Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 719

Chapter 719 A Hopeless Scene

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In the Royal Hospital.

Sunlight was shining through into the hospital ward.

The man on the bed woke up slowly.

Opening his eyes, a smiling face appeared in his still slightly dazed sight. Moving his dry lips, he called out hoarsely, Wan Er.

The expression of the woman sitting by his bed changed when she heard the name he was calling for.

Brother Yanfeng, Im not Wan Er. Im Ruirui.

Ye Yanfeng closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, what he saw was not Shangguan Wan, but Shangguan Rui.

The slightly warm expression on his handsome face immediately darkened, his expression turning cold as well, looking like he did not even want to see her at all. Why is it you?

Shangguan Rui automatically ignored the hatred and coldness Ye Yanfeng had towards her, as she smiled brightly, Youve had a fever for a few days and ever since you were transferred into the Royal Hospital, I have been guarding you day in and day out. Why are you so cold to me after youve woken up?

Shangguan Ruis only goal was to marry into the Royal family and become the Princess Consort. She had lost her chance with the Fourth Prince. Even though he had divorced Shangguan Wan, he was extremely distant ever since he lost Nan Zhi. If she approached him and spoke to him, she would feel like she was becoming an ice cube.

The Fifth Prince was better than him. He had been playful from the start, and it would make sense that he would not have real feelings for Shangguan Wan, that he was merely playing with her. Besides, the Shangguan family and Ye family would never agree to Shangguan Wan marrying into the Royal family again.

The label on Shangguan Wan now was merely a divorced woman with a son.

Their father had said that if there was a good marriage proposal, he would only consider her in the future.

Ye Yanfeng had just returned from the gates of Hell, which was why his face was pale, though it did not influence his handsomeness, especially his pretty eyes and the natural masculinity that was exuded when he raised his eyebrow slightly.

Ye Yanfeng sat up, his slender fingers pressing against his temple. Youve been taking care of me over the past few days?

Yes. Shangguan Ruis eyes were filled with gentleness. Her mother had told her that men did not like fiery and hot-tempered women, and had told her to change her temper, which was why she had been acting as elegant as possible.

As Shangguan Rui fluttered her lashes at him, Ye Yanfeng furrowed his eyebrows slightly. Thats enough, stop acting coy in front of me. Get out. I want to be alone.

Shangguan Rui was speechless when she heard Ye Yanfengs words.

She was clearly acting gentle and soft, but why did he see it as acting coy?

After Shangguan Wan stormed out angrily, Ye Yanfeng called his aides.

What is my condition?

Recalling the Princes instructions, the aide did not dare tell Ye Yanfeng the truth. Your Highness merely had a high fever. Adding on to your fatigue, you slept for a few days.

Ye Yanfeng leaned against the bed frame, feeling like his body was completely fine. He nodded. How is Shangguan Wan? Did she return to the Capital?

Miss Shangguan did return.

A smile appeared on Ye Yanfengs handsome face, pride and arrogance appearing on his expression. Was she really worried?

The aide did not speak.

Ye Yanfeng narrowed his eyes. Why?

Your Highness, after you fell unconscious, Miss Shangguan did not come to visit you. She remained in her room.

Ye Yanfeng pulled the blanket apart, getting down from the bed.

However, since he had just woken up, his body was still a little weak. The moment his legs touched the floor, he was immediately overwhelmed with dizziness.

The aide hurriedly moved forward to stabilize him.

Your Highness, the doctor asked you to rest properly.

Ye Yanfeng swung the aides hand away, his long legs striding out of the ward.

After finding out the ward Shangguan Wan was staying in from the nurse, he hurriedly walked over.

When he was at the door, he pushed the door open with all the strength he could muster.

However, he froze the moment he did.

The bedsheets and blankets were tidied neatly instead, looking as if no one was staying in it.

A cleaner walked out of the bathroom. Ye Yanfeng asked with a dark expression, Wheres the patient in this ward?

Miss Shangguan was discharged an hour ago.

Ye Yanfengs pretty eyes slowly darkened, until there was no longer a brightness in them.

Shangguan Wan did not come look for Ye Yanfeng, while Ye Yanfeng did not go look for her either.

This continued for around two weeks.

After Shangguan Wan could walk again, Ye Yanfeng saw the news when he was in office.

The media used the word rumored in the title of the article, [Rumored ex-Fourth Princess Consorts new romance].

There were several photos that were secretly taken in the article.

Shangguan Wan was leaving a high-end clubhouse, with a tall man supporting her.

The man was wearing a hat and a face mask, so no one could see his appearance clearly. However, from his figure, they could tell that he looked a little like Ye Sihan.

Ye Yanfeng connected the internal line to call his assistant in.

Find out about Shangguan Wans recent movements. In the end, he still could not stop himself from going to her first. Ultimately, his heart was not as ruthless as hers.

It was late in the night.

Ye Yanfeng drank quite a bit of alcohol during his business dinner at night.

His assistant managed to find out that Shangguan Wan had been staying in her own apartment recently.

It was not Ye Yanfengs first time here as he had a set of spare keys with him. After standing in front of the door for a few seconds, he opened the door.

He saw a pair of male leather shoes the moment he entered.

His temple twitched.

In the living room, clothes belonging to both genders were thrown messily everywhere.

At the bedrooms door, there were even a mans underwear and a womans bra.

Ye Yanfengs eyes immediately turned red, anger seething within him.

The door was not shut tight, and even though he was standing in front of the door, he did not have the courage to push it open.

In the silent air, there was a feminine fragrance drifting around

The vein on Ye Yanfengs forehead throbbed and pulsed as he suddenly pushed the door open.

The image in the room immediately made his expression darken coldly.

A woman wearing a sleep gown was half-leaning against the head of the bed, her exposed skin all covered with bruises.

She looked exhausted, probably from having just exercised as she looked down, her lips slightly pursed. Her expression was slightly lazy and full of satisfaction.

Just then, the bathroom door was opened and a man with only a towel wrapped around his waist walked out.

Seeing the mans face, Ye Yanfengs eyes constricted.

This mans side profile and figure was rather similar to Ye Sihans.

The man probably did not expect Ye Yanfeng to be here, as he slowly backed up after seeing Ye Yanfengs scrunched and angry expression.

Ye Yanfeng clenched his fists tightly, stalking into the bedroom step by step.

At the thought of what they had just done in the room, his stomach churned in disgust.

He could accept her marriage with Ye Sihan, and can accept that she had given birth to another mans child. However, he could not accept her having another man after having him.

Especially when that man looked so similar to Ye Sihan!

All it did was remind him that she only had Ye Sihan in her heart!

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