her lips tightly, her pretty face slightly pale as her red turned red. However, she was doing her best to suppress all the emotions, her nose sniffling. She only gave a very sad and hoarse okay after about a minute.

Ye Fengshu nodded. There is an agreement here, take a close look at it. If you violate your promise, Ill do whatever I want to your son and your younger sister, Shangguan Rao!

Shangguan Wan took the agreement, before she tore it up into pieces with a cold expression.

She stared at Ye Fengshu with red eyes. Prince, I will fulfill my promise! However, Im not made of stone. If you hurt my closest relatives because of this, I will do everything to protect them, even if it takes my life!

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